Halo rocks, its not just killing people like call of duty, it has an amazing story line to each halo game, nothing beats Halo 3

Simply one of the greatest series released. Halo revolutionised the FPS genre, being the front-runner in things such as vehicle usage, abilities and, perhaps most importantly, *interesting AI*! The cowardly Grunts, the upright Elites and the spunky Marines, along with other things, all come together to make a truly unforgettable experience. A sort of dry humour runs through the series, playing off military stereotypes, never failing to make me grin. The multiplayer is phenomenal, with a brilliant community. Halo alone is worth picking up an Xbox console for. The replay value is amazing: after all these years, I can still pick up and play Halo: Combat Evolved and genuinely enjoy it, something very few FPS games can boast: why do most series (like Call of Duty, which is also great) have to dish out games year after year to keep fans interested. While you can not compare FPS with, say, RPG or RTS, in my mind, Halo will always be one of the best series among all games.

Halo is by far the greatest. It has great graphics, a great story line, and it is pure fun. Sure it hasn't been around forever, but that is why it should be number one. It is the number one game series of THIS generation. Zelda and Mario shouldn't count. Sure they are still making games, but they aren't new. Both have been around for years. Halo should be number one.

Story, Characters, Weapons, Graphics, Setting, Vehicles, Music, Multiplayer, Forge, Enemies, Custom Games, Easter Eggs...etc. all of these things made Halo stand out from all other FPS. Particular Call of Duty and Battlefield. While both of them are awesome franchises. Halo stands out because in both boyfriend and Call of Duty you can be killed with the same weapons almost. The story is not well developed, the music is not really original. In Halo the music is original as with the story is really well developed. Halo 1-3 plus Reach and Wars. Call of Duty and boyfriend are as easy as point and shoot. They don't really depend on skill. It is just who is quicker with the trigger. In Halo you can be shot first and still kill the person attacking you. Halo is one of the best FPS ever. Everyone should give it a chance. If you never played Halo you should pick up copies of Halo: Reach and Halo: MCC. They are awesome. Halo 1-3 and Reach, Wars, ODST were all awesome. Halo 4 was good, but it ...more

Yes I agree (on the Halo 3 part) Halo 3's campaign made you tense up throughout the whole game. It's multilateral was the best part about. It was unique in so many ways. The forge maps were one of a kind And created the best mutilate experience I haven't felt for so long

My favourite game series of all time! Halo is such an amazing game. Amazing story, amazing multiplayer, not overdone like Call of Duty is, amazing graphics, love it so so much, so glad to see it so high.

Did you guys here Call of Duty is starting to put in vehicles, give them another 2 years and they might catch up to Halo 2!

Halo is a very original game. I loved the storyline especially Halo 3! Almost all of the Halo games had good reviews so I think Halo 5 is gonna be epic.

Even if you don't like halo you have to appreciate it for revolutionizing games only game that beats it mass effect and followed by half life

I think it must be at first rank due to it's better story, characters, and the most important awesome graphics and weapons

Without a doubt there is no greater gamer series than halo. Amazing story and great multiplayer, I can't wait for halo 4.

Best game ever. Except for the 343 games, Halo was about bringing in the fans and making them feel great when they played the game. I personally thought Halo Reach was beautiful and had a great campaign but the Master Cheif saga (excluding Halo 4 and 5) were awesome.

Halo Combat evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 greatest trilogy of all time everything after forget it. - htoutlaws2012

The game that got me into games. Halo 1-3 are the most entertaining games created by man

Halo has revolutionized the way we play shooters today it deserves to be #1

Good storyline, good gameplay and good graphics. This should be at number 3

Halo rocks, I love Call of Duty better but I still love halo and it's story

I think it is ought to be at first rank because in my view it is legend

Halo is one of the best games I've ever played. It has a great campaign.

Possibly the most fun you can have in an online multiplayer game.

Great story. Amazing theme song. Fun multiplayer. Enough said

A lot of people who hate halo are Call of Duty players, yet they're insulting the backbone of the whole series. In games like CS:Go, you would headshot a person with an AWP, or barrage your enemies with a P90, however in halo you get assaulted by Scorpion tanks, and blown up by Banshee bombs. Hit by Rocket Launcher? Shot down by fuel rod gun. Simple melee? Slam with gravity hammer.

Please, we need to get this to top ten at least - Gypsy

It's a like Call of Duty, but it has what Call of Duty lacks. Good, isn't it?

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