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1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

My favorites are:
-Windmill Hut
-Kokiri Forest
-Hyrule Field
-Lon Lon Ranch
-Lost Woods
-Temple of Time

Jesus christ, does this have to be number 1 in everything! I mean, it's a fantastic game, but I have never seen a gaming list without this game being number 1. Truly geometry dash or skyward sword should be number 1 in my opinion.

I like geometry dash music. But they got it from new grounds, so it isn't there music - Ilikegames

Ocarina of Time has the best soundtrack and there is no valid arguement against that. If you haven't listened to Ocarina of Time's music, then I would SERIOUSLY suggest hearing some of the tracks before you vote. As far as music goes, there is no game that comes closer to perfection. - dylanowen

The only valid argument against it is that some games have better soundtracks (In some people's opinions, including mine). Anyway, what is the valid reason for it being the best soundtrack? - SwiftLover13

Best game soundtrack of all time!

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2 Undertale

If you didn't think Undertale was filled to the top with passion from Toby Fox and his whole team of great developers, well think wrong this game has probably one of the best or maybe the best soundtrack in all video game history! Each song depicts a mood perfectly, Hopes and Dreams makes the player feel determined, Megalovania makes the player feel like the biggest challenge is right in front of them...including a meme, and Asgore's Theme makes the player know their journey is near the end you can tell Toby took tons of time to make this soundtrack and it shows I love listening to it! And if you want to know my favorite which I bet you don't it is SAVE The World which is a better but shorter version of Hopes and Dreams...basically the final part kinda of the Asriel Dreemur boss fight, and plus it sets a great mood and its amazing and sends chills down my spine of how good it is, great job Toby! - tacoperson

Toby Fox is a genius storyteller, and he shows it with his music. This game full of beautiful reinvented retro music will leave you breath-taken. Each song is written with purpose, and with emotion, and it shows.

Should be number 1

Don't like the game, but WOW it has a good soundtrack.

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3 Shadow of the Colossus

-The Opened Way
-Green Hills
-Idol collapse

I am still listening to these musics, transforming something ordinary in epic with "The Opened Way", cry with "Those Who Remain", and themes such as "Gatekeeper of the Castle Ruins", "Demise of the Ritual" "A Despair Filled-Farewell", "Counterattack.. They are all fabulous and music in gaming are better than graphics it gives an atmosphere to the game, they often do the jobs that gameplay and stories can't. Like telling a story, a feeling with only the depth of a track. And in the case of SOTC it suits perfectly.

This underrated classic deserves #1. Only stupid shooters get put above it. This games deserves much more recognition. Themes like the opened way, revived power, demise of the ritual, and liberated guardian should have been enough to put it above typical modern shooters and crap like that. - Garfieldtop10s

... Call of Duty is no where to be seen up here.. impressive.. I believe this victory is deserved as Shadow of the colossus is far more innovative and emotive

4 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Life changing soundtracks.

Best video game soundtrack. Not so much for the action piece, but for the splendor & beauty. This is a beautiful & majestic game soundtrack. I think the track "Wind Guide You" exemplifies this game in one song: beautifully epic.

I used to be an adventurer like you, but I took an arrow in the knee

Its awesome, goodbye, the end

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5 Super Mario Galaxy

-Star Festival
-Course Select
-Dino Piranha
-Star Chance
-Comet Observatory 1-2-3
-Bowser Jr.

Just bloody beautiful m8


This music is amazing, I don't know how it's only #10, it's orchestra is fantastic, with each piece having it's own feel to it. This should at least be in the top five, just my opinion though.

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6 Halo 2

This game had THE BEST soundtrack! Rock and roll, orchestral, deep intense drops, and battle ready music! - Zombieman99

This is the best soundtrack not the third best.

By a LOOONG shot the best video game and video game soundtrack of all time this should be next to perfection in the dictionary

7 Silent Hill 2

Listening to this soundtrack for the first time was a bit life changing to be honest. Atmospheric, lonely, captivating, and dark at times. You don't get the same type of atmosphere anywhere else. This soundtrack sets the mood outstandingly.

Silent Hill 2 in #31?


One of the creepiest things to ever meet my ears - kardinaleb

Best of the bests... - Emir

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8 Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater

I'm still living in a dream, SNAKE EATER

Why isn't this number 1?. The entrance theme is very emotional and it's you like any other


9 Halo: Combat Evolved

I have loved the Halo soundtracks for a long time, but I personally believe this game has the best of them all. The theme song, Devils Monsters, a walk in the woods, Gun pointed at the head of the universe, they were all fantastic. It is worth a look!

Listen to the theme song, devils monsters, a walk in the woods, enough dead heroes, the truth and reconciliation suite, and gun pointed at the head of the universe for starters.

10 Doom

Inspiration from Metallica, Pantera, AC/DC, etc. - peepsmith


'enough said

This is below undertale. Get it higher. - Not_A_Weeaboo

No other game soundtrack can beat the bfg division

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The Contenders

11 Red Dead Redemption

A great game with a great soundtrack

12 Halo 3

From the main theme to the Warthog Run to the final scenes with the memorial. This soundtrack can't be beat.

Most epic song made for a video game is on this sound track, it deserves top marks just for that

How is this not number 1! IT ISSO GOOD.

13 NieR: Automata

One of my all time favorites. Every track is gold. Some of my favorites are:
Dependent Weakling
Weight of the World
Bipolar Nightmare
The Tower
A Beautiful Song.

14 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This is the ultimate videogame OST, but if you don't like the gothic theme I guess you won't feel the same.

