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41 Black Rock Shooter

Was 59th... But Black Rock Shooter is mysterious yet it has some rock to it! I love BRS and this song is totally her! The song tells a touching story and the singer has the point of view in this story. The singer is relying on BRS to help them and is the "hope that shouldn't have been there. "

Black Rock Shooter is such a catchy song! How could you not love it? It also has a deep meaning of when a person loses all hope and wanders in despair to look for that important something thatvthey have lost. They suddenly find the strength to move on towards the future with courage.

I think I broke the replay button.

BLACK ROCK SHOOTER is the BEST song ever! Plus it's also an awesome anime. Mato is Black Rock Shooter. Yomi is Death Master, or so I THINK. Kagari used to be bad and creepy and all but now she's ok. But still creepy. Well that's in the anime at least

My first Nendoroid was Black Rock Shooter. And after I finished the anime, I didn't know what to do with my life.

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42 Madness of Duke Venomania


This song made me hate Gakupo. Went back and listened to it again a year later. Was like: "OH MY GOD HIS VOICE THIS IS BEAUTIFUL I DON'T CARE LET ME LOVE YOU GAKUPO"

So yeah. Just don't watch it when you're 11, and you'll be fine!

I'm 10 and surprisingly I found this not scarring. It's really catchy, and kinda foreshadowing a real modern concept. Also, when I heard it for the first time, it had a sense of ridiculousness to it, basically me thinking, "oh no. Gakupo, what have you gotten yourself into THIS time? "

Gosh this song just HAS to be on the list. I mean this is the BEST 7 deadly sins song ever. Period.

I used to love this song when I was 12.

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43 Rain Dream Tower

I really wish this was closer to the top. It's got a really nice tune, the voices were used well, and had a beautiful story to boot. But it's so sad... I think this song really deserves more attention.

Another amazing piece with Miku and Rin with the amazing art by suzunosuke~

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44 Resonate - Hatsune Miku
45 Promise

A! My two favorite Vocaloids singing like my third favorite song! Rin and Miku sound AMAZING singing this, I listen to it everyday!

LOVE the tune, and the song as a whole!

This was the third vocaloid song I ever listened to, and I was blown away. The lyrics are absolutley amazing! This song should get more credit, seriously. AMAZING.

I found a cover with the twins, and they seem more twinny when dancing to it!

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46 Prisoner

This is my favorite song from Kagamine Len. I didn't know what an epic yet tragic song was until I heard that song. The story is so tragic and I'm still wondering how Len actually felt happy at the end. If the girl(I know she's Rin) gave him a paper plane to communicate by and she obviously said nice things to him, how did she say them without telling her name? They're long letters so she must have said a lot but she didn't once mention her name? How is that possible?

This song was so sad, many people depict Len of being a play-boy or a dirty minded 14 year old but he can be much more mature and sing better songs than SPICE! TY=his song makes up a lot of what Len Kagamine is a Vocaloid and made me cry too.

This song is so beautiful that you actually have to cry.

This song's cool. I love it. Poor Len though

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47 Tori No Uta

This is the most beautiful Vocaloid song I've ever heard, especially when sung by either IA or Meli!

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48 Lovers Runner
49 Burenai Ai De - Hatsune Miku
50 I=fantasy

I think that SeeU is the one the makes this song. People just hate her because she is Korean. SeeU has a unique voice that needs to be recognized for the the beauty that it is. Give her a chance people and I know that you will certainly not regret it! I fantasy fantasy nan geoul gi malma Nya... I fantasy! (I'm sorry I don't speak Korean fluently haha)

Surprised I only saw this song on ONE list. It's really catchy and it makes you want to dance and sing. It's best sung by SeeU. This is the exact song that made me a fan of her. - TheVorpalBunny

I don't actually like this song but I love SeeU. My favorite of hers is 'Hide and Seek'. You have to hear it!

Nothing but love

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51 Secret Police

First vocaloid song I ever heard and this song got me liking vocaloids. Really catchy and upbeat rock song. - Mastrfighter

I love this one.. the guitar, the lyrics, the vocalist all all all of them I love it..

I love the concept. Everyone just looks so bada$$!

This is a GREAT SONG.

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52 Iroha Song V 3 Comments
53 Luvoratorrrrry! - Gumi & Rin

So so so fun... I nearly forgot what Vocaloid was when I was listening to this... Gumi and Rin are the combination to awesome... It's also so futuristic.

54 Song for Great Satan

I love rin's song it sounds creepy but I love it

I heard her say "tampon" somewhere in the song.

