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121 Metro 2033
122 The Witcher

This game is so awesome and it should be in at least top 15

The Witcher should be number 1 or 2 I am so ashamed of humanity, this is 129 what the witcher is the best game series and elder scrolls and call of duty crap is so high on this list dumbasses

123 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Oh, these games are just awesome. Not only is the gameplay addicting, not only is the plot mysterious, NOT ONLY are the cases intriguing, but the characters are some of the most enjoyable you will EVER see in your life. EVERY character here is entertaining. You have unforgettable personalities like Gumshoe, Maya, Larry, and of course, Edgeworth, each with their own little quirks and traits, which are just delightful. I used to play games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, that sorta stuff. But then, I played Ace Attorney, and that game beat all those other ones by a longshot! To be fair, those are still awesome games, but this game is simply magnificent. Of course, the sequels and spin-offs are just as good, except for Apollo Justice, but we all try to forget about that one. Other than that, the fanbase is awesome, the soundtrack is catchy, and everything is just perfect. That's why Ace Attorney should be #1 on this list, in my opinion.

It's sad to see Call of Duty,Halo,LoL and Warcraft higher than this masterpiece of a series - DejanKalinic

It's the swaggiest game ever. By far the best story and most memorable moments in any game series by far. Te music is so amazing that it will blow your mind. Screw all that Call of Duty and halo crap Phoenix Wright is where it's at.

MLG M8 8/8 would object again

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124 Ghost Recon
125 Virtua Fighter
126 Parasite Eve
127 Dragons Age

It is the best out there

128 Breath of Fire
129 InFamous

Great video game why so far down in the list

130 PaRappa the Rapper

Um Jammer Lammy alone should be its own full-fledged spinoff series FROM this, honestly - xandermartin98

131 Metel Gear V 1 Comment
132 Dragon Quest V 2 Comments
133 Angry Birds
134 Worms

Has been my favourite game series along with Pokemon and Midtown Madness for 10 years, awesome game to bad it's so underrated.

135 Mount & Blade

Mount & Blade's open world gameplay and huge mod community make it a must have for anyone interested in medieval combat and politics, along with free-roamers.

136 Xeno

Xenoblade XenoGears XenoSaga...amazing. Xenoblade though (wii one) is my personal favorite

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137 Splatoon V 2 Comments
138 Red Dead Redemption
139 Burnout

It�'s the best Fun/Party Racer of all Time! Should be under the TOP 10!

140 Fable

Wow top 50. Like come on.

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