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221 You're Seriously Mad? I'm Not Mistaken Here - Mayu
222 Crack
223 Albino
224 Again and Again
225 Change Me

What the... HOW is this so high on the list?! I don't get how somebody could like Miku's screechy voice?! Change me, was probably the first MEIKO song I ever listened to, and it is totally amazing! VOTE FOR THIS... ! For MEIKO!

One of my favorite songs! Meiko is amazing! And this is even better LIVE in concert! This song deserves to be higher on this list!

This was the fist MEIKO song I have ever heard and it made MEIKO my all time favorite! I mean why is this so low?!?!?!

226 VOiCE

VOiCE is an epic song. Right now it is my favourite song. The PV is amazing with the robots and Miku. I've heard lots of versions and to me they are all amazing.

227 Earth Song

This is a beautiful song by Miku Hatsune. It was written 'So that Miku's voice can resound on Earth forever and bring people together' as the creator put it. This is a lovely song that ever Hatsune Miku fan should listen to and enjoy.

228 Melody.exe
229 Invisible

I love this song. Gumi and Rin sound so nice together.

230 Enclosure / Kagamine Rin & Len
231 Light of Tomorrow (IA)
232 Watashi No Jikan
233 Miracle Paint - Hatsune Miku

A classical type rhythm with a little French atmosphere but fun and one of the best songs I ever first heard.

A great song that all my "friends" laughed at me for listening to.

234 Labylinth - Kagamine Rin
235 Ave Maria (Metal Arrange) - Hatsune Miku
236 Starduster - Hagane Miku
237 Goodbye to Alice - GUMI
238 Fake or Fate? - Megurine Luka
239 7 Days - Megurine Luka
240 The Transient Apple Salesgirl - GUMI
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