Nobody trail-blazes like the folks at Valve. Despite their notorious delays, frustrating secrecy, and the existence of the Artifact game, nobody seems to break new ground like they have. Just about every product they put out is of the highest quality, and in my book they are a standard for other developers to strive towards. They also have taken good risks to try and further the gaming industry as a whole, which is what the industry sorely needs right now.

Nintendo is only popular by Mario and LoZ series, in fact those series is always have saving princess on it, making it boring, repetitive, and somehow one of the worst, Nintendo produced NDS and Wii, which is my favorite gaming console. Naughty Dog is also only popular with their masterpiece The Last of Us.

But, Valve? This Company was found in 1996, and only 2 years later, they released their first game: Half-Life, one of the best FPS of all time for its realistic AI and Gameplay, not only because Half-Life, but they made a lot of games like Counter-Strike (Best Competitive Online Shooter), Team Fortress 2 (Best Multiplayer Design), Portal 2 (Most Creative Puzzle game), Left 4 Dead 2 (Best Co-op Zombie Game aside Call of Duty Zombies), And more older and newer games, this company by far was the best among the best game company of all time, as they support community, rather than thinking about money, Valve's Steam was a masterpiece as Steam contains 3000+ games and 75000000+ ...more

Games like portal, half life, and other cool games are great works this developer, with valve and steam all other world games are nothing!

They make great games, but for some reason, I don't think they're making games anymore. I think they sell other games they didn't make, but I'm sure one day, they will make Half Life 3! Valve is the one who makes these great series also known as Portal, Left 4 Dead & Team Fortress. Keep up the good work, Valve.

Just to name a few things valve is the company that made Steam the best digital shop in the world all the steam sales are amazing, but the games they make are awesome they haven't made a bad game up to date, half life is still a solid game up to date and its a 1998 game, portal first of its kind, best of its kind, left for dead is one of the best zombie game ever,

Valve is the only company in the world that doesn't care about money, but about the comunity

The best would be an understatement for Valve. Seeing that they have never made a single average, let alone bad, game.
In fact they have made some of the very BEST game series including Half Life, Portal, Tram Fortress, DotA and others, none of which were even remotely boring or lacking content. Valve's games set standards for all the games to come. And they made Steam, the best digital distribution service available. Second to none, Valve is the best, of the BEST!

Valve intorduce everything that video game developers should have on their games, start from Half-Life, forget about Doom, Half-Life introduce realistic gameplay, narrative on game, and almost everything. Half-Life 2 improve more and more from Half-Life to make itself one of the best games of all time. Another games? Valve has everything, play Team Fortress 2,Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, Dota 2, then you can forget Nintendo

Valve was created in about 1996 (about 19 years old) and has made very great games such as, "portal" Half-Life Counter-Strike and Left-4-Dead. This company should be number 1.

I've only really played the 1st portal and l4d2, but I can already tell that I love Valve. Maybe one day when I get a good computer, I can FINALLY play team fortress or half life :D

by far the best games, inncredible stories, great graphics, awesome gameplay, and the valve store has some grat game-items.

Valve has done so much for the industry, yet they seem to get relatively low recognition for it. There games are also always high in quality as they don't release until the game is perfect.

They are the reason FPS existed, most Call of Duty and other FPS games are inspired by Valve, and they deserve to be the FPS KING. CHEERS!

Their game is absolutely amazing! Counter strike, Dota 2 is always amazed me! They know how to do best for gamers

They have shown on how to take time in making there games sill waiting for half life 3 because I know they want to make it the best since number 2 knowing valve they listen to the fans

Valve is by far the best game developing company, they have taken the time to create very well done games like Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, and Counter Strike.

Valve never develop mixed or even negative games, do not tell me that those games are overrated, because Valve games are very awesome

they are freaking geniuses, LEFT 4 DEAD, left 4 dead 2, BEAST...

Valve is the best obviously because the developers (Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington) have a good back story best of all!

It's like indie-game developer of A class games. Half-Life, Left4Dead, Portal, Counter-Strike, Dota2, Steam... Need more?

Masters of making videogames! Go Valve! I like Rockstar the same as valve

Yes! Valve is a revolutionary game company and people need to appreciate their games a lot more

Portal, Half Life 2, and Left 4 Dead 2 are 3 of the best games ever made. These guys are incredible.

Valve is the adult version of Nintendo, both game developers make masterpiece of games

Half-life, Counter-Strike, Steam... Need I say anything else?

Overrated, they recycle their games and use the same animations in their games