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301 Don't Stop Lovin' - Gumi
302 Cold Sleep - IA Cold Sleep - IA
303 The Fox's Wedding V 1 Comment
304 The Beautiful Shadow of the Demon's Frenzied Dance

Please... tell me... why is this so low? I know, Servant of Evil is sad and all. But he just sings worse than usual. This song, however, dang. The voices are perfect. The tune itself is dark, but the lyrics are so gruesome. Miku is such a yandere.. poor gumi

305 Six Under UG (feat. Megurine Luka)

My all time favorite song! I love the way avtechno! uses Megurine Luka's voice. An amazing fast intense electronic song. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to give it chance. - moonpearl1a

306 If You're Not Here
307 Rin Rin Signal

I love this song and servant of evil and trick and treat BECAUSE THEIR SO CUTE!

Rin rin signal! Oh my god one of my favorite song is now far from the top

308 Forbidden Happiness

Such an amazing song. I believe it creates such an amazing emotion.

309 Magical Kitty Len Len

Magical kitty Len Len is amazing and adorable and perverted and funny. All my top favorite things - Ilovemesomewaffles

V 1 Comment
310 Colorful X Melody
311 Astral Domination
312 Teach Me Magical Lyrics!
313 B.G.M. Breath of Grove is like a Music

So beautiful! And amazing! This is one of the Luka's best songs. Because a lot of Vocaloid songs is composed, it has been forgotten. It's Mottainai.
You should listen to it by all means if you are a fan of Luka. Though Japanese words are spiritual, music video has an English/Romaji lyrics, Mondai nai.

314 Allegra
315 Glorious World
316 Impefect Flower feat. Gackpoid V3 Power & Whisper
317 Chloe

This song is intresting and exciting. The story may be sad and tragic but the songs rhythm always makes me wave my hands in the air as if I don't care.

318 Astro Troopers
319 Hello Again

How is this song so low in the list? Although the message of the song isn't very clear at first, it leaves room for the listener to interpret, and the melody is beautiful, not to mention the way Rin and Len sing is amazing.

320 One Way
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