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201 Lynn (Fire Emblem 7)

I agree she is awesome. One of my favorite FE lords in my opinion.

202 Lucina (Fire Emblem) Lucina (Fire Emblem)
203 Frisk (Undertale) Frisk (Undertale)
204 Chara (Undertale) Chara (Undertale) Chara is a character in the game Undertale by Toby "Radiation" Fox who is one of the seven people to fall to the Underground prior to the fall of the player character. His name can be changed by the player and will be assumed as the player character, until the Pacifist Route when Asriel asks for the more.
205 Toriel (Undertale) Toriel (Undertale) Toriel is a main character in Toby Fox's 2016 RPG, Undertale. She is an amazing blend of goat and mother.
206 Muffet (Undertale) Muffet (Undertale) Muffet is a character from the game Undertale. She appears in a region called Hotland, selling pastries to raise money to rent a heated limo to help the spider clan from the Ruins (who are also raising a bake sale) reunite with the one in Hotland because the spiders can't cross Snowdin.
207 Cordelia (Fire Emblem: Awakening) Cordelia (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
208 Azura (Fire Emblem Fates)
209 Cherche (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
210 Tracer (Overwatch) Tracer (Overwatch) Tracer is a player character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a Blizzard Entertainment developed first-person shooter video game and its related media.

I think it's a Boy - ToadF1

211 Mei (Overwatch)
212 Tira (Soul Calibur)
213 Athena (God of War)
214 Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)
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