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101 Army of Two
102 LittleBigPlanet
103 Team Fortress
104 Postal
105 WWE
106 League of Legends
107 Mii Games Series

Even Xbox needed to copy miis!

108 Anno
109 Suikoden
110 The Sims

Vote for the best pc video games series!

Love love love the Sims. Especially 3 and 4.

Put this at number 1 not 56

111 Crysis

So much fun to play, especially at a 2 fps! You must get the PC version only!

V 1 Comment
112 Devil May Cry

Awesome ever I play my game history

113 WWE Smakdown Vs Raw

VOTE! NOW! Wrestling is amazing, and will be amazing forever. Wrestling for confidence, for hope, for life!

This should be much higher non th - winfreyb

114 Wolfenstein
115 Skyrim

It's not a series. The Elder Scrolls is a series. Who the heck voted this?

This isn't a series take it off so there can be other games don't get me wrong I voted for the elder scrolls

Not a series but ill vote the elder scrolls

In my opinion this is the best game series ever it should be number 1

This made me wanna drink bleach... - MKBeast

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116 Lego
117 Touhou Project
118 Dead Space

Dead Space1, Dead Space2 is One of my best games! Isaac Clarke Awesome Man

119 The Last of Us V 3 Comments
120 Dead Island

Why Is Minecraft above this dead island whoops Minecraft's ass

Better than minecraft I can agree

Such excellent graphics and storyline with a huge area to wander in, you really do need to change your pants when you 1st encounter the dead,
Such wonderfully scary stuff. - Limespred

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