Video Game Themes I Love

And a good day to you TopTenners! Recently, I've been listening to a lot of different soundtracks to video games. I've been kind of addicted to the music that can be found in video games. It is kind of overthrowing other music that I normally listen too. There's just something about Video Game Music that just lures me.

In this post, I wanna point out some awesome music that can be heard in video games. Most of the tracks are lesser known themes but in all honesty, these maybe better than some of the more popular ones. I advise after reading this post to check some of these out.

Theme #1 - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Theme
This may be my all time favorite composition in any video game. Excluding the fact that MGS2 is one of the greatest games of all-time, this theme alone should make you want to play the game. It's intense, yet serene. Anxious, yet charming. It carries out all the emotions you will feel in this game. The theme is definitely pretty popular amongst gamers, and without a doubt one of the best of it's kind.

Theme #2 - Sonic CD: Tidal Tempest Bad Future Theme (JP Version)
There's a debate amongst Sonic fans which version of Sonic CD's soundtrack is better. It's honestly a stupid thing to argue about. Both have some really great quality themes. Tidal Tempest's Bad Future Theme (JP Version) is honestly my favorite track out of both versions. I like to call it Dark Downbeat Techno Rave. It is so catchy and intense and I love every second of it. Sometimes I put it on loop and lay there listening to it.

Theme #3 - Chrono Trigger: Kingdom of Zeal Theme
I absolutely love Chrono Trigger. It is probably my favorite JRPG ever. And the music in the game is one of the many reasons why I do. While Frog's Theme and the Main Theme are two of my favorites as well. I feel Kingdom of Zeal is underrated. The theme fits perfectly with the atmosphere with it's soft chimes playing throughout and the beautiful melodies that correspond with it. It's so calm, with a faint choir and bongos in the background. Please check this theme out, as well as this game if you haven't played it.

Theme #4 - Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon (Title Theme)
I love Spyro. I grew up with both him and Crash but I always preferred Spyro. This is an overlooked theme but honestly, it is so good! It's funky and groovy and it honestly gets you excited for the game. This game was my childhood, and I still love to go back and relive it by listening to this theme. Also... MAKE SPYRO REMASTERS HAPPEN!!

Theme #5 - Ape Escape 3: Mount Amazing (1&2)
Raise your hand if you remember the Ape Escape games. They were some of the best 3D platformers for the Playstation. I recently had the luck to retrieve a copy of Ape Escape 3. I popped in my PS2 and played it for almost 4 hours. It's still as good as I remember. Although the voice acting is a bit awkward I must say. My favorite level was Mount Amazing, and the sole reason is the level music. Both parts are brilliant. Theme 1 is very adventurous but lonely. The main flute melody is so good and it grips you to the level. Theme 2 is spacious and futuristic. It is a remixed version of Dark Ruins from the first game but it is honestly a magical theme by itself. Very alluring.

Theme #6 - Doom (E1M1 Theme - Andrew Hulshult Remake)
I know this is a remake of the real E1M1 theme but I've been listening to this non-stop that I have to include it. All it is basically is the E1M1 theme but Metallized. It's really awesome and intense. Extremely well done and mixed. For those who love Doom and haven't heard this remake, it's on Youtube so check it out when you can. You'll love it for sure.

Theme #7 - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Theme
*shrugs* What can I say, I'm really excited for this game. This theme is perfect. It emulates off a feeling of wanting more and more. This wonderfully orchestrated theme has become one of my favorites of the franchise. I can't stop replaying this over and over. For those who haven't seen the trailers for the new Zelda, are you like living under a rock. Give this theme a listen. It's perfect!

Theme #8 - Tekken 3: Jin's Theme
Get ready for some intense action. Our final theme is Jin's Theme (Orignally from one of the best fighting games of all-time). Been listening to this non-stop as well. Probably because I'm hyped about Tekken 7. I'm pretty sure you have heard this theme somewhere. It's a pretty popular composition amongst gamers. While not as energetic as say, the Mortal Kombat theme, the sheer amount of intensity and groove makes Jin's Theme one of the most recognizable and best themes in video games.

This post is now coming to an end sadly. I would love to do a part 2 of this sometime. There's still plenty of more VGMs to discuss. If you have any favorite VGMs you want to share, well that's what the comment section is for. I hope you enjoyed this post, and remember, go check these themes out if you haven't already :D

P.s. For Pokémon fans wondering where is the Pokémon music, go check out my post specifically for my favrotie Pokémon VGMs.


Surprised there were no Mario games here. I would've had Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story on mine personally. Great job! Excited for Breath of the Wild! - DCfnaf

Thanks. I only really had time to put 8, and these were the 8 I liked the most when I created this post. I'm planning on a Part 2 with more songs but we will wait and see. - cjWriter1997

What about the Brinstar/Norfair/Maridia music from Super Metroid though?

Or actually quite a lot of other music that immediately comes to mind whenever I think of Metroid? - xandermartin98

Read what I said to DCFnaf. - cjWriter1997