Rin Kagamine

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Rin Kagamine is a female Vocaloid created by Crypton Future Media. She can be bought with her twin brother, Len Kagamine. She is voiced by Asami Shimoda.


While there is no doubt Miku is going to win this poll due to her popularity and hoarding the spotlight, Rinny has won my heart over Miku countless times. She pours much more emotion into her songs and the stories told in them have left me in tears countless times. She has a nice range and doesn't sound chipmunk like Miku. Don't get me wrong, I love Miku, so Miku fans, don't hurt me - but Rinny is my favorite! Her voice can fit into many different genres from love songs to upbeat songs, from depressing songs to duets, cute songs to slow songs. Her voice goes wonderfully with her twin brother and mirror image, Len. When Miku sings, it's nothing big, she is just singing what she has been programmed to do, but Rinny sounds like she's singing with her life.

And that is why Rinny is my favorite! I love you Rin-chan!

Rin dies 37 times and Len 17! But the deaths of rin are unnoticeable like in Kokoro or Paper Plane. She mostly dies of sickness and all that stuff. Plus, Rin is adorable! I think just because Miku is the highest pitched Vocaloid, doesn't mean she can outshine Rin. Rin, as well as many other vocaloids, can also reached low and high notes accurately, not just Miku. Rin has a cute design, as well as a voice. I love you Len but, just because your fangirls love your "shota-ness" doesn't mean your the best. Your fangirls do, but not us. Rin has innocent songs ( Proof of Life ), Tragic ( Paper Plane ), sentimental ( Kokoro ), romantic ( Adolescence ), rock (? ) ( Karakuri Burst ), and much more! Rin has the potential to outdo Hatsune Miku! I hope Rin wins in this vote, well, because she deserves it, that's why!

I count Rin and Len as one individual for some reason, so I just picked Rin because she's lower on the list.

Honestly, I think Miku is a bit of a Mary-Sue. I mean, she introduced me to the Vocaloid world, and for that I'll be forever grateful, but she's just so... Overrated.

By the way, Kasane Teto is a close second! LOVE YOU TETO, KEEP GOING!

Rin should be #1! She has a beautiful voice that can sing anything, from sweet, innocent songs like "I Like You I Love You", "Melancholic" and "Sweet Magic" to sad and tragic songs like "Kokoro" "Paper Plane" and "Meltdown " to dark, depressing songs like "Tokyo Teddy Bear" "Abstract Nonsense" and "Lost One's Weeping" to sexy ones like "Luvatorry" "The Straight Faced Science Girl" and "Pomp and Circumstance" and even downright silly ones like "I Can Take Of My Panties! " Not only is her voice AMAZING, she has an amazing personality-I imagine her as a mischievous girl who loves pulling pranks, eating oranges, and playing games as well as being whip-smart, like in "The Straight Faced Science Girl".I ship her with OLIVER. Also, Rin and Len TECHNICALLY aren't twins, but I think if them as such.

Let's face it. Rin's voice, however high/thin, has a much mellower quality. At times it seems that Miku is singing at the top of her head, even though Rin can sing comfortably much higher than her. Also, RIn's voice possesses an immense amount of emotion that many vocaloids don't have (Being vocaloids). Also, most of her songs have the same emotion and deeper meaning. They are powerful an make people cry. Her looks just top it off.

Rin's voice fits in well with so many songs. Her voice can alternate from powerful, to gentle. Not to mention she has a wide variety of songs -- sorrowful, happy, sentimental, etc... She's a very underrated vocaloid, and deserves more love. She doesn't need much tuning -- if at all, that is -- to sound emotional. If she's singing a sad song, you feel it in her voice, and you feel it yourself. Same goes for joyful songs. Her voice is amazing, and blends in with other Vocaloids, most specifically Len. But in other songs, she can make her voice mix in well, yet stand out. She needs more love.

Her voice is amazing -- best suit for sad and tragic songs. Why do people underrate her? She's better than Miku and Len, in my opinion. She has a rather powerful voice, but can occasionally sound gentle. Her voice can blend well with almost anyone's. Mike, Len, Gumi...The list can go on forever, if needed. Her songs are amazing, not to mention. The genres range from happy, random, and pure, to sad, sentimental, depressing, and tragic... She needs to be ranked higher on this list. For me, third place is not good enough for Rin Kagamine.

I think Rin have a lovely voice, and she had show it in many way. Not only she can sing in such high note, she really can sing in lot of emotion. And lot of her song are very unique on their own. From rock to pop Rin had show us that she can really sing. Her singing voice is so believable that you feel pity for her or angry at her. She is really an amazing vocaloid.

Rin has the most adorable voice! And her songs, especially "Meltdown" and "Kokoro", have touched me. It was her song, "Suki-Daisuke", the introduced me to the world of VOCALOID, so I've always loved her more than any of the other VOCALOIDS. Hurray for girls who love Rin more than Len!

In my opinion, I think Rin and Len should BOTH be on top. But unfortunately Miku (the spot light hog) is there. Rin-chan needs more love. If you look deep into her songs, there'll be a sad story that will make you cry. Rin-chan is cute, the best singer (it's okay Len so are you), and she puts more emotion in her songs. I never liked Miku.

