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1 Metal Gear Solid

There is no game I have played in which whose plot is so brilliantly and intricately developed. A series of plot twists, revelations, and just a general high quality of script writing, this is one amazing game. My all time favorite

Never before have I been so emotionally attached to a video game character than with just about every character in the cast of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. I grew up with this game, even from a very young age I was always desperate to watch my older sister play the first MGS. I remember the final scene of MGS4 vividly, and how it literally caused me to tear up. It's a deep and powerful storyline. One that should go down history as the best of all time. Keep it number one on this list, heh.

Metal Gear Solid will always remain the best and most emotional story ever, it just has a sense to it that is absolutely amazing. Never have I cared so much about characters like; Big Boss, Revolver Ocelot, The Boss, and so on.

I have to agree. - RevolverOcelot

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2 Mass Effect

A DEFINITE blockbuster... Mass Effect is as good as a third person shooter gets; a wonderful story that branches out to have mild or severe consequences depending on your choices no matter how small.

Mass Effect should definitely be in the top ten. This game has so many choices in it that you could play it multiple times with a different outcome and story to it every time

A game series that makes you care about your companions, and really care about the choices you make, that should be enough proof

The best... expect for the 3rd game’s ending...

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3 The Last of Us

Unlike some games that are content to give you lore as 'interesting story', The Last of Us simply is. It's an amazing, touching tale that I wish I had just gone into blind. It's not about convoluted story lines or lore. It's about creating characters that you care about or don't for that matter, amazing characters that are believable and incredibly deep. You can feel meaning, pain and more behind the dialogue just like in real life and it helps that it's expertly written. If you do go into this game blind, prepare to be blown away.

I can't believe this game is only number 7?! The last of us is the most wonderful game storyline I've had the pleasure of partaking in. You really connect with the characters and are constantly hoping they survive the grim world they live in. The relationship between Ellie and Joel is what makes the whole game. From disliking each other in the beginning to forming a father/daughter like bond in the end. I promise anyone that plays this game will absolutely love it

Overhyped and most probably overrated, I've heard so much about it and watch so much about it, that I'm quite sure when I end up playing it, I'll probably be disappointed. There are so many games that I have played with excellent storylines that aren't even on this list. Games that were well written and different. The last of us just seems like another story that uses the typical human attachment and emotion to get its praise, which for me is very lacking.

Best story ever created. So simple.

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4 BioShock

Bioshock's story is so precise about every little detail, that the story seems to be told through every single thing in the game. The symbolism is uncanny, and weaves together such a beautiful statement about humanity, that it leaves me floored every time I play it. Even the main plot of the game is absolutely brilliant, and contains within it one of the single greatest plot twist ever made. The game is a masterpeice, and when taken in combination with the story of Bioshock: Infinite and its story DLC, you are presented with the single, greatest franchise story in the history of gaming. This deserves to be number one hands down. The fact that its under Grand Theft Auto makes me want to cry.

Well the voting here seems to be terrible? Resident Evil? Halo? Zelda? Well if you like basic uninteresting stories in games not about story then this isn't for you. This game is deep, original, jaw dropping and creepy in just the right amount. It's so intriguing and makes perfect use of audio logs and the random characters you can get to know through them and exploring the destruction of Rapture has to be one the most interesting, engaging and best experiences I've had in gaming, and that goes for gameplay too.

Have played most of the games from this list and I can say most people have rated metal gear or zelda higher only because of it's long range of lifetime or those who haven't played Bioshock 1 or Infinite. Bioshock is definitely much better overall especially in story as it has a very gripping and intense environment as well as physiological issues which according to me no game describes better than this. All in all one of the best games ever, if not the best but definitely should be higher.

Bioshock and its 2 sequels are the kind of games that leave you thinking about the story every day for weeks if not months after beating it. The setting, the story, the characters; everything about this game is so striking and memorable. Bioshock is hands down the best. Words seriously cannot describe how much I love this game.

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5 Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda has such a complex, fantastic, yet relatable story... The almost 20 games in the series, while at first seeming unrelated, are all connected with a story that spans the centuries and dimensions, creating a rich history full of grandeur. LEGEND is right.

