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IA is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by 1st Place Co., Ltd., headquartered in Meguro, Japan. They use Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 3 singing synthesizer technology. Her voice is sampled by Lia.


I truly am a big fan of IA and her songs. IA's voice is like an angel and is realistic than any other vocaloid. Her voice is light toned that is clear and her voice is exactly the same as her provider vocals Lia making her the most realistic vocaloid. I also admire her personality very much. Her personality is a strong and honest character who dreams of being friends with everybody. Also IA looks are beautiful. Her face, her eyes, her outfit just makes her look like a real human. Aka Akasaka did a great job on drawing IA I just simply adore tat drawing. Anyways if you don't believe me try listening to her songs for example Tori no Uta, Ayano's Theory of Happiness, Lost Time Memory, A Tale of six trillion years and overnight story, and etc.

IA sounds so real and she even has a marvelous design. I hope she gets her well-deserved fame after she's released. So far, IA and Yuzuki Yukari are my favorite Vocaloid3.

IA is the best for me. Her voice is very realistic. Her design is perfect. Blue mixed with purple galaxy eyes. Long, angelic, shiny, baby pink hair and the clothing design is very original compared to more popular Vocaloids. As I said I love her voice, it's very realistic and works amazing with both high and low notes. Miku's high notes are very annoying and her low notes sound very creepy. I don't have any idea why people like Miku. I can say the same about Rin. IA deserves much more attention.

I hate how Miku is always at the top of the list, and I think it is probably because Miku is the most famous and the only Vocaloid they heard of. Vocaloid3's aren't as popular because everyone focuses on Miku and the Kagamines and stuff. Miku's voice is unreasonably high-pitched, but IA's (and SeeU's) is not too high and not too low... Just perfect! My favorite Vocaloid3's are IA and SeeU. They need more love, along with the other Vocaloid3s.

IA is the BEST of all the BEST!... When I saw IA, I knew that she will be my favorite no matter what happen... Her voice sounds more realistic than any other vocaloid... Her design is very futuristic, and her image is one of the most catchy and different... (look at her innocent face! ) she is so cute and adorable and I don't know why I am so addicted to her songs.. I can't stop playing it many times... She is not trying hard if you compared her to others.. For me?! She is perfect.. All I can say, SHE'S THE ONE!

When I was first introduced to Vocaloid, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Love them all 'main' vocaloids as I may, especially Crypton's (though Internet Co's do deserve some recognition), I still never had a definitive favorite. Until I heard IA's Tale of 6 trillion Years and One Night. The tone and beauty of her voice was amazing - it was so clear and rich in feeling - I could hardly believe she wasn't human. Then comes the IA cover of Risky Game - her voice is so beautiful - the vibrato and melody blends so well, it just captured my attention at once. Her resonant trill, and the overall harmonious, alluring tone makes her my favorite. IA is one of the most beautiful Vocaloids yet, in voice and Design

IA isn't very famous or popular, I think that is because not a lot of people know her. When I was first introduced to Vocaloid, Miku was also the first and only one I know because she is so famous. Miku was my favorite until I met IA. Not only because she or Lia sang 90% of my favorite songs but her voice sounds like an angel. I don't know a word that are beautiful enough to describe her voice. I think her voice is the most angelic voice out of all Vocaloids.

IA is a cute design, but it's a kind of cute that's normal, unlike Miku who was made especially to sound "cute" from her clothes to even her voice.

IA seems like a normal teenage girl, and I like that about her.

She's pretty normal, but at the same time, her voice is heavenly and so realistic that I think of her as a real person.

No matter how realistic Miku and other's voice may get, I'll never think of them as a real person because they were all "overly cute" and just don't seem real.

IA doesn't get the attention she deserves, in my opinion. I find that she's the only vocaloid I can relate to, and I definitely do. She basically embodies modern teenagers and everything we go through. Just go and watch 'Realistic Logical Ideologist'! IA's music is exactly where I go when I'm feeling down. Plus, her voice is amazing! She has some really upbeat and rhythmic songs, some really sweet and uplifting ones, and some much darker ones, so her range of genre is huge.

IA is one of the best vocaloid out there.

Her voice is clear and realistic. Her voice fits many genres.
I love that her voice wasn't made to attract weeaboos. It was made to attract the professionals.

I love her design so much. It's new and refreshing unlike the other vocaloids. Her overall look isn't irritating to the eye. She's so beautiful and she looks very mysterious.

She doesn't have an official age so she can be any age. She can look like a child, teenager, or an adult.

These are the reasons why I love her.

