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201 Luka Luka Night Fever

...Why the crap is this in 76th place?! It's an amazing, catchy song about a girl going to jump into your dimension! I mean, seriously!

Why is this so low?! This song is amazing!

OHMIGOD. seriously? 489? Wow, you guys haven't known Luka until you listen to LUKA LUKA★NIGHT FEVER!

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202 The Beginning's Goodbye - Len Kagamine & Miku Hatsune
203 Imagination Forest - IA V 2 Comments
204 Party x Party

This is a really catchy song. It should really be at the top of the list.

Really surprising end. Catchy tune.

This is by far the most uplifting song of all time.

Miku wants a party, so sets up a gaming party (hehehe) to go and find the ultimate party of all time.
It uses 6 of the Vocaloids and is perfect.


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205 Clean Freak

Speaking the truths of the human race that everyone else seems keen on avoiding? Sign me up for cover auditions, baby! This song expresses a boy's desperation in his fading trust with humanity as he acknowledges the filthiness of the world and shows acceptance even through the obvious pain. He has given up on the childish ideals of world peace and recognizes the world to be what it really is; dirty.

Okay you want to know about Clean Freak do you, okay. CLEAN FREAK IS THE BEST SONG EVER! LISTEN TO IT NOW! Trust me you will not regret it. The song is just so epic that it will blow you away on the spot so please just take 3 minutes of your time to listen to it and the tune will be stuck in you're head for ages. :D

Clean Freak is THE BEST SONG! As soon as I started listening to it I just was amazed at how awesome it was. The song also sounds good but it also has a deep meaning. It's really a shame how barely anyone has listened to it but here's one tip. LISTEN TO CLEAN FREAK NOW! You won't regret it.

It should be first. Just for the meaning... I mean... Really...

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206 I'm Sorry I'm Sorry

It may be dark but it has a fantastic beat

It should be higher.

I love this song!

Kikuo is our musical lord.

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207 Electric Angel - Kagamine Rin and Len

This song is way better than the miku version!

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208 Goodbye - Hatsune Miku
209 Crescent Moon - Kaito

WHY IS THIS AT RANK 278?! This song is one of my favorite ones, and it's lyrics are truly powerful. This is the best of Kaito's music, and also meaningful too. It has a catchy tone and for once, is about love (most of Kaito's songs for all I know are good overall, but they aren't as meaningful as some other vocaloids' music).

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210 Jekyll and Hyde (Ia and Miku)

I'm wondering why everyone says it's cute :/ I think it's kinda dark but I love it. I think it's cool how she has to kill her man to be with a woman (the dark part, yeah) so that they can become "one." (Wink wink, nudge nudge)

This song is beautiful and very catchy.

I absolutely love this song! It's gorgeous and has a cute meaning to the lyrics too!

211 Re_birthday

Why is re birthday so low? This song made me cry

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212 Cosmonauts - Vy1v4 & Maika
213 Wildfire!! - Gumi

Gumi is one of the ones with a normal voice, so it makes her English AMAZING! I went crazy when I lost my headphones because I couldn't listen to this song! This is the best song!

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214 Hyperventilation Dance

Catchy as hell and the process of hyperventilating is told in a poetic way. catchy as hell too

215 Eh, Ah Sou?

Miku just sounds amazing in this song..

216 Ghost Rule V 1 Comment
217 The Day I Became a Monster - Fukase
218 You're Seriously Mad? I'm Not Mistaken Here - Mayu
219 Crack
220 Albino
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