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81 Dark Woods Circus

Types of songs I like the most: Dark, depressing, and creepy. And this song has the words "Dark", "Depressing", and "Creepy" written all over it... I love it - FireWasp2004

Best song. Very tragic. ;_; Song made me love vocaloid.

The best song I've ever heard by miku, rin, and len.. This song tells about a story in edo periods, that all childs who got deformity are caged in a place, and people see them through a hole. They even tortured when they can't entertain well. Yes, by acid.

. . . . When you realize people are crazy for not voting for this

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82 Weekender Girl

Catchy and fun song. I like to listen to it early in the mornings before school. If you haven't, listen to it.

This was one of the first vocaloid songs I heard. Till this day, it's still one of my favorites.

I love this song, great beat and lyrics, and the dance is fun too!

This is a very good song. I'm always happy when I hear this song.

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83 The Lost One's Weeping

I can't believe this is Number 67. If I had a party and got to put on Vocaloid songs, this would be my first. It's even more awesome when you watch her just slamming her guitar on the ground on Magical Mirai. But seriously, I can't believe this song is way back here. Personally. I'd choose this as Number One or at least higher. I always listen to this song when I'm just not motivated. The first thing you could hear is drums and guitars playing. Then Rin's awesome voice kicks in. I've been listening to this song for only 3-5 months almost everyday but it's still awesome. This would actually be a good pick for an anime opening. Lost One's Weeping also helps me if I start hating school SO much. I can actually relate to the guy in the song. Like I have SO much stress when it comes to school. But when I listen to this song, it starts calming me down for some reason.. If I only got to listen to only ONE Vocaloid song, it would be Lost One's Weeping.

Wow, 73... How?!? This was the second Vocaloid song I've ever heard, and it's seriously stuck with me. The amazing guitar caught my attention immediately as I was just randomly listening to songs, and then, BLAM. Lost One's Weeping, right there. The tune is very catchy to me, and I've received weird glances from family and friends for attempting to sing those high notes Most of all, though, the meaning drew me in. I believe that this song is talking about the stress in school, and how it takes away your creativity. Everyone expects you to be perfect, and operate according to a textbook, but as the sing suggests, this simply doesn't work. This is one of the few Vocaloid songs where I can catch some of that emotion in their voices, with Rin sounding like she's screaming her heart out. Simply. Amazing. Wow.

This was a huge favorite of mine back when I was first introduced to Vocaloid. It is very relatable to students who feel they are losing touch with the things that make them happy in life, just because they feel so much pressure to do well in their education. You can really hear the stress and pain in the vocals, especially that dramatically high chorus. (Of course, I have yet to encounter a chorus higher than Self Inflicted Achromatic, but that's another story altogether. )

THIS NEEDS TO BE HIGHER ON THE LIST! How is this number 90? it should be in the top tens at least!

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84 Love Words / Ai-kotoba

The beat is really catchy. It's really fun to hear and to sing! Definitely should be in top 30

I sang this at the school talent show, and instantly became famous.

I love this song. It's so touching.

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85 Noise

In my mind, this song is one of the most over-looked songs in all the songs that there are from Vocaloid. One of these might be because Meiko isn't exactly the most popular Vocaloid, but nevertheless she sounds amazing here. The song itself is at more of a rock kind of song so it might not appeal to those who like soft and slower music, but I think it's great for anyone looking for a song to really get you going.

This is sung by my favorite vocaloid Meiko and I love her voice in this, this is probably one of my favorite songs.

Meiko just rocks singing this song. Its energetic and fast, It's a perfect song to listen to when your sleepy.

I love this song, I think Meiko sings it perfectly. It deserves to be lower on the charts, but sadly it's all the way up here.

86 Reboot

This is the first Vocaloid Song that make me cry. Watch the video with english sub, it's make me cry even more. Don't just hear the song. The video and the song make an excellent combination, I love it.
If you don't feel any sadness with this song, you must be heartless. Remember that.

Reboot is a well written song. It is filled with beauty and great power. The song very touching and there's a lot to connect with it. The music video is tear jerking as well as the song. This song has to be my favorite because it has a point. A lot of VOCALOID songs are completely pointless and could have been done better. But my point is, this song is a complete success. The melody is beautiful and is filled with harmony.

