Len Kagamine

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Len Kagamine is a male Vocaloid created by Crypton Future Media. He is the most popular male Vocaloid of all time. He can be bought with his twin sister, Rin Kagamine. He is voiced by Asami Shimoda.


Oh my god, I can just say so many things about this boy. He's just perfect! Len is just the type of vocaloid who can get anyone's attention. His appearance definitely caught my eye within a second, but what really got me attached to him in particular is his voice. It's flawless. It has an edge to it that I honestly fell in love with. You just don't understand, it's not the songs, it's him. You could make anyone and everyone sing them, but Len has always topped them. In his original voice, or append, he will always be amazing. His voice is gorgeous. Not only that, but he sings with so much feeling, it makes my heart hurt. He has sung so many songs, even in the happier ones, I can hear it. The power, feeling, love, hate, everything. He's died many times in some of these songs, and it literally tears me up inside. Maybe others see how he brings real feeling into songs. Still, him dying all the time makes people get the feels. It's fine, since he sounds beautiful in those songs with the ...more - LenAddict0529

Len. He make all the girl dream about a guy like him. He is the first Generation 2 guy, and the most known of the guys either. There is a lot of Fanfiction about him, even more than with Miku. He even show guy that having a somewhat girlish voice is fine and that girls can love you anyway. Plus, he sing love song and song when he died to protect someone he love or is dear to him. Like if another guy would do that, even in a song. Len is not real, but the perfect guy. So, everyone can love him and fangirling about him without even thinking of "what bitch is with him? " because he isn't real, so no one can keep him all for herself/himself. Plus, he can do more good high pitch tone than Miku. Way more good. When Miku do a hgh pitched tone, it scratched my ears. When Len does it, it's like: Go Len you're the best! And I doesn't say that just because I'm a Len fangirl, but because it's the truth. Everyone, accept the truth and Len's hotness and awesomeness.

That's all the ...more

Miku was the "first" vocaloid so that's why she's so famous. Basically people go along with the crowd. Her voice was so like "cute" that she attracted attention and people kinda stuck by it. She's overrated. Not hating on her, but if she's the reason Len's not as famous in Japan, then yes I'm totally hating on her and Rin. He's got so much emotion in his voice! Plus, there's something about his face! Also, he's got hips for a guy, so many girls love when you got a little booty as a dude. His songs make me cry so much, not just because he dies a lot. I think in Japan at least, he's underrated. Plus, he needs more concert time, Miku takes up it. She's not even that good and her and Rin do sound the exact same, Rin's voice is just a little higher. Len is so amazing, I can't even explain him. I'm such a Len fangirl. He got me into vocaloid in the first place so I stuck by his songs and learned to love him.

I. Love. Len. Personally, I love both the twins, but I love Len more. I mean, among all the sad and cry-able songs the twins have made, mostly the reasons why I cry in those songs are either 1) Len dies. 2) Rin dies, leaves, etc. And Len cries. 3) Len cries, but not because of Rin.

Anyway, Len is awesome and cute! Len for the win!

I love Len because he's a boy and he has the best singing voice ever! I mean, even though he's a robot, he sings better than these English singers! I would gladly listen to him 24/7 rather than these stupid English singers who have songs that mean nothing. Len's song's actually have meaning, English singers sing about sex. It's all SEX SEX SEX with English singers, and I'm ashamed to even be in the same country as them!

I will always love Len! He is my favorite singer! I LOVE YOU LEN KAGAMINE!

At first I didn't want to admit I liked Len, my favorite used to be Gumi, but I can proudly admit that Len is my favorite. I love his songs, seeing as they can be deep and meaningful or cute and stupid. I don't really want to think of him as a shota... I come for the stories in the songs and usually I always prefer Len's. Don't know why though. His voice is amazing especially in this one cover of Tokyo Teddy bear and -Error. And his voice is so sexy in Deadline circus!

I really hope Len wins not for his design, but for his voice and his uncanny vocal range.

I always loved even though he dies in almost every single song he sang, well I have a twin sister like him and I am a girl, and I actually ate bananas before I knew THE LEN KAGAMINE and.. It was awkward when I found out that Len loves bananas, my sister calls me Len sometimes... and 70% of the personality tests I took, the results ended up as Len, usually when I'm sad like crying when I see a picture of Len, I just like smile! Usually nothing makes me smile! That's why I think Len should be the best vocaloid! YOU GO LEN!

I like len, some say that rin and he would make a great couple but no offense... Because len is kinder and sweeter, rin is quite violent so I think their complete opposites and would not really make a great couple because of their attitude, I know they would based on their height and appearance but... Anyway I like len's voice just mid not too high nor low he is really kind and sweet I watched on youtube about len and rin's video's and I think most of them was that len always sacrificed for rin and he is really shy and quite handsome.

I know that there's no way that Len will beats Miku (because of her-oh-so--thousands-fans and the majority of her songs in EVERY vocaloid concert =w, but I do love him more than any vocaloid because I THINK he's the best! Especially his append! His voice becomes so smooth but still cute and cool at the same time. I think he has the best append upgrade among the other vocaloid append.

