Yukari Yuzuki


Yuzuki is so cute and actually has a strong voice despite her appearance! And who doesn't like Lolita bunny girls! I think she doesn't get much attention and she doesn't get to do playful dogs much but I love her! I also love her hoodie! Bonus! Go yuzuki! Yuzuki for president!

Look guys. I'm not saying the well-known Vocaloids aren't great, because they R. I love them. Their voices are all unique in their own special way, and they draw in awesome producers. However, I think expanding your tastes would be a good idea if you haven't tried it. There are a lot of hidden gems in the world of vocaloid, and Yukari is one of them. Check out her cover of Mahou if you want to see what her voice is capable of. Kyaami tunes her so beautifully. If used by the right people, Yukari's voice is revealed to be both really realistic and really nice to listen to. :)

P.S. And that character design? I love it. I NEED HER JACKET IT'S SO ADORABLE XDDD

Honestly, when I first heard Yukari I sincerely fell in love.
A lot of vocaloids seem to have higher voices if they are girls (I'm looking at you Miku, Aoki, and Rin! ) And that's fine. But I love Luka and Meiko's and IA's deeper, more mature voices, so when I found Yukari I was instantly infatuated. She sounds so smooth and emotional! In my own opinion, when she is used correctly she is the most human sounding vocaloid. Sadly, she can be horribly misused. I have heard songs where she sounds almost... chipmunky. That is not how she should sound! She has a deeper, softer and more mature voice. I don't quite understand why she is not as popular as other vocaloids, but since she is relatively new, I hope she grows more popular!

Yukari has an awesome concept and she has an amazing voice and she really has to be somewhere in the top 10! She's also a very realistic vocaloid that makes her vocals amazing and fun to use. Go Yukari!

Yukari's concept and design is really unique and it stands out from the others, it's an easy task to cosplay as her, but it's fun and her outfit is really interesting making it not too difficult for cosplayers. Her voice is also really awesome and she has emotion in her voice that really gives it its special ability.

Oh Yukari, when will you ever stop amazing us? but seriously, she is an incredibly human sounding Vocaloid, who needs way more love! In her V4 demos (which sound AMAZING! ) she laughs! Let me rephrase that: A Vocaloid that can laugh. That's just epic. Her voice is nice and soft, but that doesn't stop her from being powerful. Her voice is able to show lots of emotion, too! She has a deep voice, which you probably wouldn't get from looking at her design, which is just adorable. I can't wait to see what people do with her V4s.

She's an adorable bunny girl with speakers. Need I say more?

Yukari is one of my favorite VOCALOIDs! She has a really nice design-I like the "moon rabbit" theme- and a lovely voice! I'm happy to say that she's actually pretty popular in Japan, her company gave her an Append and she got a live concert, and she's considered the most popular VOCALOID 3, being beat only by IA! - SueDonom

SUCH an underrated Vocaloid! She's incredible, her voice is the most realistic, and she has a cute style. I wish better songs would be written for her

Yuzuki Yukari has a clear and incredibly realistic voice in my opinion. She's great in almost all songs, so she deserves to be at the top of the list!

Don't get me wrong but Yukari and Ia are really wonderful and they look like they're best friends and they sound good together. I think they should be in the 5 with Miku!

I don't get why people only focus on famous and popular Vocaloids like Miku, Len, Rin or Luka... Yukari is amazing! Her original songs are incredible and her voice stands our even more on them, plus I would love to cosplay her beautiful character, she is really pretty!

She needs more love! Her voice is so beautiful I can't believe she's only 17th

Yukari is the best vocaloid ever! Her design is so cute and cool!

Yukari Yuzuki, after Kagamine Rin, after AI and after Gumi. Yay.

Yukari has an amazing voice, and her design fits. Miku is annoying, robotic, and sounds like a squeaky chipmunk. Yukari Onn is soft and sweet, and Jun is powerful and loud. She should be at the top.

Yukari voice sounds so human! As the others they sounds more like robots, while her's sound like a real person is singing and not a voiceroid, or vocaloid.

Yukari Has A Great voice and Should Be at least in the top 10 Her Voice Is A bitter deeper and a bit calmer than the other major vocaloids but plays pretty well in her v4.

Shes better than all of them. Listen to her original songs idiots. Way better than all of them. Even the first Voiceroid. SHES A VOCALOID TOO OF COURSE


So underrated! She sounds realistic in some songs,but in others she can go into the high pitched notes! Her voice is just so stunning! She's number one by far,the problem is that most vocaloid fans don't notice it!

I love her voice it's so cute and honestly it sounds a lot like IA! So if you like IA then you should like yukari! Like that's all people focus on are the main 8, like hey! There's other talented vocaloids!

She has such a cute high range voice and such a beautiful low range voice! Not to mention, she's also a voiceroid! She leads in my top 3 with IA following in second and Flower in third.

Yukari has the best songs and best voice and has the most awesome songs of hers which is Wave/E.D.E. N and a lot more and her voice is so soft and deep and incredible and way better than any other vocaloid and Yukari is also the first voiceroid to ever exist and the best Vocaloid to ever exist and that is a fact because there is proof to it: Knowing how other vocaloids have annoying voices and Yukari doesn't.

I really like yukari.i wish she had a lot more love she is one of my favorite vocaloids