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Why isn't Oliver on top ten I mean look at this talented boy he can sing in different languages-some times- he is my absolutely amazing

Oliver has been my favorite vocaloid for a long time. Sure, many people love Miku, Luka, Rin, Len, Kaito, Gakupo, Gumi and all the other Japanese vocaloids more, but they usually don't pay attention to other vocaloids that speak a language that isn't Japanese. Paying attention to a single language or group of characters is a common habit in the vocaloid fandom. Back to the subject of Oliver, his design is spectacular, and if used properly he has the potential to sound so good you'll ask yourself why is Miku still considered the "best" vocaloid.

Oliver is just so amazing! I mean, I don't know why he isn't in the top 10! First off, he can make anybody cry and he can get really emotional in songs. He can make such beautiful notes, surprisingly higher than Hatsune Mikus! You don't need lyrics to understand him, too. Why 26 guys? In my choice, Oliver should be 3rd, 2nd, or 1st!

Not only can he sing Japanese and English beautifully, he has a beautiful vocal range and ring to his voice. His design seems simple yet enticing, and so incredibly unique considering the bandages and James. He works well for both collars with other Vocaloids and as a stand alone, for original songs and covers. His voice is so flexible yet stays unique. He is, for me, part of my top five Vocaloids.

Oliver is a really good Vocaloid - quite realistic, easy to understand, able to sing in many different languages...
I actually got him to sing in Welsh once, and Welsh is very, very complicated. But he could do it~
And his design is really nice - it shows that you don't headphones and all the fancy bits to be a good Vocaloid.

I feel like Oliver is one of the less popular Vocaloids even though he deserves better. He has such a beautiful voice, especially when it comes to the high notes. Not to mention he's so adorable! He is great with any type of song ranging from happy to creepy. Also the bandages were a very original idea for a Vocaloid.

My Little sailor, Oliver from vocaloid 3! He is such a charmer. At first I hate oliver because I don't like the cover on his album, it's too realistic to me.
But when I was searching for vocaloids good songs, I got curious with oliver's, so I give it a shot. And you know what? I fell in love with his voice immediately, his voice has that thouch of angelic voice and... oh my... the high pitch sounds so adorable!
Then when I was searching more about him, I really love his design and his cover picture and all of his fan drawings, now my vocaloid folder is full of him than the other vocaloids... it shows that his voice is a top priority and his looks is a HUGE bonus! So adorable, though I'm curious about his mysterious voice provider...

I love how well his transitions are although his songs are a bit creepy he is a very amazing vocaloid his voice is very soft while he can hit base notes he usually sings in a melody along whit the beat and in high notes # tarantula his music is along the sides of folk and quire styles.

At first I didn't really like oliver. He just didn't appeal to me, but now I love all of his songs! His voice is so calming in my opinion. He may be young, but his songs are dark and creepy. Just one of the reasons I love him!

I prefer because oliver has the most softest voice. Oliver can sing more than 2 language than
The others. He's kinda mysterious boy bcus his left eye got bandage no one knows what happen to his left eye (i can't tell which eye got bandage :( )

Oh Oliverr! MY SWEET CHILD, OLIVER. I, personally, feel that he can sing amazingly. My favorite thing about him is his ability to sing anything very dark songs to cheerful, upbeat ones, and make them sound great on top of it. He's clearly not the favorite among vocaloids, but he deserves more credit.

Oliver is underrated. He has a heavenly voice, and his style makes him stand out from the rest of the neon, colorful vocaloids. Oliver is unique, and that's why I love him so much

Oliver is by FAR the best! Their voice is very clear and can reach every note just perfectly! I also love his sailor and choir-boy appearance.

His voice is so amazing. every time I listen to his songs, I'm always hooked up to it. He should have a higher spot here.

I like Oliver, my favorite on his voice is "The Undertaker's Daughter", Man, it has a SUPER realistic voice, and every time I heard its voice, I get a lot of chills.

I was torn between choosing Kaito and Oliver, but I gave in at the end. The non-Cryptonloids need love, too! Besides, his voice is amazing to hear in soft and emotional songs, you can hear the emotions in his voice if he's tuned well enough. He's understandable when sining in other languages (and English, of course). I personally think these kinds of Vocaloids need more love too.

He is so awesome! I love his unique outfit ( not the future look ) and his soft, high voice... Also, he can sing in many languages ( miku and the others can only sing English and Japanese ) Also, his voice sounds much less robotic than the other vocaloids.

Oliver for the win! XOXOX

Oliver is a really realistic sounding Vocaloid, and I'm surprised he isn't in the top 20. His voice is very realistic, and I can always picture him singing when I hear his oice. He is my absolute favorite (along with Piko because of his wide range. )

He's easily my favorite vocaloid. I like Miku... but I feel like Oliver should be up a little higher. Still, I'm thankful he's even on this list!

I was sad when Miku made it onto first, rare vocaloids like Oliver need more love.

Oliver is absolutely adorable, and can sing in Japanese, Korean and English!

I think he is looks cooler than Len. He is a handsome boy.
He is a new one. He need time to show himself.

I love Oliver! He's design is amazing and his voice, in my opinion, is very realistic.

I love Oliver, I even got his software. His voice is soft, cute, calming and nice to listen to at anytime.

OLIVER has a young and beautiful voice. He is one of the youngest vocaloids. I even used his voice to create a voice for one of my OCs for an anime I enjoy. OLIVER should get into the top 3. VOTE FOR OLIVER!