And not only that - the emotion of each game, the poignant details, make us form a connection to the story. There is such a strong attachment to the land of Hyrule, the story of the fight of good against evil, because WE are in it. WE are Link, and we are in his world - each and every time.

What's best is that everyone can relate to these games. They aren't overly violent or inappropriate. Yet at the same time, there are very mature themes, subtle messages, that give the story such meaning. Both kids and adults - really, people of all ages - can appreciate the fine and detailed (and EPIC) storytelling of the Legend of Zelda.

I believe this deserves to be first on the list. The story is fantastic. It is filled with mystery, magic, and teaches values. It is heart-warming and so emotion filled. It is complex yet easy for the player to understand. It teaches that everyone has a story to tell. That are also clues in the games that foreshadow. For example, in Ocarina of Time, still considered one of the best games of all time, there's a drawing on Link's tree house of a boy fighting what appears to be a giant dinosaur. In Skyward Sword, you fight The Imprisoned, a giant beast that resembles a dinosaur. 13 years later. This game in incredible and everyone can relate to it in some way. - ZeldaStorm

Adult Link learns the Song of Storms from Guru-Guru, the windmill guy. Guru-Guru mentions a kid who played it 7 years ago and messed up the windmill. After playing it, Guru-Guru gets angry. Link then goes back in time 7 years to when he was a 9 year old kid. He goes back to the windmill and plays the Song of Storms for Guru-Guru. The windmill gets messed up. But ig Guru-Guru only knew the song because 9 year old Link played it, and 9 year old Link only knew it because adult Link went back and time, and adult Link only knew it because Guru-Guru taught it to him, then where did the song originate from? It is a bootstrap paradox.
It's things like these that make The Legend of Zelda so complex, yet so amazing. There is another similar paradox in Skyward Sword regarding the Gate of Time, but it would take way too long to explain. Vote Legend of Zelda. It obviously has the best story.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the save the princess plot in almost every game, but the reason why I am voting for this is the fact that they can wrap a better story around this concept to make me forget I’m supposed to be saving a princess. And I’ve also got to give them credit for the story of majora’s mask, its amazing - Tisme_draGON

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6 Final Fantasy

FFX, one of the most powerful stories ever. Could really be a stand-alone 12 hour film itself, but you get a great (though pretty dated turn-based system) game as well! Would love to see it as a live action mini-series.

My first final fantasy was 8! Then I played 7...I enjoyed 8 way more then 7.

Everyone I've played have awesome storylines. Not to mention the consistency. - LadyLioness

Final fantasy of jayden o'reily broad

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7 Halo

Halo is a very unique story, in that it involves a significant number of lore for a video game series, several books, a short film, and a T.V. series that will be premiering soon.

What's more is its ability to remain fluid throughout the series, each game offers a unique, interesting story that contradicts very little with it's lore, and predecessors (REACH excluded) whilst also offering a new game play experience each game.

What can I say? It's Halo! Anyone who have ever played the whole franchise knows how big and amazing its story is. Even if the plot is on Master Chief's journey, there's a lot more. The Covenant, the Forerunners, the Flood, the old Humans, the Halo itself. There's too much great stories and it's a fantastic whole Universe. Have I mentioned that the story in the games represents less than half of all Halo story?

Halo is a great storyline no matter what people say, unlike God of War which try to get me to sympathize with Kratos who dies in every other scene

The story from even before the games was so complex and masterful... the one thing Halo has over all FPS will be the story

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8 Chrono Trigger

Are you serious? Chrono trigger is EIGHTEEN. Absolutely pathetic voting. Chrono trigger has awesome characters, and the plot is brilliant. Each character has a background and a reason to fight. Magus is built extremly well, and the Time Travel is executed perfectly.

Seriously, this is one of the best games ever made. It's story is flawless. It's the closest game to perfection I've ever played

Great story with so many endings. I personally call it the crown jewel of the 16bit era.

It's actually based on the Bible. Who knew?

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9 Kingdom Hearts

The Kingdom Hearts series has one of the best story lines in gaming. I've been playing games for 25 years, including most in the top 10, but no story is as deep, complex, and emotional as that of the Kingdom Hearts series.

This game is the best better then all the others its just awesome man I love this game who go kingdom hearts!

