Luka Megurine

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There are so many better Vocaloids than Miku, but people don't realize it. Sure, Miku is cute and popular, but her voice is nothing compared to most of the other Vocaloids. Miku is almost my least favorite out of all the Vocaloids. It's quite sad how people are too blinded by her appearance and don't realize that her voice isn't good. The original Black Rock Shooter song was terrible. Miku's voice was off key, it sounded annoying, it was just awful. I listened to the Kaai Yuki version of that song and I loved it. Her voice fitted perfectly. This is what always happens. There is a Miku song I like but her voice doesn't fit. I listen to another Vocaloid cover and I instantly love it. Luka is my favorite Vocaloid, but I like Len and IA, too. All Vocaloids deserve just as much, if not more popularity than Miku. I'm sorry if you like Miku, but you need to pay more attention to her voice and not her looks. Maybe someday people will realize that other Vocaloids are so much better singers ...more

Luka is so talented! She can sing English perfectly! She is also super cute and beautiful! Because Miku is Number 1 it makes other Vocaloids look low especially Luka, when I watched their concerts I realized that Luka has less times being showed and it makes me sad! LUKA IS AS GOOD AS MIKU! AND I THINK THAT SHE CAN BE BETTER THAN HER! I not saying I hate Miku but I would appreciate if everyone can be equal with chances being showed. Well all I can say is, DO YOUR BEST LUKA-CHAN! YOUR THE BEST! LUKA-NII-CHAN!

It's all about Miku this, Miku that, but what about the other Vocaloids? I bet none of you have heard of Tone Rion. In fact, I bet you're sitting there right now like, "Who the heck is that? ". Tone Rion (unfortunately) happens to be the most unpopular Vocaloid. But her voice is really good! The same thing for Mew. "Mew from Pokémon? ". No. Mew is another unpopular Vocaloid, and I bet you haven't heard of her either.

Luka is my favorite Vocaloid, but lately she's been less popular. MAYBE BECAUSE IF CRYPTON ACTUALLY GAVE MEIKO AND KAITO THEIR UPDATES FIRST LIKE THE ORDER SHOULD BE INSTEAD OF MIKU THINGS WOULD BE BETTER. But NO. They have to give EVERYTHING to their precious Miku. Because Miku is "SO KAWAII DESU NEE"! Honestly, Miku's voice is bad. I dislike her because of her voice, not because of her popularity. Her popularity does bug me because the other Vocaloids don't get any attention due to Miku. But the only reason I don't like her is because of her voice. I don't like ...more

She is the MOST underrated Vocaloid character ever. People always forget about her even though she has a really good and silky voice. Her voice is super unique. It can be cute, can be husky and can be really really warm and gentle. Her style is special too. She doesn't need to be cute to get attention from fans. Her brightness, calmness and lady-like appearance are the most wonderful things that make Luka one of my favorite Vocaloids - shazimi

Is no fair. Because Miku is popular isn't she best. Why do they pick Miku? Because is she cute? Because of Miku cute voice? Miku look cute, but Miku voice not is good. And why you pick Rin? Len? Rin for same as Miku. Her made by same person. Then Rin is popular. That is why. Len has shota and is boy. He made by same person too. That is why. Luka is made by same person. But Luka has good voices. MEIKO is too. And KAITO. And GUMI. Not fair for they. Miku most popular, but her voice is not good. Luka. MEIKO. KAITO. GUMI. Those has good voices. That is why them is popular. Not for Miku. Miku has bad Vocaloid. Miku is popular. But Miku not Luka. Is Miku MEIKO? KAITO? GUMI? No, Miku is Miku. Luka MEIKO KAITO and GUMI all no Miku. They can be good than Miku. Rin and Len can too.

Luka is way better than any of that Miku crap (no offense). Luka has the most natural, mature, and beautiful voice of all the Vocaloids. She needs more love. Her appearance is great, too. No, not because of the, uh, breast size, but because she is very beautiful. She's my favorite because all of her songs are amazing. My favorites are double lariat and just be friends. They definitely have helped me and touch my heart more than all the other Vocaloids. Please vote Luka!

She definitely has the best voice and appearance out of all of them :). I love her realistic, sexy, and smooth voice. It's not too high or too low, and can reach any note. I really wish they picked her to be the mascot of Vocaloid instead, but Miku is a good mascot, too :). Her songs are really catchy, and I just love her English and Japanese voice banks! I hope Luka gets more concerts and popularity, and hopefully she will get number 1 on this list. Go Luka!

Luka is the best Vocaloid character for me and other fans as well, I didn't know anything about Vocaloid, or if they even existed until I heard her song"just be friends"for me that song had a lot of passion. She should also win because she could sing in Japanese and English. I know what you thinking there are other Vocaloid characters who could sing in English, but for me shes the best. LOVE YOU LUKA

Luka is the BEST! She is a type of cold and quiet person but actually she is a really vivacious and kind. Her voice is amazing too. Others Vocaloid's voices are nothing compare to her voice. I first even didn't know Vocaloid but after a while listening to her melodic songs, I finally realized my love for Vocaloid and especially for Luka. She is always number.1 in me

Luka is definitely underestimated. Everyone talks about Miku this, Miku that, it's crazy! Luka has a much clearer, mature, and beautiful voice than Miku and the other Vocaloids. She has an original voice bank that doesn't sound like a nightcored chipmunk in a room of helium. Besides, all Vocaloids need a better chance. Luka is my favorite basically because her appearance and voice appeal to me more than the other vocaloids. Though, I have to admit, the Kagamines are great too. But Luka is by far my favorite.

