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141 Quake V 1 Comment
142 Twisted Metal
143 Timesplitters V 1 Comment
144 Warcraft

Warcraft is classic.. One of the best games ever made.. It should be in top 10.. I played it lot and it's really great. Story of the game and characters is brilliant.

You are so STUPID this game should be the first

I don't really play this but its pretty popular

145 Just Cause 2

This game is Awesome with its grappling hook

Are you kidding me 130 that's not right

146 Descent

A great game series from the 90s where we all grew up from along with other games such as Doom, Wolf3D, Quake, etc. Let's vote it up guys!

147 Metal Slug
148 Paper Mario
149 Roblox

I'm 12 and I thin k roblox is the best game becuase it ads an imersive experiens to my life - joshua_miller

150 Tony Hawk V 1 Comment
151 Rayman
152 Guitar Hero

I love it! I got it a couple years ago and I still Play it!

The Latest - Band Hero. Had Jackson 5, Taylor Swift and so much more. - playstationfan66

Helped to turn people on to good music.

V 2 Comments
153 Resistance

1 & 2 especially - htoutlaws2012

155 Midnight Club
156 Onimusha

I just played the third but so shouldn't comment, but I have to. Is one of my childhood games, nostalgy forces me.
And it deserves more! Samanosuke and Jean Reno for Ever!

157 Mario Bros.

Violent goth porn over the series that may very well have saved video games in general? What's wrong with everyone?

158 FIFA

What the hell? FIFA in 145 under medievil onimusha and other unknown games? You're surely kidding me...

Why is FIFA so low on this list. It should at least be in top 10.

Better than any sport franchise & way better than pokemon ITS SOCCER the best sport evverr.

159 Pro Evolution Soccer
160 Medievil
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