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Vitaliy "Vitalik" Vladasovich Grachyov, stage name Vitas, Russian singer-songwriter.

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1 Crane's Crying

All songs and compositions created by the artist - is the world's masterpieces. It is impossible to choose the best song. All songs of Vitas should be in the Golden Fund of the world.

I love vitas he is a beutiful man with a voice to match this song says it all for me it reaches out to the depths of my soul I myself am a great grand mother I have found true inner peace thanks to this angel voice

2 Angel Without a Wing

I'm incapable of choosing only one song of Vitas, my all time favourite singer though I don't know Russian. Angel without a wing is just that : heavenly, angelic. Smile is to die for. Adagio is unbelievable the way Vitas goes in crescendo, you re left tingling. God how I love is the ultimat love song...

Vitas is a great mystery and he is a thief of hearts!

3 Star
4 Opera No. 2
5 Smile
6 Lucia Di Lammermoor
7 Mama
8 A Kiss As Long As Eternity
9 The 7th Element


10 Bird of Happiness

The Contenders

11 Dedication

Very powerful voice! deadly high notes...

12 Soul
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