Luka has everything, From a heavenly voice to good looks that are only second to Meiko's (In my opinion) She sounds incredible in almost everything she sings I definitely think she sounds better in slow songs but she proved that wrong when Black Gold came out. She is the most talented vocaloid by far (She can also sing in English) So I don't really see what is it that people see in Miku. Luka is my number 1 and she will always be. Go Luka! - Doctor54

Luka is definitely the best Vocaloid character. She is cool, beautiful, calm, wise and so mature. And her voice is the most wonderful and beautiful voice ever. It is so sweet, so mature and pleasant, sometimes with a little sadness will take you to a brand whole new world, and sometimes will make you cry... Love Luka. Keep voting for her!

Luka deserves to be number one. Miku is also very good but Luka is slightly better. She is beautiful, I love her pink hair and her eyes and everything about her! Her voice especially, it sounds so realistic and she can hit all the notes that even Ariana Grande can't. She sounds very mature and her voice can be a full symphony of delightfulness. Her songs are the best I've heard. Just Be Friends is especially my favorite. I also love Dancer in the Dark, and Lie. And of course, my very favorite: Circus Monster. Luka is absoloutely amazing, GO LUKA! VOTE FOR HER!

Some people hates Luka but loves Miku. BUT ME, I used to LOVE Luka and HATES Miku. Believe me, if you listen to Luka songs you will know how talented she is. Besides, what so special about Miku? Of course, she's cute but she doesn't have any talents at all. MEIKO is the first Japanese VOCALOID, Luka is the first bilingual VOCALOID and SeeU is the first Korean VOCALOID. Come on Luka fans, let's vote for her! Luka is and always be my favourite vocaloid of all time

She is by far the best Vocaloid with the best songs. I don't know why other people vote for Vocaloids based on their popularity. I'm voting for Luka because she has such a pretty and more human-like voice :D. She's so amazing, and her songs are so catchy. Her voice is so easy to fall in love with. I love all Vocaloids, but Luka is by far my favorite. :3

She's Pretty, I lover her voice, Kind... That's why I voter her so much! I LOVE LUKA MEGURINE SO MUCH! I LOVE IT! Haha... Don't you ignore this because its true! Don't you hate her! Shes Beautiful! I hate you when you ignore her! :P Thank you for reading this! And I love IA, Hatsune Miku etc. Too! :) God Bless.

Luka is just a great vocaloid to listen too, I wont' destroy other people's opinions but miku is just overrated compared to other vocaloids. Her songs are much more in meaning and she's beautiful with less cracks in her voice. For people who don't agree and think other's are better I won't slam you but seriously miku really is overrated if you ask me.

Luka is Absolutely Amazing. She has a Quiet, yet Beautiful Voice, and she Looks great too. I especially Love it when she sings Songs or Covers with Miku, because the Contrast in their Personality and Voices just make it Awesome :3 (Also, did you realize... Even though Miku generally has a Higher-Pitched Voice compared to Luka, when they Go High-Pitch in Songs, Luka's Voice is actually Higher )

Luka is just amazing. She can have a cute voice, a Mature voice, and a sexy husky voice. She ranges from jazz, pop, techno, screamo, dubstep, and much more. So far, The younger girls have gotten a "enlargement" with their appends. Luka doesn't need one
Love You!

Let just say she is the best Vocaloid character ever. You will love her from the first time you see her. She is beautiful and lady like. Not just that, you will find her characteristic very special, different from the others. She is somehow very mysterious, bright, mature and calm. And her voice is so beautiful, so sweet and smooth. Luka is the BEST!

She is the most awesome and brilliant singer ever. She sounds really wonderful in every song. Her voice can be so powerful in some songs but also can be soft, gentle and soothing in some other songs. Just listen to her song "Just Be Friends" and you will definitely love it...

I Love Luka! Not only is she beautiful, her voice is amazing! I especially like her singing Leia. It's Amazing. Besides that you can see emotion on her face as she sings! Even if she's just a hologram you can still see it. The way she performs, it's so realistic! I would love to meet her one day. Although she's just a hologram. ;-; I think she deserves to be number 1! But, people can have their own opinions. I have one thins to say. Luka is bae!

Luka is truly an elegant princess with a precious and gorgeous voice. She is sexy, mysterious but in some other sides she is so cute, so amiable and so sweet. Luka's voice is perfect like she is too, it is so pleasant and melodious. And her songs, they are really addicted and unforgettable, especially Just Be Friends

Oh, Luka should be number 1! I hope she is soon! :). Her voice and appearance are just amazing! I like her voice better than the others because her voice can reach any pitch, not just high or low ones. She is also (I think, I'm not 100% sure) the first Vocaloid to have both English and Japanese voice banks. Her songs are just the best, as well! I also really love her hair and her eyes! I hope she passes the others. She doesn't have to be popular to be best. :D

Best singer, best voice. Luka is a brilliant diva. She has a graceful beauty, a charming smile, a sweet voice and she is truly a talented singer. I have felt in love with Luka since the first time I saw her. Her beauty, not too inflexible or flashy but gentle, she has a really graceful beauty and a wonderful voice, wonderful songs