It's so complicated, great, and insane you have to think hard about it for it to make any sense! Now that is a good and complex storyline. - Jammer196

Square is very good at this exact list! I mean look at final fantasy!

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10 Legacy of Kain

Unlike many games here, this one has a creative plot. Not one of those classic "Save the world" or "Damzel in Distress" ones, rather a creative, well written and complex one

Better then all or most of the game higher on this list, there have been very little games that have touch this one when it comes to storyline and lore. It's so well written and represented that its shocking to be so low in the list.

Marvelous. The best video game story ever. Brilliant, philosophical, articulate and restless.

Simply the best

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11 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

This game has a better plot twist than "I am your father! " from Empire Strikes Back! In my opinion, it's the best Star Wars... Anything. The movies, books, games; this game has them all beat!

I wasn't really a Star Wars fan until playing this game.

Just play the game
You'll understand why I voted for him

Not only the best Star Wars game, it has one of the most complex stories and makes the Original trilogy look like cliché Sci-Fi. Also, it has the one of the greatest twists in the history of video gaming.

12 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
13 Red Dead Redemption

So I see this list and I see that the last of us, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, God of war and numerous other games are higher than this beautifully well made game, all those games have weak stories that heavily rely on graphics to make them look better, red dead redemption has one of the best stories I've ever seen in a game, the only ones that should be higher are Mass effect series, Bioshock and MGS series.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has a story that is based on yelling at each other and optional endings while red dead has a ending where there's one great ending instead of one crappie ending a messed up ending and a sad ending. Red dead also has a variety of characters and half of Grand Theft Auto IV features come from red deads strangers and random events also the vareity of red deads landscapes outweighs mountain city desert and ocean.

RED DEAD REDEMPTION! It's simply amazing! Try it, you will love it! Believe me

Red dead is in my opinion the best video game ever.

Finally some body agrees with me I mean name one bad thing about this game.

14 Resident Evil

Resident Evil rocks. Its story is enough creative, catchy, interesting and intriguing. They should make more and more RE games - Magnolia

Wow, if Resident Evil isn't on this list, someone is obviously dumb cause RE is at least a top 10 series

Despite the cringe worthy and utterly laughable dialogue, Resident Evil does have a strong story.

Best storyline in my opinion. Always got happy playing this

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15 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The story of this Grand Theft Auto is really enjoyable and fun from the comedy from the betrayal from crazy things it's just suits the game ever so perfectly

This game is Gang Open world game which mean the best storyline games for gamers who love Guns and real life simulator

NO because gtalll has a better storyline and that's saying something


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16 Halo: Combat Evolved

Very original. Every faction is enemy of every other faction. Sometimes an uneasy unions are formed which are destroyed as soon as common goal is achieved. In the midst of all this Masterchief along with cortana battles everything with utmost sincierity.

17 Uncharted

It was a great game. Had lots of fun

18 Heavy Rain

How this is only number 19 is a question that I may never know the answer too. Great original story, I cared about all of the characters, it is very intense. It's very emotional. If you haven't played it, play it and you'll change your mind. - ChickenKing

This was the first game I ever completed. I was so captivated by its amazing story. Different endings are possible, what do we want more? It's a game you have to play!

The best game I have ever played

Although this game isint on many peoples "want to play" lists it's a masterpiece of what gaming and good beautiful storytelling can do

19 L.A. Noire

One of the best detective games I've played. The last missions were near perfection.

If this story was a movie, we'd call it one of the best noire movies of all time.
And the Black Dahlia Killer! WOW! The best case/missions/level I've ever played.

20 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

First time I've ever felt completely immersed In a video game's story. It one of those factors that really pulls you in and makes you want to keep playing.

Wonderful game. Better than the third :) WHY no. 10?

21 BioShock Infinite

By far the best game I've ever played. I've played it so many times through already and every time I'm in love with storyline. The DLCs make the game even better. The connections that are made to the previous games just tie everything together to make one hell of a story. Not to mention the gameplay is flawless and so much fun once you get good with the guns and vigors.

Its a breath of fresh air compared to all the brown and boring first person shooters of late. Yes, I'm talking about Call of Duty and battlefield, which are both nothing more the gun masturbation.

