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481 Unlimited BLUE - Megurine Luka
482 Afterglow - Megurine Luka
483 LoveDroid - GUMI
484 Mathematics - Hatsune Miku
485 Mahou No Te (Magic Hand) - Kagamine Len
486 Ai Kotoba

Len and Rin are my favorite Vocaloids. The song doesn't make much sense to me but you can tell that they love each other. I like the sound of the music and the emotions in Rin/Len's voice. I love Vocaloid.

487 Fukigen Waltz - Hatsune Miku
488 Cendrillion - Kaito
489 Gears of Love - Gumi
490 Sadistic.Music∞Factory - Hatsune Miku

You gotta love it!
The periods of crazy rhythm and tempo changes with Miku's fast-singing melody add up to one song you wil LOVE!

491 Konbini - Hatsune Miku
492 Sea of Glass

Such a beautiful song! Just because it's less popular doesn't mean it's terrible! GO LISTEN TO IT! NOW!

493 Psychotic Love Song / Yandelenka

This is so sad though

494 Liberate - Megurine Luka
495 Limiter - Megurine Luka & Kagamine Len
496 Shuuen No Shiori Project (Bookmark of Demise Project)

I don't get why this songs aren't there, I seriously love them, especially "Common Heroes". Anyways, Vocaloid is awesome no matter what songs)))♥

497 Paradise of Light and Shadow

Amazing song! It sounds like you're in a fantasy world when you listen to it.

498 Haru - Hatsune Miku
499 Blindness - Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka
500 Lycieratia - Kagamine Rin & Len
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