Video Game Themes I Love Pt. 2

And a good day to you TopTenners! Awhile back I created a post called "Video Game Themes I Love". In the post, I discussed some of my favorite Video Game Music (or VGMs for short) and also stated that I plan on making more parts to this, making it more of a series. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to work on a second part for awhile. However, I've been able to spare some freetime to work on a second part to this soon to be series. Over the past few days, I've worked on this post and now it's finally done!

So basically what I do in these "Video Game Themes I Love" posts is pick certain VGMs from some of my favorite video games and discuss on what I love about them. I generally add the themes I have been listening to the most at the time, so there is no designated number of VGMs I have to decide to write about. The first part had 8 VGMs total and I also made a post specifically for Pokemon music as well. The second part will contain a total of 13 VGMs and there will also be a little more diversity with some retro and some modern VGMs mixed in with each other. Of course, I will not discuss every single VGM out there, so please feel free to add your own favorites. Keep in mind, that some of the VGMs you may adore, I may not as much or simply haven't heard yet. I will also try to refrain from the super popular themes but there will definitely be some well-known VGMs in this list.

So without further ado, here are the themes!

The Themes:

#1 - Green Greens - Kirby’s Dream Land: Let’s start with a classic 8-Bit tune. Green Greens is a very well known VGM from the popular Kirby franchise. It’s been reused in a lot of other Kirby games and it’s become one of Kirby’s most recognizable VGMs. The tune is very happy and joyful, preparing you for some awesome platforming later in the game. It’s a nice way to build up the cheery and cutesy vibe of a Kirby game, while also making the player prepare for an adventure, that may or may not be kind of creepy at the end.

#2 - The Great Sea - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: It is pretty much perfect VGM to listen to while sailing across the seas. It is one of the most uplifting and motivating VGMs to ever come from any Legend of Zelda game, and it is easily my favorite VGM of Wind Waker. I just can’t help but grow a small tear in my eye whenever I listen to this VGM, as I see myself sailing away on a boat, off to an unknown adventure awaiting to set sail on an island that has been left undiscovered. *sniff*
P.S. “ADVENTURE! YEAH!” ~ Peanut Butter Gamer 20-something-teen

#3 - Overworld Theme - Super Mario Land: Going back to another classic with this one. Super Mario Land was a super fun game, back when I played it on my old Gameboy Color. I eventually played the second installment afterwards then stopped after finishing the third installment, Wario Land. In the end, all three were really great 2-D platformers for an iconic handheld system. This tune has the power to create such a nostalgic vibe, no matter how many times I listen to it. You don’t even have to play the game to sense that wonderful feeling. It is, by far, one of my favorite Super Mario VGMs of all-time.

#4 - Arctic Wonderland - Ape Escape 3: Ape Escape 3 has such an underrated soundtrack. Some of the tracks are just outright phenomenal. This VGM is a perfect example of setting the mood for a level. It reminds me of a quiet Christmas night, going through the snow and feeling the cold breeze whisp through my cheeks. It combines a sense of cold and warmth altogether in one breathtaking VGM. The soundtrack had such a great way of expressing the feeling of the levels and I absolutely love it.

#5 - Mechanical Rhythm - Xenoblade Chronicles: Xenoblade Chronicles is an excellent RPG game for the Wii (and New 3DS). I am super excited for this upcoming sequel coming (hopefully soon) for the Nintendo Switch. This track right here, is just awesome. It definitely gets the “Metal as F***” stamp all over it. This VGM creates some of the most badass moments in this game. And did I mention this becomes the regular battle theme throughout half the game? Amazing, right? It pumps me up and it doesn’t slow down one bit. Pure epic!

#6 - Final Boss - Streets of Rage: Moving on back to another classic. Streets of Rage has to be my favorite game for the Sega Genesis. I’ve recently replayed the entire game in one sitting and, GOD, is this game hard. It is the good kind of hard, you know, the one where you want to keep going. You want to get better at it and beat it, so you can feel that accomplishment of beating an actual challenge. The music is also a helping factor as well. It’s so retro and catchy that you can’t help but love it. The boss themes are A++ quality. Especially the final boss theme, which is one of the best “you dun f***ed up now” VGMs ever.

#7 - Twisted Metal 1 Theme: Just listen to it. This track is “Metal as F***” and it is severely underrated. Don’t just take my word for it, go ahead and listen to it.

#8 - J-E-N-O-V-A - Final Fantasy VII: Regarded as one of the best Boss themes (Alongside One Winged Angel) in any game. One of the best things this track does exceptionally well (besides everything else) is being able to suck you into the fight. It is a very unsettling but yet intense boss theme. It keeps you on edge as you fight, what is kind of, a really creepy boss fight. FFVII is a really good JRPG and the soundtrack is sure not to let you down.

#9 - Jesper Kyd - Ezio’s Family - Assassin’s Creed II: It’s been awhile since I played Assassin’s Creed II. Like almost 5 years. I remember it being a really awesome game with a very great concept. So, like I do for almost all games I’m feeling nostalgic towards, I decided to revisit the soundtrack. When I did, I came across this wonderful gem. Instantly, nostalgia created it’s tears and I fell in love with this track. I need to find this game again and replay it, but until then, I will listen to this wonderful composition to a wonderful game.

#10 - Nate’s Theme - Uncharted Series: I LOVE the Uncharted Series and I’m really excited for the upcoming installment, the Lost Legacy, which just got announced a release date (August 22nd, this year). So upon celebrating this, let’s include one of the best character theme’s of all-time. This VGM is wonderfully orchestrated and full of that sense of adventure that you get with The Great Sea. It is a track that loves to be extravagant and it only gets more and more amazing, the more I listen to it.
P.s. Nathan Drake will forever be one of my favorite video game protagonists.

#11 - Last Showdown - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: What can I say about Metal Gear Solid that hasn’t been said yet. It’s a fantastic series made by one of the greatest video game directors of all-time, Hideo Kojima. The third installment is my favorite of the main series. It also has my favorite soundtrack. The music perfectly builds the atmosphere and creates some of the most intense moments in the game. I love this particular track just for how tense and urgent it feels, while still being very ambient and beautiful.

#12 - Mario Kart 8 Main Theme: MK8 Deluxe HYPE! The last track on this list will be my favorite Mario Kart theme of all-time. Since the release of the Switch port is coming very soon, why not add the main theme to the game to this list. This big band, jazzy style theme is just too good to not talk about. It’s perfect for getting you all hyped up for one of the best Kart Racers of all-time. Everything is just so funky, so groovy, and it withholds an amazing rendition of the classic Super Mario Kart Theme. What’s my favorite Wii U game? *plays theme* MARIO KART EIGHT!


So what do you think of these VGMs? Are any of them your favorites? Remember, please feel free to share your favorites as well. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it keeps me motivated to make more of these posts. Anyways, I hope you all have a great day, and as always, thanks for stopping by! :D - cjWriter1997

Mario Kart 8 Main Theme

Agree - DCfnaf

Colony 9 night is better than Mechanical rhythm - LarrytheFairy

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