Yay, RIN!... I can't find the damn 'vote' button, so I'm just commenting now. I was voting for Gakupo last time, but then I saw this song called 'Dancing Samurai', which is really cool, but Gakupo punched Kaito in the face just when the poor guy was trying to be nice to him. GAKUPO WILL DIE A SLOW, BLOODY, PAINFUL, UNIMPORTANT, UNREMEMBERED DEATH!... Sorry, just, really angry, and nah, I'm just kidding, he'll live... But seriously, he is going to die... He is human, right? Be a bit scary if he wasn't. I know he's a guy and magically looks like a girl, but he's still human, isn't he? Dammit, I supposed to be talking about Rin, and yet, here I am, talking about Gakupo. I am so stupid...

... Bye.

Rin is literally amazing. If you're a personality type who can really connect and empathize with her, then you were born lucky! She is mischievous, naive, and clever, but she's also has depth, is sweet and deeply loves and cares for Len. JUST TO CLARIFY TO YOU PEOPLE: Rin and Len have no set relationship, in fact their creator said that they were two people with one soul. So basically they can be siblings, friends, lovers, anything. Vote for Rin, the BEST vocaloid!

Rin is very funny, evil when mad, and she has such a cute voice! She has a love for road rollers, and it is nice to watch her when she has a road roller with her. When she is with Len, it is like she is the boss. Her sad songs make others emotional when they watch it. It is Sad, yet good.

I really enjoy Rin songs, not to mention how her English voice bank is actually kinda good :). She has a strong voice and can hit those high notes really well, she can sing an upbeat song with a rock to it that will make you jump and dance, or she can even make your heart melt with a heartbreaking song. She is an amazing vocaloid (of course the other ones are to but she is my personal favorite)

Rin Kagamine is, personally, my all-time favorite Vocaloid! Even though she may look young and endering (even though she is) she has some hard-core tradgedy songs, and can drive a mean steamroller! She also has that sweet, innocent voice that makes her tragedy songs about fifteen times better! In conclusion, I think Rin's music style is the best out of the Vocaloids, but, all the Vocaloids are awesome as well!

I have nothing against miku, but she's just way, way too popular. It's not a bad thing, but it's not fair to all the other vocaloids. As for len.. I bet it's mostly girls who are obsessed with him, that are voting for him. No offense but that's what I think. I'm not trying to be mean, or accuse, but I'm just saying the truth. I really think Rin is a good vocaloid, as long as she's in the top three.. I'm fine.

I Love Rin and Len they are both so talented and deserve to be taken just as seriously as Miku I love her too, but so do the other Vocaloids many just judge the vocaloids just by appearance, if they were judged by their singing capabilities they all would be number 1 I mean how may human being can reach both high and low notes perfectly. And one can even reach their high notes! All them can sound great in all their songs, however overall I just prefer to listen to Ri Kgamine's cute, childish voice, plus I love the plots inside of her songs especially the tragic ones concerning her mirror image Len Kagamine! ^_^

I love her personality she has that spunk as a kid who has a twin brother who has her back in whatever she does. Having twins is so much cooler and the mixed songs alternating their songs are the BEST! The left side is rin singing while the other is len.. I just love how they did that...

Rin is awesome she has style and grace and her songs are amazing she always is lazy like in the song butterfly on your right shoulder. She just lets Len do all the work but Len cannot pick her up Rin always has to pick Len up it is a relationship between a boy that is weak and a girl with a road roller

She is my favorite vocaloid, her songs are great, she sings cute songs, tragic songs, and she is also very fun to draw!

I like honestly both the Kagamine
But in general I love all vocaloid for their uniqueness
I saw Teto and honestly she's not an official Vocaloid but who cares right?
And Rin needs more love than Miku sometimes at least share of publicity with all the other Vocaloids..

Rin deserves better, honestly. Her voice is unique, different from all the Vocaloid girls who have high and squeaky sounding voices. Her voice contains power and doesn't change the fact that she can go high! I hate how everyone vote for Miku just because she's the first Vocaloid!

Rin is beyond adorable, and I really love her voice. She can easily perform upbeat, cheerful songs like Rin Rin Signal, creepily eerie songs such as Fear Garden, and even rock and metal, as shown in Iroha Uta and Allegra. She has so much diversity in her voice, and she's definitely my favorite.

I love Rin! She is the best Vocaloid ever! Her famous songs like Kokoro, Proof of life, Regret Message... Can make me cry out of my soul countless time. Sometimes I kinda pissed off when the fans only like a Vocaloid because of their design/appearance instead of listening to the songs...

Rin will forever be my favorite. She is adorable with cute and happy songs like Melancholic and Colorful x Melody, but she also has a dark and viiolent side with songs like Lost ones weeping and Tokyo Teddy Bear. Her design is amazing, not to mention she has Len as her brother, who is also amazing. Even though I love Rin for her cuteness, I prefer her darker songs, like Knife, which is a masterpiece, much like Tengaku, Lost ones weeping, Tokyo Teddy Bear, etc. Really I think Rin should be number one, aside from the small setback that my favorite song is Luka and Miku. (magnet) but really, Vote for Rin! She deserves her place!