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21 Fire Emblem Fire Emblem

It's absolutely awesome to play and just keeps getting better and better. Tone of replay value in the newer games with difficulty settings and multiple story lines and hilarious support conversations. Not to mention fun story lines and a diverse cast! Definitely one of the best!

The characters, story, gameplay, music and everything else is great. Fatal flaw is that their expensive. Play these legally if at all possible.

How has this not gotten on the top 20 this is one of the best strategy RPG I've every played!

Best series of all time

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22 Ratchet & Clank

Fantastic characters, great humor which is appealing to both children AND adults, an endless arsenal of insane weapons and gadgets, the R.Y.N. O's, brilliant storylines, what more could you ask for?

Ratchet and Clank for the win!

Ah ratchet and clank kid friendly, hilarious, Godlike music incredibly addicting weapons awesome stories. Even though some games like into the nexus is mini short I will never give up on this fantastic series.

Ratchet and Clank is a work of art, with amazing weapons, gadgets, and humor, the series rarely seizes to amaze me (by rarely I refer to All 4 One), seriously glad it just beat out Call of Duty.

When a video game franchise gets its own movie, you know it must be good.

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23 Resident Evil

Resident Evil keeps getting better and better. Each game is unforgettable and RE 4 is a perfect game. The creatures, boss battles, and overall awesomeness of this franchise is unsurpassed by any other in the game industry.

Resident Evil! Just saying the name makes your ears ring in fear. The series is what set off the survival horror genre and has been trying to adapt since its debut in 1996. Great characters, enjoyable stories and frightful action.

I think RE is the best game series in the series because of the unpredictability and because of the boss variety. I hope the series never dies. - MyRockets345

This series deserves for number 1

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24 Mega Man

Mega Man is a total classic! This game is so nostalgic!
This game has revolutionized over the planet including the hero Mega Man!

25 Call of Duty

Lmao seriously was this voted or originally put in first? I'm worried either way

This game series has no creativity whatsoever. Waste of money and at the very least should expand the storyline, or create one.

It has a new damn storyline every game. Their story's are actually really well done. Maybe play then comment - whip_me_grandma

Gotta hand it to Nintendo. They tried their best to keep this game off of their console.

This should swich places with that legend of Zelda - nintendoisdoodoo

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26 Bioshock Bioshock

The Bioshock series of games is absolutely amazing, the stories are fantastic and the graphics make it worthwhile. Bioshock Infinite definitely could make this top my list.

Bioshock is constant in how well they make their story lines. Every game is a master piece.

Amazing story gameplay and graphics with a superb atmosphere

A well thought out and beautifully crafted masterpiece of coding. - Limespred

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27 Half Life Half Life

Proved that games could have a great story without sacrificing game play. Revolutionized the fps genre, as well as gaming as a whole. And it's sequel, while not having quite the same impact as the first, improved upon upon it's successor in a number of ways, including graphics, storytelling, setting, and most dramatically, physics. As far as impact on the gaming industry goes, nothing compares to the Half-Life series, and that's why it's my favorite game series of all time, and I don't think there will be another game series ever that can surpass it's place in video game history.

Are you serious? Call of Duty and Halo beat Half-Life by a large margin? This series is the most innovative of them all. Without this game, there wouldn't be a Call of Duty or Halo. Don't hesitate and play this game right now.

One of the most amazing game series I have ever played, it by far surpasses the story line of games in this generation and even if the quality of not so impressive this definitely be one the best games in history.

I'm shocked. Again. This is best video game series I ever played. I enjoyed all of them, main games, expansion packs, even Half-Life: Source (which is not a game actually, it's a port.).

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28 Battlefield Battlefield

HOW IS THIS NUMBER 36?! Sure, it's not the best. But, it is the best shooter. Why? Because it requires thought, strategy, and teamwork. It's not some brain dead thing that 7 year olds play because they think they are "surer stealth snipez"

I think the biggest problem of this game series is single player campaign

Best first person shooter and it is the best.

