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41 Madness of Duke Venomania


This song made me hate Gakupo. Went back and listened to it again a year later. Was like: "OH MY GOD HIS VOICE THIS IS BEAUTIFUL I DON'T CARE LET ME LOVE YOU GAKUPO"

So yeah. Just don't watch it when you're 11, and you'll be fine!

I'm 10 and surprisingly I found this not scarring. It's really catchy, and kinda foreshadowing a real modern concept. Also, when I heard it for the first time, it had a sense of ridiculousness to it, basically me thinking, "oh no. Gakupo, what have you gotten yourself into THIS time? "

Gosh this song just HAS to be on the list. I mean this is the BEST 7 deadly sins song ever. Period.

I love this song, as the first of the Seven Deadly Sins series that mothy made. I especially love the Seven Crimes and Punishments version. Although, the video was...strange...I still find the vocals and the plot line to be amazing

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42 Rain Dream Tower

I really wish this was closer to the top. It's got a really nice tune, the voices were used well, and had a beautiful story to boot. But it's so sad... I think this song really deserves more attention.

Another amazing piece with Miku and Rin with the amazing art by suzunosuke~

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43 Fear Garden

The song was so catchy and captivating! I can play it for days non-stop! (I kind of do)

Creepy, but you just feel the need to love the morbid side of Rin!

I love this song even though it is creepy It is still catchy

The 7 fingers... I want your arm!

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44 Prisoner

This is my favorite song from Kagamine Len. I didn't know what an epic yet tragic song was until I heard that song. The story is so tragic and I'm still wondering how Len actually felt happy at the end. If the girl(I know she's Rin) gave him a paper plane to communicate by and she obviously said nice things to him, how did she say them without telling her name? They're long letters so she must have said a lot but she didn't once mention her name? How is that possible?

This song was so sad, many people depict Len of being a play-boy or a dirty minded 14 year old but he can be much more mature and sing better songs than SPICE! TY=his song makes up a lot of what Len Kagamine is a Vocaloid and made me cry too.

This song is so beautiful that you actually have to cry.

This song's cool. I love it. Poor Len though

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45 Lovers Runner
46 I=fantasy

I think that SeeU is the one the makes this song. People just hate her because she is Korean. SeeU has a unique voice that needs to be recognized for the the beauty that it is. Give her a chance people and I know that you will certainly not regret it! I fantasy fantasy nan geoul gi malma Nya... I fantasy! (I'm sorry I don't speak Korean fluently haha)

Surprised I only saw this song on ONE list. It's really catchy and it makes you want to dance and sing. It's best sung by SeeU. This is the exact song that made me a fan of her. - TheVorpalBunny

I don't actually like this song but I love SeeU. My favorite of hers is 'Hide and Seek'. You have to hear it!

Nothing but love

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47 Magnet

I love this song because not only Miku and Luka are so awesome together in a duet, but also that the lyrics define 'forbidden love' as a good thing. Basically, they're promoting equal love to everyone who wants to love anyone who they desire. I'm a guy who likes guys and I approve this song! :D

Its such a deep song it just pulls you in like a magnet (heh pun) its got good music and miku and lukas voice s flow so well together

Magnet is SO close to my heart. I will sing it as many time as anyone wants me to, English or Japanese, because it has a truly deep meaning, and I love singing it, it just feels so.. Right! I love the concept of forbidden love, but miku and Luka don't care, and it expresses love, is love. Forbidden or not, who you love, is your own choice, and no one can change it. When I heard this song at first, I was instantly drawn in by the flow of their voices, I love this song so much.

Gods I love this song, it was the second song I listened to by vocaloid, and immedietly loved it. The lyrics are great, really, the forbbiden love is a great idea. Amazing song, truely (please excuse my spelling, I suck at spelling)

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48 Iroha Song V 3 Comments
49 Song for Great Satan

I love rin's song it sounds creepy but I love it

I heard her say "tampon" somewhere in the song.

I was scared of that song but it's catchy

50 Scissoroid V 1 Comment
51 PoPiPo

Without it, I wouldn't even know what Vocaloid is. Got to give it respect for that alone.

I mean, no PoPiPo, no vocaloid, right? At least I think so

Popipo is a silly song, that can always make me laugh, especially the animations for it! It's adorable and cheerful! I would show this song to my child in he future!

I think this is the very first Vocaloid song I've ever heard! This is a very cute song!

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52 Gotya Gotya Uruse! (Stop Nagging Me!)

Story of our lives, huh?

My song to my brother.

Neru Akita for the win

It's acutally:

53 Paper Airplane

I think paper plane is a very wonderful and sad song. It has so much emotion and love, and the song can make people cry. It

Awesome song! Really sad though... This song really touched me especially when Len starts singing his part, telling Rin not to go. This love is wanted for everyone.

Seriouly, what is so wrong with you people. Have you ever heard the Kagamine tragedies.

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54 Usotsuki no Parade

This is a catchy rock-styled song about a person who abandoned a girl for another one.

55 Romeo and Cinderella

I prefer the rin and Len version! Definitely one of my favorites!

I like it the most when there are all vocaloid members in that song

This song showed how vocaloids can be great and what they can do. I love it!

Rin and Len version, you better listen to it. Romeo and Cinderella, happy ending, right?

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56 hypnoSpirA - Megurine Luka
57 We Are All Pop Candy!

This song needs to be higher on the list. It's so catchy and has a cute sound.

This is such a cute and upbeat song! I can't help smiling when I listen to it. :D

58 Coward Montblanc

I just absolutely adore this song! It was the first song I heard by Megpoid Gumi and is the reason she is my favorite vocaloid. This song should be at the top of the list!

Sincere lyrics and beautiful chord progressions. This one is pretty damn underrated!

Hell no! What happened to all the Gumi fans?!
This song is really unique and addicting, I don't understand why it's in no.72!
People! Seriously Gumi needs more love!

Gumi is my favorite vocaloid and this song was the one that sparked my love for her!
The lyrics are really deep and the song just makes me feel calm

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59 Tokyo Teddy Bear (Rin and Len Version)

This is the song that got me into Vocaloid. As soon as I heard this song, I needed to know what it was and who sung it. The lyrics are meaningful about a child who just wants to be loved, and Rin and Len's voices have real soul here. I'm fine with Servant of Evil being number one, it deserves to be there. However, this is number one material right here! - Anonymousxx

This song is so meaningful and beautiful. It's also really catchy and Rin sings it perfectly. Even though all these songs are great too, Tokyo teddy bear always ranks #1 for me

Not even in the top 200. I am disappointed in Vocaloid fans. This song has such a strong tune and amazing lyrics. Plus, Rin and Len know how to rock!

This song is so cool, the rock element of it really brings out the songs meaning.

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60 I Like You, I Love You

I absolutely adore this song, and I think it's like the rin version of melt-only way better!

Excellent melody, and the lyrics and vocaloid singing can only be described as violently adorable.

I like this song, I love this song.

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