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61 Odds & Ends

I'm really upset this isn't higher on the list! This is honestly one of my favourite vocaloid songs. Whenever I feel really terrible, and my depression is acting up, I just listen to this song. The lyrics, the video, the instrumental, everything about this is amazing! How the song is like, if you need someone to be your voice, I will be your voice. You aren't useless. I just love this song so much

Ryo's done it again. This is so beautiful. The meaning, the lyrics, the instruments, the tune... They're enough, but it's the way they pick you up is what makes this song truly fantastic. Please listen to this work of art.

Ryo's best work. Amazing instrumentals and melody as well as some of the best vocaloid voice tuning to be heard from any song. I am honestly surprised this song did not make it higher on this list.

This song is beautiful and makes me cry every time I listen to it... it's truly a work of art

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62 Electric Angel

Electric Angel was the first Vocaloid song I ever heard. When my friend showed this song to me it caught me straight away! It's addicting and catchy with a unique rhythm. Honestly I think Electric Angel is amazing both in Rin and Len's version as well as Miku's version but I personally like Rin and Len's version better but they're both amazing! But the song is so cute! It doesn't deserve to be this low down. It's one of those songs that get stuck in your head for ages once you remember the rhythm. I sing it all the time!

Electric angel is one of my favorite songs ever! It's so fun and catchy, and I would listen to it all day! Rin and Len's version is my preferred version, but they are both great! Seriously, I can't believe this is below 100 on the list!

Electric Angel is just an addicting song with a catchy melody! It's adorable and the chorus is just really full and just really beautiful.

This song makes me teary eyed every time. It is so beautiful and sad the story. - felispasta

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63 Star Story - Hatsune Miku V 1 Comment
64 Usotsuki no Parade

This is a catchy rock-styled song about a person who abandoned a girl for another one.

65 hypnoSpirA - Megurine Luka
66 Tokyo Teddy Bear (Rin and Len Version)

This is the song that got me into Vocaloid. As soon as I heard this song, I needed to know what it was and who sung it. The lyrics are meaningful about a child who just wants to be loved, and Rin and Len's voices have real soul here. I'm fine with Servant of Evil being number one, it deserves to be there. However, this is number one material right here! - Anonymousxx

I thought Tokyo Teddy Bear sounded weird at the beginning, but honestly when the other instruments came in I adored the song greatly. It has a powerful meaning and Rin completely rocked it! Neru is amazing.

This song is so meaningful and beautiful. It's also really catchy and Rin sings it perfectly. Even though all these songs are great too, Tokyo teddy bear always ranks #1 for me

This song is so cool, the rock element of it really brings out the songs meaning.

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67 We Are All Pop Candy!

This song needs to be higher on the list. It's so catchy and has a cute sound.

This is such a cute and upbeat song! I can't help smiling when I listen to it. :D

68 Coward Montblanc

I just absolutely adore this song! It was the first song I heard by Megpoid Gumi and is the reason she is my favorite vocaloid. This song should be at the top of the list!

Sincere lyrics and beautiful chord progressions. This one is pretty damn underrated!

Hell no! What happened to all the Gumi fans?!
This song is really unique and addicting, I don't understand why it's in no.72!
People! Seriously Gumi needs more love!

I don't know it just sounds so great like oomg

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69 Paper Airplane

I think paper plane is a very wonderful and sad song. It has so much emotion and love, and the song can make people cry. It

Awesome song! Really sad though... This song really touched me especially when Len starts singing his part, telling Rin not to go. This love is wanted for everyone.

The feels... Sadder than Servant of Evil ;-;

It made me cry! But II love it!

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70 TwiRight Prank V 1 Comment
71 Online Game Addicts Sprechor

It's such a catchy song! You would probably find yourself bobbing or dancing along to the beat. I especially love 96neko's version!

Such an awesome *cough*relatable*cough* song! COME ONNN! Listen to this underrated little gem! It has an upbeat, catchy tune that will most certainly get you hooked!

