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241 Saturation - Hatsune Miku
242 Aggre-Matic - Hatsune Miku
243 Leucocoryne - Hatsune Miku
244 Analyzed World - Hatsune Miku
245 Cat Food - Hatsune Miku

This song should be number one

This song must be top ten

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246 NEXT STAGE - Megurine Luka
247 Who Am I? - Kagamine Rin
248 Tears of Palm - Hatsune Miku
249 Live Drive - IA

This song is great!

250 Sound Scaper - Hatsune Miku
251 Melodia - Hatsune Miku
252 Electro Train - Hatsune Miku
253 DEAR - Hatsune Miku

Just to let you know first, this isn't Dear You this is Dear composed by 19's Sound Factory and originally sang by Hatsune Miku. Now ahem! Anyways,

! People! Where have you been in all of your life!? Listening to popular songs!? If you have time replaying songs and viewing the same songs or more popular songs then VIEW THIS ONE TOO! This song is so wonderful! Especially Clear's piano cover and Len's piano cover! This song is a MASTERPIECE! Why? The feelings are just overflowing! Yes, maybe it is quite similar with Just Be Friends, From Y to Y, and Last Night Good Night. But when the singer remembers every memory and cherishing it, and saying how much he loves this person and the pain he experiences from either losing the one he loves, or maybe his unrequited love... The feels dude! I sing this so many times (maybe not so much now because I'm learning how to sketch), and I'm still not tired of this.

You can hide from your feelings all you want, but you can never hide from ...more

254 SterCrew - GUMI
255 Close My Eyes - MEIKO
256 Love Logic - MAYU
257 Our Beginning - MAYU
258 Palette - Megurine Luka

This song is wonderful! I can't believe it's not on
The top 100. Just listen to it!

259 Yellow - Hatsune Miku

This song is so cute! With its upbeat tempo and hopeful lyrics. It just makes you happy. - jclncm

Why this song isn't on top 100 this song was really beautiful

260 Lost Story - Hatsune Miku

This is the only song that has ever made me want to kill myself, figure out the meaning of life, and end existence all at once. All of Yuyoyuppe's songs give me a strange feeling, but this one has to be the top. Also, I am a big fan of alternative rock, and if you like modern alternative bands, you'll love this song. Please, please, please, if you're reading this, just take the time to listen to it once. Once is all I ask of you. Only 4 minutes of your time for the best song ever (I can't even speak Japanese, but I still love it! ) Listen to Akiakane's cover of it for the best version. Thanks!

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