Call of Duty is rated higher than this?!

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29 Castlevania Castlevania

Oh god, best video game series and Castlevania is not even top 20? Come on..

Oh dear me, I love Rondo Of Blood from my deepest heart.

Castlevania Nes, Dracula's Curse, Super Cas IV, Symphony Of The Night - htoutlaws2012

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30 Gears of War Gears of War

No way this game is #20, but look what it is competing with

Gears deserves top 10 assasin's creed needs to be knocked down a few notches.

Why Is This Game So Low. I Mean 61. Come On People. Gears Is Probalby Better Than Every Game Here Except Halo And Call of Duty. You People Need Help. Now. I Am Making My Own List. This Is Just Sad! - S7ARVAD3R

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31 God of War

It's got a story, bloody combat, awesome designed levels, characters, bosses, deaths, and environment, epic music, good motive, incredible mythology, killer weapons, and has the most powerful character in gaming, the one, the only, the son of Zeus, the king of the gods... KRATOS!

Why is God of War at the bottom? It's got way better story than Call of Duty, gameplay is awesome, and in my personal opinion it is the best game that I had ever played. I think it should be at least at the top 5.

You (Anyone who hasn't rated him till now)! Will not see the end of this day! - ShahryRKnoT

Beast can't wait for 2017 one to come out

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32 Mario Kart

Obviously some of you people have no taste.
Mario Kart is one of the best game series ever invented.
Unlike some games, Mario Kart never ends. Even if you have unlocked everything. In other words...

Brilliant game, definitely deserves top 20 placement.

It's already better than super Mario. I hope that will happen.

I coumt it as Mario

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33 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot

The original and better play station mascot

I have almost every game in the series these games are awesome And number 1 in my opinion.

The best game in life, you must vote for it

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34 Sly Cooper Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper HAS to be higher on the list. Who could forget daunting tasks, rewarding loot and promising characters? The Sly series touched the hearts of lots of gamers out there and I know I'm not the only one out there who agrees that this should be higher on the list.

I believe that Sly has worked his way into gamers hearts. Anyone who has followed the game remembers the rewarding loot, the fun stealth missions, and even for a children game, it has a great story line.

While Sly Cooper may not be on the same level as Zelda, it sure is better than Call of Duty.

Thank you it's 29, I liked this series when I was small

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35 Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is an excellent racing game with extremely detailed tracks, both real and fictional. The car selection is gigantic but it could use more Premium cars. Not the best overall series, but the best racing series.

Polyphony Digital are so dedicated with their games - jefet21

I have to say after playing this series, I easily passed the licence exam 6 yrs ago, no joke.

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36 Pac-man
37 Borderlands Borderlands

Borderlands has a way of offering hundreds of hours of fun in one game. The makers if this game keep it fun and light hearted while still bringing it down on a serious note. A well made game!

I always find myself returning to these games, even after finishing them over and over again. Great series.

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38 Hitman Hitman

It did what assassins creed tried and failed to copy, player choice! So many different ways you can approach each mission and so much fun to keep playing.

An underrated game everyone should play

Huh..! The games ranked above are no match with this game.
It's a complete Hollywood blockbuster movie or may be better than them.
Seriously this game is not for chunks, one should have good IQ as you can't complete the mission by run n fire.
Best serious of all time by far.

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39 Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's has an insanely good backstory, and the entire series, especially the first game and the final game, were insanely good horror games. The second and third were a little meh in-between, but the first and the fourth both took interesting horror plots as well as all of them telling an immaculate story. This deserves more votes.

Scarey game fun to play now 3 of them

How is this over earthbound/mother those games have good story and gameplay,but this has nothing to it. Fnaf is the worst thing ever.

I Love This Game. All The Animatronics Like Freddy'Chica'Bonnie And Foxy Come After There And There's 4 Games And Fnaf World

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40 Phantasy Star Phantasy Star
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