I was scared of that song but it's catchy

55 The Fox's Wedding

Good song

Why is this on 218? I think it's a good traditional song (Enka is my favorite genre to be honest) It can be a bit creepy but it has a good beat! Why is everyone (OK not everyone) are voiting Servant of Evil or something else... Just because it's popular and sung by Rin and Len? But I like others too like ODDS&ENDS and News 39. You should try it if you want. It's a masterpiece from masa.

56 Scissoroid

I love this one.

Creepy, yet at the beginning, pretty sweet (bittersweet)




OH MY- //drops mic

57 Rolling Girl

This piece is very close too my heart. It is chaotic, yet sad... The melody conveys its message so well. Churning emotion, a struggle to where it becomes difficult to advance, to even stand... Just trying to reach that horizon that is always just a bit farther off. It is alright, you have done well...!

I CRIED I CRIED I CRIED OH DANG HOW I CRIED. This song is so sad! After the first time I heard it I found myself in a tiny puddle of my own tears. This is the only song I've ever cried to, if this tells you anything about how amazing it is.
It is about a schoolgirl who has depression, or is being bullied by her classmates. She is talking to what I think is a personified figure of her depression, and she's telling it that she's going to hold on until the end and keep "rolling." She's telling herself that she feels all alone in the world but she won't give up just yet. It's "failed again, failed again," followed by "One more time, one more time. I will roll again today, too."
I love this song so much. It's helped me out of a lot of things and if you haven't heard this song yet you should. It's sung amazingly well, thanks to Miku, and the beat just makes you want to listen to it over and over again. I did an awful job of trying to explain how incredible this song really is. It's ...more

Rolling Girl is so beautiful, it made me cry. I didn't even cry at Servant of Evil so you'll know this is one amazing piece. It's about the struggles of a girl who feels misunderstood with the rest of the world and it feels like she's all alone and there's nobody out there to save her. It's very sad, makes me cry so much... It's about suicide for pete's sake! Suicide is one of the problems we deal with today! Luckily, Miku got saved in the end from dying, thank you random guy. The melody is fast and upbeat with a sad message. Miku's voice is perfect for this one. I've heard covers of other Vocaloids and nothing can beat the original. We all have to admit, Rolling Girl is amazing beyond doubt.

This song is relatable, catchy, and has good lyrics. I love it.

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58 Gotya Gotya Uruse! (Stop Nagging Me!)

Story of our lives, huh?

Even though it is a Fanloid song. Not a vocaloid song. I absolutely love it and have to repeat it when I play it one time I was with my roommate while listening to this and he heard through the headphones and was laughing his head off. - felispasta

My song to my brother.

It's acutally:

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59 Fear Garden

Creepy, but you just feel the need to love the morbid side of Rin!

The song was so catchy and captivating! I can play it for days non-stop! (I kind of do)

I love this song even though it is creepy It is still catchy

The 7 fingers... I want your arm!

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60 The Lost One's Weeping

I can't believe this is Number 67. If I had a party and got to put on Vocaloid songs, this would be my first. It's even more awesome when you watch her just slamming her guitar on the ground on Magical Mirai. But seriously, I can't believe this song is way back here. Personally. I'd choose this as Number One or at least higher. I always listen to this song when I'm just not motivated. The first thing you could hear is drums and guitars playing. Then Rin's awesome voice kicks in. I've been listening to this song for only 3-5 months almost everyday but it's still awesome. This would actually be a good pick for an anime opening. Lost One's Weeping also helps me if I start hating school SO much. I can actually relate to the guy in the song. Like I have SO much stress when it comes to school. But when I listen to this song, it starts calming me down for some reason.. If I only got to listen to only ONE Vocaloid song, it would be Lost One's Weeping.

Wow, 73... How?!? This was the second Vocaloid song I've ever heard, and it's seriously stuck with me. The amazing guitar caught my attention immediately as I was just randomly listening to songs, and then, BLAM. Lost One's Weeping, right there. The tune is very catchy to me, and I've received weird glances from family and friends for attempting to sing those high notes Most of all, though, the meaning drew me in. I believe that this song is talking about the stress in school, and how it takes away your creativity. Everyone expects you to be perfect, and operate according to a textbook, but as the sing suggests, this simply doesn't work. This is one of the few Vocaloid songs where I can catch some of that emotion in their voices, with Rin sounding like she's screaming her heart out. Simply. Amazing. Wow.

This was a huge favorite of mine back when I was first introduced to Vocaloid. It is very relatable to students who feel they are losing touch with the things that make them happy in life, just because they feel so much pressure to do well in their education. You can really hear the stress and pain in the vocals, especially that dramatically high chorus. (Of course, I have yet to encounter a chorus higher than Self Inflicted Achromatic, but that's another story altogether. )

How is this number 80 make at least on top 10

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