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61 Street Fighter

Another game of fighting.
Not better than super smash bros. But it is classic

The Trailblazer for Fighting games...
Street Fighter has always been legendary.

Why is MK and SSB on this list but SF not? Street Fighter may not be the best video-game franchise but it is the best fighting game franchise!

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62 Shin Megami Tensei

Great game series that should have Controversy with its Religious themes with siding with Lucifer or YHVH.

63 Dynasty Warriors

For hours of repetitive fun look no further

Hack and slash, kill people, that's it. but I prefer Orochi Warriors and Samurai Warriors.

64 Star Wars Battlefront

This series was my childhood along with anyone else who played it. I was always the one game you could go back to and play time and time again.

Mine to I spent hours playing this at least top 20 please

This is the best game ever it should at least be top ten it was one of the first and best ps games

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65 Age of Empires V 1 Comment
66 Destroy All Humans!

Why is this so far down the list? This series is so fun

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67 Banjo-Kazooie

An awesome game with great levels

68 Shining Force

LOOOVE Shining Force on the Mega Drive. Very underrated although is rather expensive and hard to get your hands on in this day and age.

69 Disney Infinity
70 Chrono
71 The Walking Dead

This game is just so consistently good. Season 1 got me depressed for days, Season 2 made me cry (still haven't gotten over it), can't wait for Season 3!

Needs to be withing the top 30

72 SoulCalibur
73 Left 4 Dead
74 Max Payne

This story is so cool and it deserves to be in the top 10!

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75 Mother

Never have I played through a more complete series. With many other titles, I couldn't care less about what happens to the characters. In this series (in mother 3 especially) all of the characters reactions are incredibly realistic and relatable. It's really something that games often fail to capture

Its one of the best series behind super smash bros Minecraft is just one game -

Very unknown, yet VERY VERY GREAT! Everyone should try it!

I've played mother Mother/EBB And mother 2/Earthbound (still waiting for mother 3 to come to the west). But they are my two favorite video gamez!

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76 Super Monkey Ball

I love this game series. It's so much love for me! - MeeMeeCandy777

It gets too much hate.

I love this series - spodermanfan1000

77 UFC
78 Mario Party

The first 5 were great, 6 was ok and then everything seem to go down. - htoutlaws2012

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79 Earthbound/Mother
80 Minecraft

It's not really a series. It's just one game. - MKBeast

It's not a series

Cool gets boring after a while

Apparently "storymode" makes it a series.
WRONG! - mattstat716

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