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261 A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years

Best song ever, with one of the best male Vocaloids: VY2 Yūma! Such a sad song with wonderful lyrics! Plus, I don't get what's so good about Miku or Len because Mizki and Yūma are so much better! Vote for BPLATS' VY2 + More love for Yūma-kun!

I love this song. And I love Yuuma. Of course, after listening t this song many times, I realized something.
1. If he didn't get a reply after 1 year, shouldn't he just stop?
2. Writes letters for 15 years; doesn't age at all.
This song, other than servant of evil, is one of the very few Vocaloid songs that could actually make me cry. Heck, when I think about this song, I cry. Yes, I know Miku made this song first.
But Yuuma made it his own.
Like this if you cry every time, I sure do. (;

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262 Children Record

Every time I listen to this, I just get so absorbed by it.

This is one of my favorites from the Kagerou Project because it's upbeat and has so much meaning behind it. Sure, most people haven't heard of it, but it's so emotional and deep...

I hate it when everyone just votes songs that were sung by the most popular vocaloids...

IA sounds amazing when singing this!

Unlike other songs, this one has deep meaning behind it, and it has a catchy tune and melody that will stay stuck in your head for days!

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263 The Spider and the Kitsune - Like Lion

Here is my theory of the song.

Gumi is kidnapped by Hatsune, and she injures her until she has gone fully insane. Hatsune regrets trying to kill her, but Gumi has gone so crazy that she forces Hatsune to have a taste of her own medicine. Accompanied by only her screams and blood running down her cheeks, Hatsune gives in, only to force Gumi to eat one of her own kind.

This is a good one if you're into creepy vocaloid songs

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264 Acute

Where is this song? Although this makes me mad at Luka, the song is beautiful and tells a story, even if they're just dancing!

This song is so epic and meaningful... It's so full of emotion. When I first heard Acute, I fell in love with it.

Another dark song that is amazingly beautiful. I love it but forget Kaito, Luka x Miku for life jk but still

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265 Dreamin Chuchu - Megurine Luka Dreamin Chuchu - Megurine Luka
266 Wind-up God

Another Name for this song is 'God Screw Maki'. This song is form one of the series of 'Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night' and believe this has to be in the top ten list. Please have a watch and I'm sure you'll like it :D

267 Clean Freak

Speaking the truths of the human race that everyone else seems keen on avoiding? Sign me up for cover auditions, baby! This song expresses a boy's desperation in his fading trust with humanity as he acknowledges the filthiness of the world and shows acceptance even through the obvious pain. He has given up on the childish ideals of world peace and recognizes the world to be what it really is; dirty.

Okay you want to know about Clean Freak do you, okay. CLEAN FREAK IS THE BEST SONG EVER! LISTEN TO IT NOW! Trust me you will not regret it. The song is just so epic that it will blow you away on the spot so please just take 3 minutes of your time to listen to it and the tune will be stuck in you're head for ages. :D

Clean Freak is THE BEST SONG! As soon as I started listening to it I just was amazed at how awesome it was. The song also sounds good but it also has a deep meaning. It's really a shame how barely anyone has listened to it but here's one tip. LISTEN TO CLEAN FREAK NOW! You won't regret it.

It should be first. Just for the meaning... I mean... Really...

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268 Sing and Smile V 2 Comments
269 A Fake, Fake, Psychotropic

Okay, I get it. Not many people have heard this song. But it is my absolute favorite and Gumi does really well, it sounds human! Just go listen to it, then vote.

This song is amazing! It's very catchy, like a lot of Gumi's songs! Easily one of my favourite songs, as well as Crystalline, which is also by Gumi

270 A Lie and Stuffed Animal

One of the best song I never heard.

271 The Logical Pink Gizmo and the Gingerbread Man

I don't care if this song has cursing in it. I love how Gumi and Oliver's voices pair together. It's so annoying, how know one likes songs not sung by crypontloids that weren't created by producers dubbed "-P" like Akuno P, Circus P, and Yugami P. Steampianist is really good with non Japanese vocaloids and should really be appreciated more. I wish I could add the entire Absurd Stories for the Rationally Insane.

272 Half and Half - Luo Tianyi

Sorry, I used to like Kagamine Rin and Hatsune Miku, until Luo Tianyi showed up. The song is upbeat and the lyrics are meaningful. I'm thankful that I'm a Chinese.

This songs is telling about deep meanings of love. My friend make me fall to this song

273 Two Breaths Walking - Hatsune Miku

This song has that great beginning which is then followed to another great instrumental. The bridge is just pure awesome. And the music video, it is well, un-understandable but still, the graphics are not bad at all. The ending will make you want more and more and don't forget the piano version of it. Just, believe me what I am gonna say it is jut pure awesome.

One of the first vocaloid songs I leared the lyrics to. I like a lot of Deko's songs, but this one is probably one of the best. It has an meaning, which I like about a song.

274 Parades - Hatsune Miku Append

Rather happy it's not on here so I can add it myself. This soft rock song is my absolute favorite, after nearly three years of being a Vocaloid fan. Whoo is one of the best composers out there. Sure, Servant of Evil is inspiring and sad, but its lyrics are nothing compared to this. It's is about moving on and unity, summer scenery and waves that carry it all away. The more you listen, the more you hear- after over 20 hours total of listening, I discovered SEVERAL extremely quiet instruments in the background. It's very complicated but manages to be in perfect harmony and not busy at all. I suggest everyone watch this song and the other ones by whoo!

275 Rugrats Theory

I wonder why anyone won't choose this? Anyway, I love how creepy it is (I love creepy things) and how it gives off a very eerie feeling that can give you a whole another view on the show Rugrats.

276 Joker - Kamui Gakupo
277 Erase or Zero - Len and Kaito Erase or Zero - Len and Kaito

I love this song why is it almost at 600?! I hate Kaito's voice but Len is in this song

Why wasn't this song on the list... ?

278 Drop Pop Candy - Kagamine Rin & Megurine Luka
279 Shooting Star - IA
280 Abandoned On a Moonlit Night

Very underrated song. It is in the same series as the number one song (Evillious Chronicles)

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