Far better then Bioshock in my opinion, more character depth, better gameplay, and it's story mesmerizes you. Wonder game

One the best stories I've ever played. I found this to be better than Bioshock 1 and Burial at Sea was even more amazing!

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22 The Walking Dead

The story NEVER gets boring, it's so meaningful!. You'll always find yourself immersed in it. I was so attached to the story line I almost cried when I made Clementine shoot Lee. I felt the tears about to fall out. No game has ever come close to making such a good story line to the point where I would be so emotionally attached like that. It won game of the year for a reason!

I am incredibly shocked that this is #29! If people think Halo, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario have better storylines, they must've never played this game. While this game has gameplay that isn't as good as the aforementioned games, it has the most amazing storyline. I've never seen anyone NOT cry after playing this game who didn't have the ending spoiled.

Why is this number 30 under the likes of Halo, Mario, etc? There's nothing more to this game than pure story. I haven't seen a single gamer NOT cry at season one or two. This game deserves top 3 At LEAST

It's TELLTALE for gods' sake! Needs to be in the top 5. - errrr

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23 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Loved this game, had to have played it at least once and watched it many more times. Great pickup from the last one and the whole time I was trying to put together exactly what happened between the ending of the last and he beginning of this. Had a great time playing and watching!

24 The Saboteur

Potentially a one man Inglorious Basterds.

Blowing up fuel depots, zepplin's and Panzers are just another day at the office for Irish saboteur Sean Devlin

Who need Resident Evil when youcan have The Saboteur. You get to play as Sean Devlin, an Irish race car drivr turn saboteur as he causes chaos against the Nazis.

25 Mafia II

This is one of my favorite recent games the only problem I have with the game is the lack of free roam and I feel the game could be longer, otherwise it's a great game!

None other game is best as mafia 2 is... No one can go upto the level of mafia 2

All games are fictional..
But while you are playing this one you will find it playing like you are almost the character and just can't stop playing...
Just awesome plot...
... Epic every comment is less to express this one..

26 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
27 Fallout 3

Is this even a question?

28 Final Fantasy VI
29 Mother 3
30 Silent Hill 2

I can't believe this. This story will send shivers down your spine. This game is the epitome of survival horror. What have you done with your life if you haven't played this!

31 Max Payne
32 Final Fantasy VII

Flawless game.

33 God Of War

The story of Kratos is unflinching and brilliant

Best series I've ever played

34 BioShock 2
35 Life is Strange

This game changed my life. I have never felt such an attraction to characters before. This for me has the best story in a video game. It is complex, beautiful, and you write it. You make your life in this game. You choose all of your actions. This game is a masterpiece and is very melancholic.

Best game ever I have played in my entire life. The story, characters, graphics, music, everything in this game is just perfect.

They should make this game into a movie the story is so good.

Simply, it should be in top 3

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36 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
37 Call of Duty: Black Ops

Only a fool will ignore the plot of this game. The graphics, the flash backs, the actions, everything is just beyond being a computer game. It's really deserves number 1 position.

The best storyline ever!

38 Half-Life

Man half-life has the best story an awesome trilogy

Said to be one of the best games ever made plus it's a hell of a good sequal too

39 Chrono Cross
40 Shadow of the Colossus
41 Halo 2
42 Grand Theft Auto

The humor, the betrayals, the awesomeness, the drug dealing, its very interesting (I don't do drugs)! 1

It has lots of secrets and mysteries and tons of twists.

lots of twists and turns exiciting backstory also - Rocky5

43 Beyond: Two Souls

This is the best game storyline I've ever seen.

44 Resident Evil: Outbreak

This game is one of the best stories ever, due to different endings. - MeeMeeCandy777

45 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
46 Batman Arkham

Batman Arkham has really one of the best stories, especially for a superhero game series

Arkham city has best ever ending

47 To the Moon

Perfectly mixed with funny moments and sad touching storyline

Who knew a pixelized game could have such an effect on you? A fantastic story and ending!

48 Dead Space
49 Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2
50 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

You really get connected to the charactars. I feel like it should be in the top 10. This series has been like a childhood firend to me, and as I grow up, the more I play, and the more I become connected. I'm going to hate the day they stop with the modern warefares.

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