Top 10 Best Video Game Magazines Of All Time

All Great Magazines, But What Do You Think Is The Best? This List Includes Defunct Magazines.

The Top Ten

1 Game Informer

It has the most game news. - loganruckmanman

2 Nintendo Power

YESSS! They don't lie about their scores even though they're an official nintendo magazine. Plus they're hilarious! Comedy AND Gaming news? 100 all the way! - Oreanta

It's hard to choose the one and only the best. I'm a huge fan of video games and I love all video game magazines. Nintendo Power is probably my favorite but I love them all - Magnolia

Screw gamestopinformer, to get the power, you get Nintendo power!

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3 Edge Edge Adam Joseph Copeland is a Canadian actor and retired professional wrestler. He is best known for his time with the American professional wrestling promotion WWE, where he performed under the ring name Edge. V 1 Comment
4 PC Gamer
5 PlayStation: The Official Magazine
6 Retro Gamer
7 Tips and Tricks
8 GamePro

Was once the greatest source of video game news, but once it became a seasonal deal it went downhill a bit. It still deserves recognition for the quality of reviews that they have given over the years.

I don't understand people... game informer is terrible, while egm was amazing... the features, the humor, the ability to relate to the reviewers and other staff, and best of all SEANBABY - Miepo123

10 Play Magazine

The Contenders

11 Game Fan
12 Ultimate Nintendo
13 GamesTM
14 CD-Action
15 Game Now
16 NAG
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