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281 Joker - Kamui Gakupo
282 Erase or Zero - Len and Kaito

I love this song why is it almost at 600?! I hate Kaito's voice but Len is in this song

Why wasn't this song on the list... ?

283 Connecting

Connecting has a really beautiful melody. This song deserves to be way upper in the list.

This is a beautiful song that I feel like truly brings together all vocaloids!

This is a song that really represents Vocaloid. In vocaloid there are many connections: Songwriters and Vocaloids, Vocaloids and listeners, songwriters and dancers, etc. "Connecting" is a great song, and those who haven't listened to it don't have a life.
(I also recommend "Blessing", another song from halyosy)

284 Drop Pop Candy - Kagamine Rin & Megurine Luka
285 Shiwa - Gumi
286 Shooting Star - IA
287 Abandoned On a Moonlit Night

Very underrated song. It is in the same series as the number one song (Evillious Chronicles)

288 1, 2 Fan - Club (Miku and Len Version)

This song was stuck in my head for one whole day the minute I listened to it. The minute I listened to it. Seriously, does anyone agree?!

289 Arifureta Sekai Seifuku

Unique, compelling and powerful are all words to describe Pinocchio-P's song "Arifureta Sekai Seifuku".

This one is one of my favorite songs ever! Please higher, Pinocchio-P is an awesome producer!

Great record that needs more attention.

290 Starstruck - Kagamine Rin & Len
291 Moonlight Densetsu (Arrange) - Yuzuki Yukari
292 Luvoratorrrrry! - Gumi & Rin

So so so fun... I nearly forgot what Vocaloid was when I was listening to this... Gumi and Rin are the combination to awesome... It's also so futuristic.

293 Toluthin Antenna
294 Reverse - Gumi

The song has great flows and beats to it,and also sends an important messege to you.It also is not very popular,which makes it unique.It also ends with an important piece to the message of the song,which makes the message more clear.It has a great beat.

295 A Prodigy's Melancholy - Gumi

A very unique but beautiful song. I think it will hit home for a lot of artists since many might feel like they don't know what they create art for. I think this song should definitely be in the top 10

296 Wildfire!! - Gumi

Gumi is one of the ones with a normal voice, so it makes her English AMAZING! I went crazy when I lost my headphones because I couldn't listen to this song! This is the best song!

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297 No Stars - Gumi
298 See the Lights (IA)

Yes! Please! Higher! This song is so good when you are travelling!

299 Rin-Chan Now! - Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku

A very funny and amusing song where Miku and Luka re both pursuing Rin romantically and are so obsessed they start harassing her. They imagine themselves in different situations with Rin (like meeting her in a maid café and replacing her ribbon with cat ears) and it's just so funny! - SueDonom

300 My Soul, Your Beats! - IA
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