IA is just awesome! Give her a chance! Listen to her songs like "A Realistic Logical Ideologist", "Imagination Forest" and "Six Trillion Years And A Night Story"and then admit, IA is good. Her voice provider is Lia (she sang Angel Beats first Opening)! I don't understand why people like Miku so much, Miku's voice is so... Squirrel! I just didn't vote on her because MAYU needs that vote more than IA.

IA is a amazing vocaloid character. She is a character that needs more attention. She is kinda not to well known but I believe that she has potential to be well known. Plus she is just as good as Hatsune Miku maybe even better. My opinion but I think IA is a great vocaloid character.

IA is very unique. I feel that unlike the "original" vocaloids, she doesn't get the attention she deserves. I was attracted to her design, which is very beautiful, very different. However, once I heard her voice, I fell in love. Don't know exactly how to put this... She has that "scratchy" feel to her voice, unlike the other vocaloids. If you know what I mean by that, you know it's a good thing.

There's no doubt that IA is the most realistic Vocaloid to date. Why the hell she isn't higher on this list is beyond me, as she has the best vocal quality and potential out of them all. Plus, she was voiced by Lia, so...

IA is an amazing Vocaloid and she has a really cool sounding voice. She is so pretty and she sings one of my favorite anime songs which is "My Soul Your Beats. "She has to be my favorite! She deserves more credit than she gets and I hope more and more people will vote for her. Vocaloids are amazing no matter what

This vocaloids Birth is just as much a miracle as any other, however on a dance number "poker face 60fps" she shows her skills pretty well by being totally out in a dance number that does not have to be in sync to be wonderful! I loved it!

You know what, I hng every time I hear IA's rendition of a song, and I get an explosion of feels when she hits those high notes ;) Enough Tumblr talk, because seriously, IA has got to be one of the most realistic, if not, the most realistic Vocaloid vocals I have ever had the pleasure of accidentally discovering. Praise the Lord for the gift known as YouTube! ;D

I don't even 'need' to say it. She's too wonderful for words. She may not be SO well known like Miku but I swear her voice is TOO GOOD. *eargasm all the time*

She's my favorite vocaloid and for me her voice is sweet and awesome. She has that cute design from head down to her feet. I voted her because her synthesizer is one of my favorite singers, too.

The most amazing thing about IA is her compilation albums. She's 1st Place Co.'s flagman and also the face of Super GT, so it's no surprise her music tracks are so damn good. But there isn't much of videos and ads, that's sad. Also she's new. We all know that Miku is the most popular vocaloid just because she was the almost the first one. By the time the blonde sky-eyed girl with angelic and most advanced (thanks to 1st Place techs) voice came, people really kinda already stopped making that much of fan videos. And who were in that videos? Right, Miku and other first girls like GUMI. So it's only natural that vocaloids from the first wave of vocaloid popularity are the most known ones.

Basically, it's quite firm to say that a lot of people who heard IA find themselves wondering why she's one of the most popular ones. Lots of people really love her because of her music, lovely face aside. She's cute, her voice is soft and, her music is a mix of different genres with big budget ...more

Her voice was just too real.. I love how she sings.. It will catch your heart.. She deserve on the top because of her best quality songs.. I like the most is my soul, your beats..covered by IA, she really catch up what LIA sings! I LOVE IA

The one Vocaloid character that really caught my eye when first really listening to this sub-genre of J-pop through songs in the relatively niche rhythm game Stepmania, her songs such as Re-Birth, See The Lights, Dialing Paranoia, and probably the most popular of her songs, Tori no Uta (a cover of the song by IA's voice provider) her voice is smooth and realistic compared to others (little to no static or robotic sounds here folks). Her design is very unique in that she's not designed to be super "kawaii" or whatever, and she appears so much more mature and realistic than other vocaloids which is what makes her personally so endearing.

Every time I search for vocaloid on Google; Miku, Luka, Kaito, Rin, Len, Meiko, Gumi, and other vocaloids take up the space so there no more room for the other vocaloids to take because they are famous. IA is not well known because the top 5 vocaloids are already taken, but I swear shes close! She needs more attention

I love IA. Her voice is really good, and she has some of the best songs. I think "Weakling Hero" is the best vocaloid song I've yet heard. Her voice is really realistic to me, at least, and I think that she is underestimated. People always compare her to either Momo, or Defoko, but I think she beats them both.

I took an interest in IA around the time she was released, since then she's been my all time favorite vocaloid. She really wasn't well known when I began to like her, but now she seems to be making her way up to be one of the more popular vocaloids!