Each song in this game helps create a mood that matches with the situation you are in, whether it be an eerie one or one filled with action. Michiru Yamane does a good job blending spooky-sounding music with electric guitar and heavy drums in many of the songs such as "Tragic Prince" and "Prologue". One song that is able to really achieve a high level of creepiness is "Abandoned Pit" which uses somber piano and sound effects. - Greedo

Considering how limited the instrumentation was, the musicality is still able to touch modern ears, and inspire multiple generations. Bloody Tears = greatest of all time. - Wopwop

Considering how limited the instrumentation was, the musicality was still able to touch modern ears, and inspire multiple generations. - Wopwop

15 Okami
16 Assassin's Creed II

Epic battle music, beautiful environmental music, memorable story music. What’s not to love?

Beautiful background score. Leaves you enchanted.

Not my favourite, but it should at least be in the top 10.

Ezio's family ;-)

17 Super Mario Bros. 3
18 Kingdom Hearts II

I hate the kingdom hearts series, but the soundtracks are amazing.

I like humming to this soundtrack. Sadly, the same thing cannot be said for Ocarina of Time.

The most beautiful and perfect soundtrack in videogames. Kingdom hearts.


19 Donkey Kong Country

If you have to ask why I put these games as number 1, you probably shouldn't be here in the first place. - Wopwop

20 Bloodborne
21 Mortal Kombat


22 Hotline Miami


Only Hotline Miami 2 could beat this

23 Chrono Trigger

The soundtrack is lit

Legendary to be honest.

This soundtrack made the game immortal. Top 10 easy.

Needs to be way higher than 41. At least top 10. - cjWriter1997

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24 Mass Effect 2

This is the greatest soundtrack album in a game ever

25 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
26 Final Fantasy VII

Every song is perfectly composed to fit whats happening. No other game comes close to portraying the mood of a moment like this one does. The Main Theme comes in subtley with these sad chords, like you know this wont be an easy journey. Then the main riff comes in and it seems like a calm reassuring hand on your shoulder saying you can do this. Every song is perfect. I wont argue that other soundtracks on this list are bad. Ocarina of Times soudtrack is fantastic but its certainly not #1.

This is an easy top 5 soundtrack. Skyrim doesn't stand a chance against this one. Hard to find a song in here that's even decent or worse. This is the only soundtrack I could do a top 40 songs of. - Epicpenguin42

The ocarina of time soundtrack is just as precious to me.

Best soundtrack ever.

27 Metal Gear Solid

I love this soundtrack! All My Feelings when I was I Child come back with this song

28 Sonic Generations
29 Mega Man 2

Perfect soundtrack. So catchy! Get stupid ass skyrim out. I don't even remember one song from skyrim it's so forgettable of a soundtrack.

Should be number 1

30 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Should be higher dr dre is a legend everybody else is poese

Simple the best, sometimes I play game just to lisen to music
For this type of game perfect songs...
For every part of game you have songs that describe it,

31 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Nothing beats the intro

Zimmer is special for this.

I was gonna make a list about the beat video game sound tracks and put this as #1. It is simply the best soundtrack there is

Guys please vote this game, I have listened many videogames soundtracks and I am sure this was the best,"opening titles" is such a special and epic soundtrack that everyone will love it. Hans Zimmer really is a genius composer.

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32 Mario Kart: Super Circuit
33 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Giachinno created a mixture of the thrinng scores of Manor House Rally and Thuringer Wald Express to the emotional Arnhem Knights and After the Drop.

34 Runescape
35 Guitar Hero II

I honestly could not decide between the two. These games were literally designed to have epic soundtracks, METAL soundtracks m/ they are a must in this list. - Wopwop

How could a video game with some of the best rock songs in history not be number 1?!

36 Driller

What where is driller, you numpties? Before you overlook this awesome soudtrack try listening to it, as it can still be found on YouTube - espyorkshireman

37 Final Fantasy VI
38 Timesplitters

How is the perfect soundtrack of the Timesplitters Franchise not at least in the top 10's?!
Listen to Mexican Mission,Sibirian Boss,Chinese and the Main theme and if you are still not convinced,you don't know what good game music is.

39 Cave Story

Cave story has one of the best sound tracks ever

40 One Man and His Droid
41 Portal 2

Mike Morasky doesn't get enough credit.

42 Ico
43 Kirby

It needs to be a specific game, not just the entire series.


44 Peter Jackson's King Kong

The orchestral soundtrack, which serves as basically a sequel to the soundtrack of the movie, is entrancing. I've already mentioned the graphics of the game, but this just adds to how great of a game it really is. - Wopwop

45 Super Smash Bros. Melee

Have a team create a collection of revised, restored, classic Nintendo soundtracks like Mute City and Hyrule Temple, and have them do it successfully; This was no easy task. I give credit to the Staff for assembling such a masterpiece. - Wopwop

The music is very tragic. Love it's soundtracks so much. Thanks Nintendo.

This is a really good orchestral soundtrack, so much better than Brawl.

46 Mafia II
47 Chrono Cross

Amazing soundtrack, every song is good and I never get tired of listening to it. Also, my favorite game of all time!

I can not believe this is so low on the list. It has the single best soundtrack for any video game ever. Every song tells a story and describes each situation perfectly. It is the biggest redeeming quality for this game, and should not be overlooked. This game is just so underrated it is insane.

The game have and will have the best soundtrack ever...if anyone have played and really enjoyed it, your life is complete.

48 Sonic Adventure 2

Absolutely phenomenal soundtrack. Yeah, I know Sonic games almost always have great music (even Sonic 06', a terrible game, had awesome music), but come on. It's just incredible.

This soundtrack is criminally underrated


49 The Legend Of Zelda: Majora Mask
50 Paper Mario

The organs and everything is so nostalgic and just amazing

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