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1 Apocalypse Now

Not only the best Vietnam War movie ever made, but also one of the greatest movies ever. It really captures the sheer madness and insanity (and horror) of the war. - Doom

Apocalypse Now give an on sight on the traumatizing effects of Americas most Night Marish war - roblist

2 Platoon

I used to know someone in college who was a Vietnam war veteran that suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. He always said that Platoon was the movie that most closely represented the war and what life was like there. - jfausti

My dad was in the Vietnam War and when he saw this movie in the theater it was so realistic he had to walk out. Best Vietnam movie ever!

the most realistic, the bigger issues. deer hunter is really close and fmj is also great though


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3 Full Metal Jacket

Because instead of the focus being on the squabbling between fellow soldiers and clashing ideas, it focuses on the war itself. - Deckard

What can you say? A masterpiece!

This should be #1

4 We Were Soldiers

This is the most realistic, entertaining, informative and educational Vietnam movie on the list. Being a soldier from that time frame I was extremely impressed.

5 The Deer Hunter
6 Journey From the Fall
7 Forrest Gump

Captures not just the war but the period itself and everything that was going on in the U.S. as well as in the war. The entire movie is phenomenal, a masterpiece. Also dealt with he aftermath. - davidthenurse

8 Casualties of War
9 Good Morning, Vietnam
10 Hamburger Hill

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11 Born on the Fourth of July
12 The Green Berets

Of all the top ten Vietnam war movie websites I have checked there was not one that listed this film. I may be wrong but I believe it was one of the first made. I enjoy this movie a lot even though I am not in the least a fan of John Wayne.

13 Rescue Dawn
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