I LOVE HATSUNE MIKUS VERSION. Why is this song so low...

and the Rin version is the best - SueDonom

72 SPiCa

That song makes me feel like if Miku really was human and I could feel some kinda hope in her voice. Great song!

"SPiCa" is a timeless Vocaloid classic that has captured the hearts of many.

I really like this song, because the melody is like... its good give me feels

Love this song so much! I hope that this will be part of the top 10

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73 I Like You, I Love You

I absolutely adore this song, and I think it's like the rin version of melt-only way better!

Excellent melody, and the lyrics and vocaloid singing can only be described as violently adorable.

I like this song, I love this song.

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74 Last Night, Good Night

This song was just beautiful and amazing. At first, I thought the title was really stupid, but then I searched for it on YouTube. I regret nothing.

I really, really envy Miku's high vocals and stuff, because when she started the chorus, I was MIND BLOWN. The way she sang "Last night, good night" was magical and mesmerizing (did I spell right? )~...

The music box version is also lovely and calming. Both versions are like lullabies that can put you to sleep, but not in my case: if I listen to this with earphones on at night, I won't be able to sleep because I'll stay up trying to memorize these lyrics

This should be in the Top 10! Go Miku-chan!

A beautifully arranged song that is a bit sad, but wonderful! Should be higher on this list to say the least

This is the first vocaloid song that I heard... It deserves to be in number one position... Love miku...

Last Night, Good Night is a song about a person whose lover died. This person is trying to move on.

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75 I Can Take Off My Panties

It's one of the first I heard and it's so funny and upbeat!

My dad doesn't want me to listen to this one. I do it anyway.

Nice song about a odd topic.

Haha! Pantsu negeru mon is amazing! It's such a off topic and awkward topic, put into a catchy, upbeat, and cute song! I love that if someone would listen to this without knowing the meaning, it could come off as a child's song!

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76 Sweet Shackles (Gumi Sweet)

The producer, Maya is just amazing. This song is amazing - felispasta

Creepy rock music,yandere Gumi for the win

77 Alice Human Sacrifice

I started watching this video, and at first I imagined it was going to be very cheesy. But within a few seconds, I was captivated. This is one of THE BEST SONGS I've ever heard in my life. It contains Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin, and Len. It features all of their voices in a new way, and it's another thing that captivated me.

I really like this song. I even got my friend who doesn't even like Japanese music hooked on this. I like the story and the idea of having multiple Alices that eventually die due to their own greed and selfishness.

Perfect song if your obsessed with vocaloid, love Alice in wonderland and have read pandora hearts or are you Alice?

Even if its creepy it is still awesome, the English version is also very good. Why isn't this in the top 5 at least?!

One of the creepiest and most amazing vocaloid songs out there. The entire song is simply about a twisted Wonderland, where people fall into it, and are forced to pay for sins they commit there. These people represent card suits, and the song may be based on an actual series of murders. (Google "Alice Human Sacrifice" if you want to know) One of the best vocaloids I listen to (not that big on vocaloid songs), and the English dub by Razzy and Co is incredible.

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78 Daughter of Evil

I LOVE THIS SONG! Why is it at the bottom? Such a beautiful, classic tune. I love it.

I used to listen to this over and over. it has a really good story and series

I like it as well

I love this one. Sad but catchy.

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79 Epimetheus - IA

Epic sound, a must-hear.

80 Ievan Polkka

This song, is what introduced me to miku. Bad end night introduced me to the rest, but this is what brought me to like miku. I've heard it on a commercial, in just dance, and who knows where else you can find it! (Everywhere! ) it just has such adorable vocals and a cute beat!

This right here is the legendary song that brought people all over the world to come together and liked Vocaloid. It also made a lot of people listened to the original Ievan Polkka Loituma got interested in it!

This is the fist song that made me liked Vocaloid.

Man when I first heard Ievan polkka I thought it was kind of annoying but then I started listening to iy over and over again and then I learned the dance to it in which I still love the song Ievan Polkka

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