Best Video Games From 1980-1999

From any system, ranging from the Sinclair Spectrum to the later consoles.

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1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Well I had to argue with my self not to put to this at the top spot. The game is absolutely beautiful inside and out. The story line is epic. The places you visit are epic and well designed. Its one of the best games I've ever played in my eintire life because of how immense and beautiful its created and programmed. Well worth a christmas present back in 1999 and quite possibly the greatest game ever made. The only reason I didn't put it on the top postition was because I let nostaliga get in the away of my childhood - paulysmallman

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2 GoldenEye 007

Where do you begin with this one. Absolute Genius of a game. Anyone who has ever played this will know how good it is. The rare programmers who did this game wasnt even actually that qualified in programming believe it or not and somehow they came out with the masterpiece that is Goldeneye. Best james bond game in the world its never been beaten as of yet, in my opinion best movie licenced game in the world as well. Play it if you haven't please do - paulysmallman

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3 Fantasy World Dizzy

My favourite game of the ZX spectrum (especially if you load it as a 128k owner) and my favourite game from the time period above. The game is perfect, the level design incredible, the music on the Spectrum version (also ported same to cpc but slower - was genius. A massive credit to both Codemasters and the oliver twins - paulysmallman

4 OutRun

I was to young to remember this released (I would have been 4 at the time) but I do remember playing it in the early 90's as a kid. What a game, especially for 1986. The music doesn't even sound that much like chiptune and the graphics are immensely fast for its time. Brill Stuff Sega - paulysmallman

5 Kwik Snax

This game is superb if you have a 128k machine, its so fun and addictive and the music is proper quality. The graphics are really well designed and the lack of multiload on a tape machine makes it even better. Codemasters was the kings when it came to the 8-bits and I dunno if its just me but did Codemasters favour the spectrum because it seemd the Spectrum had the best from Codemasters against the competing machines - paulysmallman

6 Star Fox 64

Good game, really well programmed again, introduced the Nintendo 64 to a hell of a lot of speech, the rumblepack feature. Massive anticipation for it considering the game prior was star fox on the super nintendo. Varied levels, amazing graphics for 1997. - paulysmallman

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7 Turrican

Wow when I first saw turrican I first saw it on the commodore 64, and I was impressed. It really demonstrated how capable the C64 was with its decidcated hardware for sprites etc. Then I got to a later level and music played. Only let down for me was if you had it on tape, each level had to be loaded, the hell of multiload. If you got dead far and your tape was damaged, you couldn't progress which was the case for all level by level multiload games. - paulysmallman

8 Creatures II: Torture Trouble

This game was what you could say pushed the C64 to its limits. Thamalus did a fantastic job, youtube creatures 2 on the C64 and you would probably agree some of the best polished in both music graphics and presentation a C64 game can get. Winner! But fooking hard laugh out loud - paulysmallman

9 Frontier: Elite II

Holy elite 2, the amiga version. A huge universe and I mean huge, on one floppy disk. We can guess how that was done, using random factors to generate it, but what a game. Elite 2 was amazing, you could fly to our own solar system, land on planet earth, it even had various landmarks on the planet such as the golden gate bridge visually. My only letdown with the AMIGA version however was it was real slow due to the 68000 processing speed. However it was faster with later amgia models - paulysmallman

10 Super Mario World

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11 Super Mario Bros. 3
12 Earthbound

Earthbound is an amazing game. It was released in America in 1995 for the Super Nintendo. It has simple, yet appealing graphics. It's gameplay is similar to many other RPGs of its time, yet it's also very unique. It's setting is also quite different than most games of its time. I personally think that it is a fantastic game.

13 Super Mario Bros.
14 The Legend of Zelda
15 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
16 Pac Man
17 Catch 'Em

Catchem is a great little puzzle game, probably belongs in the LEMMINGS genre. If I had a longer list then ten lemmings would be there. CATCHEM is a typical amiga game with amazing music and great presentation. You basically have to catch the escapee monkeys. Good game, and it braces my 10th place. - paulysmallman

18 Contra
19 Soulcalibur
20 Double Dragon II: The Revenge
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1. Fantasy World Dizzy
2. OutRun
3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time



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