I like Len a lot. His voice is flawless just like his twin. But what makes me like him better is his personality, his appearance and his voice that at least gives a warm feeling for everyone. Even my family likes him! Miku might be number one because she was the first second generation Vocloid. Anyways, Len aim for 1 boy! People are rooting for you because you sing with feelings and know how to touch people's hearts It's thanks to him I actually got into Vocaloid. Miku is nice but Len knows how to put some effort into a song, probably, Miku only sings and sings. Anyways, Len, you go boy! A push to top 1 for you

Len is the most shota boy at Vocaloid!

Then, he has a very nice voice!

At evil series, Len become very nice boy!

He is cute! You can see his face! You will fall in love with him!

Ganbatte, Len-kun!

Sexy hot shout.
Who doesn't love him?
Put Rin and Len together and I swear. Everyone would be amazed and totally taken aback by their songs.

I love his songs. See my music player it's all Len's songs. I discovered and listen to Miku's song first which is Kagerou Days because I was a fan of Mekakucity Actors but that didn't get me into Vocaloid and someone in a social media always mentions Len so I searched him up and gave vocaloid another chance then I saw Spice which was really catchy but when I saw the lyrics I was so shocked and since I am very peverted decided to check out more peverted song like Gigantic O.T. N. Sacred Spear Explosion Boy Plus Boy and I decided to check out Len's songs which are in a different genre and saw Servant Of Evil, Paradichlorobenzene and other Len's songs that has deep meanings

Miku she's just not the one who got me to Vocaloid but I'm really thankful to that person that introduced me to Len Kagamine my most favorite Vocaloid up until now

Len is not only an adorable shota, but he has a great voice. I would vote for both Rin and Len if I could. The fact that he has a lot of good songs out there makes me want to vote for him more. It annoys me nowadays that Miku is getting all the attention. But I still love her. And all the other Vocaloids, except Gakupo and the English ones.

I personally love Len's songs. They all have a meaning, some of his songs having hidden meanings that you must discover and some having open meanings that are put out in the open. He also sounds good when he sings with other Vocaloids, AND he's really cute!

Len is my favorite character because he looks so adorable and also hot and cute at the same time I just love how his voice is like screaming or something. I just don't understand how miku was first and Len is second all Fan Girls vote for Len kagamine

LEn Kagamine Is One Of The Best singers I Have Listened to, Even though his voice is actually voiced by a a girl, I personally think he is the best. His sister, Rin Is also a good singer, but not as good as Len. Most of his songs has him dying or Layed, but personally, he's hot and a awesome singer!

LEN IS awesome... Len is the coolest vocaloid, because he is younger then any other vocaloid and he is the cute, innocent, boy type. He also has a cute twin sister, Rin, who is a great vocaloid also, but no one can beat Len. His voice is so pure and his songs have a great beat. I love you Len!

Len is definitely the best vocaloid. His voice sounds good in all songs. Whenever possible I always listen to his cover of songs. He is able to pull off songs meant for miku or girls in general to sing (like weekender girl, The snow white princess is, etc). His and Rins voices go so well together. Also he is super cute! AH! I love Len!

Why miku? I think everyone loves Miku because she always on the stage. Every magical mirai concert, she would be on the stage the most. Rin and len would either become her background or just singing a song. Other vocaloid just need more chances and people will realised their potentials. I had listen to every vocaloid songs and observed it. Finally I ended up loving the twins. Since rin always sing with high pitch voice that sometimes ringing my ears,i tend to love Len

He voice is so angelic and his personality (portrayed through the various songs he is in) shows how loyal, loving, and caring he is. He always wants others to be happy and put their needs before his. Call Len a "shota" or a "yandere" as much as you want, but we all know that he is truly the best Vocaloid out there! His songs have so much more meaning than those of other Vocaloids - probably due to the way people have portrayed him. Even his light-hearted songs have a deeper meaning when you pay close enough attention. That's what my heart tells me. You can vote for whoever you want, but Len will always be number 1 in my book!

Len is my second imaginary crush... The first one was Syaoran from Tsubasa. Still, I have listened to so many songs of his, and they are so good! I especially like Soundless Voice and Prisoner and... Well, all of the ones where either he or Rin dies. Those always seem to be the best ones, even though I get incredibly sad.

While I think that Miku's voice beats his in quality, I love Len's character and voice. Some of my favorite songs have him in it (Wonderful Cat's Life, Electric Angel, Death Should not have Taken the, etc. ) His range is a bit limited, but in many songs, his voice is memorable, and are probably what make me like the songs so much.

You can't like him because of the personality. They don't have one! You could get an idea from a song like Servant of Evil because he sacrificed his life for his sister, meaning he'd be super sweet but then there's Messiah Or Desire... So yeah I guess he doesn't have one. I love his voice so much

One thing that Len could do way much better than other Vocaloid: hit high notes. He is a guy and he is still able to do that. It's awesomeWith that he is super cute. And all of his song has a deep meaning and in his song he saves his sister and he does other cute thing. He could do whatever he want and we would still love him. Proof, he had cross-dressed in Imitation Black. He can do everything.