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81 Clara

Hehe, Clara's cover of butterfly on your right shoulder is very cute and funny. I don't know if she's Spanish, everyone else says that. I also like her design, and those sunglasses... She's a good vocaloid that should be recognized more

82 Anon

Yea, anon and canon are cute and their voices are really good... Love from first song.

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A Beautiful Chinese Vocaloid. She is awesome and should not be leave out on the top vocaloid list. Recommended songs: "Bath Song" "Hypnotic Thief Yan He"

One of the most beautiful vocaloids

84 Cyber Diva

I can sing her songs! She's my favourite English Vocaloid! And she's my fourth favourite cause I love her voice!

I love her voice. It's really realistic and clear!

What the heak! IK that Cyner diva is new and all but really? Why is she rock bottom? She's a baby VOCALOID and needs attention!

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85 Mitchie M

Mitchie is a Producer. This is on the same level of stupidity as JubyPhonic being here, or Neru, or Haku. Seriously people, think before you post.

Unlike a LOT of the vocaloids mitchie m has positive songs as well as a good character design.

Oh sorry, I meant isn't Mitchie M a producer?

He is a producer seriously guys x)

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86 Samune Zimi

Zimi isn't a Vocaloid. JimmyThumb-P created her (rumor has it that it's his voice pitched up), but I would agree if she was a Vocaloid.

87 Dex
88 Daina
89 Calne Ca

She isn't a vocaloid. Only a version of miku.

Ok, I LOVE Calne Ca, but she's just a MMD model... I LOVE Dieno and his songs and animations... But Calne Ca is not a VOCALOID

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90 Yuu Yuu

He is cute and I like his voice. He needs to be a little higher but he doesn't deserve the top ten. 20 maybe. Which is pretty good considering the hundred some vocaloids.

91 Kyo
92 Ruby V 1 Comment
93 Wil Wil
94 Moke
95 Yuezheng Longya
96 Luna
97 Zhiyu Moke
98 Xin Hua
99 Gahata Meiji Gahata Meiji V 1 Comment
100 Ueki Loid
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