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GUMI is a female Vocaloid created by Internet Co., Ltd. She is the most popular non-Crypton Vocaloid of all time. She is voiced by Megumi Nakajima.


I adore Gumi! She is fun and gorgeous at singing. She is just so incredible and I admire how popular she has become too. She is so pretty and I find her costume cute and colorful and I love drawing her because it makes me feel so amazed. I love her concerts that I try to view as many times as I can on youtube and my favourite song by... Well I don't have one, I adore all of them! I just love gumi because she is so real and I get so mad when people diss vocaloid. I LOVE IT AND WILL NEVER REGRET KNOWING IT, I TAHNK THE WORLD THAT VOCALOID WAS CREATED!

I found Gumi when I was looking for a green haired anime girl on the internet just for my new drawing, and I'm glad I found her. Gumi is not just cute but also has a very realistic and pleasant voice compared to any other vocaloid. According to me, she's the best vocaloid. Her songs are amazing, her looks are amazing, her personality is amazing, plus her voice is extremely amazing! Those who still think she isn't that great, better look up to her songs because no other vocaloid have yet impressed me as much as she have.

Love you Gumi: You sound more human than any other Vocaloid 2, and your tones are not ear-splitting like Miku's. More emotion shows through with your voice then all others, and your duets are simply stunning. Gumi for the best!

Gumi is my savoir! She has a witty way to satirize things in her songs and I do not see that as much in the other singers. I also think her voice is more soothing than most of the other vocaloid singers. Although I have a long way to go as far as learning about the other ones. I only recently found out that Hatsune Miku was not just and annoying Japanese version of Rebecca black. Her lyrics mean more then the sounds, I don't know if that makes any sense but that is how I feel.

Gumi sound the most realistic in English and Japanese, she is by far the most original and coolest looking, I love all her songs! You can use her voice in ways that you can't use miku, miku has a high pitch robot voice while gumi has a human pitch and a nice sound that for some reason calms me. I see why people like miku, after all she is the face of vocaloid but nobody really notices the beauty of gumi's unique voice and people need to see that she is the best vocaloid, SHOUT OUT TO GUMI FANS! VOTE GUMI! ~

She has a high, gentle, and just the most amazing voice of all time. She is the easiest if not one of the easiest to understand her English. She isn't known as the techno Vocaloid for no reason. Her slow and soft voice goes almost perfect with fast and strong beats. And yet she can go amazing with slow songs altogether. I just can't get enough of GUMI!

GUMI Megpoid has a voice that isn't like Rin or Miku's. It has a middle pitch that no other Vocaloid was able to get. I'm surprised that she is 5th. Luka, Lily, Meiko, and Haku are all great singers, but they sound relatively the same. Gumi has a pitch/voice that can hit every note with a realistic tone to her.

Gumi has a realistic voice in many songs. Depending on how you use her she might as well sound like Miku, you know? Yes, her character design is not the best but the sole purpose of a Vocaloid is to sing and not to model. Many of her songs have become hits too despite not being as popular as other Crypton Vocaloids. There are songs by Miku that she'd covered and I'd say that a lot were great. Also, I know some Filipinos who used Gumi for their original songs such as coma (you can play that song on cytus) and I think because of the fact her voice is kind of low pitch she was able to considerably do well.

Gumi is just straight up all around awesome! Not only is her character interesting, strong and badass! But her voice is beautiful, clear and strong, not to mention realistic. And when she does duets with Miku like "Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl" or "Hocus Pocus"... I die a little bit (In a good way :P )

Her voice is the best in my opinion. She sounds realistic and has a less robotic and scratchy voice. I think she deserves a higher ranking!

Love her to death. She has a great voice, English and Japanese. I love her outfits and I think every one of them are so cute! In my opinion she can do a duet with any Vocaloid and do amazing with he/she. She has a great personality, and I wouldn't see how someone would hate her.

GUMI has one of the most potential to become another vocaloid star along with hatsune miku in the future. Her voice, looks and character design are testimony to that

She has the most realistic and smooth voice whereas most of other vocaloids have robotic, scratchy, and high pitch voices, which can sometimes be kinda annoying and feel like hurting my ears.

I like her character model the best too.

As expected that Miku is number 1 for now. But Gumi will always be the best vocaloid for me! I love Gumi! She has a realistic voice and she sounds really awesome for me! I love her voice!

Gumi sounds real
And an awesome design of the character
While the voice is wonderful beyond belief
Honestly I was searching for a good vocaloid and she caught my attention and stole my heart and my ears, gumi should go up the rankings
She's awesome

Shes so cute and awesome. I think shes the coolest vocaloid as she has a very original and cool personality. I love her so much. Panda hero, poker face, just a game and lie and diamond are some of my personal favorites. She has such a beautiful voice!

Can't believe Miku's winning I love her, but Gumi is far more of a better and "heavenly" singer. She sounds extremely realistic if used correctly and whats not to love about her character design? Gumi's English voicebank demolishes Miku's as well. Out of all vocaloids, I also believe that Gumi is the most relatable in terms of songs and her appearance based personality. We love you Gumi!

She is so much better than hatsune miku. Her songs are so beautiful. She has such a delicate voice. She is also the master at singing love songs but it's a shame that she keeps in getting her heart broken

Gumi definitely has the best voice out of all the Vocaloids. She may not be the prettiest, but, hey, Vocaloid is a SINGING thing, not an appearance thing. Why is she down here at five? You people should vote for Megpoid Gumi!

I prefer GUMI's voice over all the other Vocaloids I've heard. I don't dislike Miku's high pitched voice, but I prefer the stronger and lower pitched voice GUMI has. Like others have said, she has a very realistic voice.

Gumi does amazing in two languages: English and Japanese. She speaks clearly and fluently. Her high pitched but smooth voice makes it possible to write multiple genres. We love you, Gumi!

One thing that makes me a little sad is how many of reviews for the top three are just fanboys and fangirls, but I'm going to base my opinion on the voicebank itself, like a boring person. To put it simply, Gumi's voice is fantastic. It's pleasant to listen to, and there are loads of amazing songs using her voice. Miku, Rin, and occasionally Len often get too shrill, and it's terrible hearing many Miku songs with headphones. But Gumi's voice is best in lower tones, and just sounds fantastic~!

Gumi is my personal favourite. Her voice is more realistic than Miku's and she sounds good in English as well (even though I usually don't like vocaloid in English I like it when it's sung by Gumi). GUMI for the win!

GUMI has one of the most diverse voices, if you listen to all of her extends. Thanks to them, she can sing nearly any song! Besides, she harmonizes well with so many other Vocaloids, so what's not to like?

Gumi is the best there is. to me, she succeeds everywhere Miku's pitch fails and more. Perfectly balanced. Hopefully more people realize how awesome she is. Experience the power of the Megpoid!