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81 Sweet ANN Sweet ANN Sweet Ann is an English speaking Vocaloid by PowerFX. Her name is a pun based on her origins, meaning that Sweet-Ann = Swe-den.

Sweet Ann needs more love. She has such a beautiful voice and I love her design. Her voice also sounds good with Big Al's voice.

Oh SWEET ANN, when will your hate end? You're not THAT bad...


Not my favorite VOCALOID, but I voted for her because honestly it's kinda sad to have like utaites and UTAUs ahead of an actual official VOCALOID.

82 LOLA V 1 Comment

Um, hello? He was the first vocaloid. He deserves to be known so much better!

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84 YOHIOloid

YOHIOloid's songs and voice are amazing. I think he needs more love considering he is also a solo singer. Both his (Vocaloid and Non) Voices are amazing.

Yohioloid is amazing, and his voice is so soothing! He is a milestone in both English and Japanese vocaloids and deserves way more credit than a certain "aqua/teal head"

YOHIOloid is awesome! He and Fukase are unique in that they can both sing equally well in English and Japanese!

His voice is very smooth, and just very enjoyable to listen to. Too bad he doesn't get much attention...

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85 Anon

Yea, anon and canon are cute and their voices are really good... Love from first song.

Poor Anon and Kanon. They were my favorite models from ISAO.

86 V Flower

How is V Flower at 37?! This makes no sense! Her range is great and you can feel emotion in her voice, which is hard to find with vocaloids. Her voice is definitely set apart from the rest and is extremely powerful. One of the best things though is the fact that it really doesn't matter who you pair her with, they'll still sound great.

Unlike the big 8/10 vocaloids, Flower has a calm, lower voice instead one of those high-pitched voices that Miku and Rin have. She also goes extremely well with Korean lyrics. I recommend you listen to 'Starflower.'.

Flower is really underrated. She is very similar to Len in that she can sing both male and female parts (probably even better than Len can). She has a really cool design and one of my favorite vocaloid songs. (Inokori Sensei). She totally deserves to be higher.

While Flower is underrated, she has a gorgeous, strong and powerful voice. I find she also has a nice accent that gives a unique sound to her when she sings. She's even pretty good in English, although she doesn't have a English voicebank, as seen in Appetite Of a People Pleaser by GHOST ( or Novocaine by Creep-P and GHOST (

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87 Mitchie M

Mitchie is a Producer. This is on the same level of stupidity as JubyPhonic being here, or Neru, or Haku. Seriously people, think before you post.

Unlike a LOT of the vocaloids mitchie m has positive songs as well as a good character design.

Isn't Mitchie an artist?

Producer! - felispasta

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88 Samune Zimi

Zimi isn't a Vocaloid. JimmyThumb-P created her (rumor has it that it's his voice pitched up), but I would agree if she was a Vocaloid.

89 Calne Ca

She isn't a vocaloid. Only a version of miku.

Ok, I LOVE Calne Ca, but she's just a MMD model... I LOVE Dieno and his songs and animations... But Calne Ca is not a VOCALOID

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90 Kyo Kyo
91 Wil Wil
92 Moke
93 Yuezheng Longya
94 Luna
95 Xin Hua
96 Gahata Meiji Gahata Meiji V 1 Comment
97 Ueki Loid
98 Anri Rune
99 Unity Chan
100 Mo Qingxian

Who the heck is that - Nobody101

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