It's heart breaking but also warming. It's a story about friendship which started strong but falls apart because of a tragedy. The song ends in uplifting mood with reconciliation, making amend with the past. You HAVE to watch the anime PV while listening to the song. The song and the movie, both are superbly done, really complement each other. Also have a handkerchief ready. You will need it.

It made me cry unstopable (I think I spelt it wrong) this is my favorite sad vocaloid song.

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87 Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses

"Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses" is a captivating and mysterious yet dark piece by Hachi that is beloved by Vocaloid fans everywhere.

A dark, yet traditional Japanese song with a interesting story, of how children's 'innocence' turns dark and destructive, my third most favourite VOCALOID song. Miku also is perfect for it, an innocent girl, singing such a dark and mysterious song.

Traditional Japanese with modern vocaloid. AWESOME (as long as you don't read the English meaning)

Wow! I can't believe this is so low on the list! Its an AMAZING and addicting song - starswirl375

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88 Evil Food Eater Conchita

This song is just so intriguing. If you haven't heard it before, it one of the lesser known songs but definitely deserves a spot on this list (even if its not in the top 10, or even 50). It's about a woman who lives in a mansion searching to try the finest delicacies, but takes a HUGE turn for the worse!

This song is awesome. Awesome tune. Awesome story. Awesome plot twist.

Awesome. One of my favorite mothy songs forever.

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89 Yobanashi Deceive - IA

The music in this song was so awesome! I love IA!

Has yas has everything about this I love especially the characters

Love the song! Love the character! Love the lyrics! Love EVERYTHING!

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90 Hello / How Are You

This song is just so lovely. Don't get why no one else made a comment before. I really love it.

One of my all time favourite songs, I really love it's (slightly depressing) lyrics and cute up beat melody.

This is an adorable song, that has been stuck in my head! It's so cute!

I like oliver's version..

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91 Odds & Ends

I'm really upset this isn't higher on the list! This is honestly one of my favourite vocaloid songs. Whenever I feel really terrible, and my depression is acting up, I just listen to this song. The lyrics, the video, the instrumental, everything about this is amazing! How the song is like, if you need someone to be your voice, I will be your voice. You aren't useless. I just love this song so much

Ryo's done it again. This is so beautiful. The meaning, the lyrics, the instruments, the tune... They're enough, but it's the way they pick you up is what makes this song truly fantastic. Please listen to this work of art.

Ryo's best work. Amazing instrumentals and melody as well as some of the best vocaloid voice tuning to be heard from any song. I am honestly surprised this song did not make it higher on this list.

This song is beautiful and makes me cry every time I listen to it... it's truly a work of art

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92 Asymmetry
93 Monochrome Blue Sky

Wow. WOW. Number 80? Really? Ok, I'm not really a big fan of Miku's singing, so this means a lot! Sure, it's starts out sounding a bit slow and depressing, but then it becomes a much catchier happy melody. The message that it gives (to me, in any case...) is that you need you need to paint your life in beautiful bright colors, instead of bland and dark colors (apologies to those who prefer darker colors, but it's just a figure of speech). In other words, you need to see the positives of life and live it while you still can. We don't know what happens if we die. We might come to another place, or we might be gone forever. We just need to keep our spirits high because we don't know if the afterlife or reincarnation is real, so we need to be happy if this is the only chance of life we have.

In my opinion, this should be further up on the list, like, at least in the top 20! - VeronikaHolm

NO! This can not be no.41. This song is beautiful. It starts in a distorted way and you think, "oh no, this is going to be one of those depressing songs, isn't it." But then it scoops you right up in its melody and then transports you to a happier place. No, this isn't weed. I'm just trying to express the change in this song's tone and how much of an uplifting effect it can have on your day. It's incredibly meaningful too. Miku sounds a bit more realistic in this one. Please check this one out.

DUDE THIS NEEDS TO BE IN THE TOP TEN! This song is just amazing, and it gives you a light feeling. It's one of Miku's best songs and listen to it you'll love it. And I love the melody at the beginning, and Miku's voice is very nice. I love this song forever!

This is a beautiful song about a girl who wants to commit suicide, but then finds something or someone that encourages her to continue to live. It is inspirational and should be more well-known.

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94 Hirai Hirai

Literally one of my favorite songs! It's deep and sad, but yet so awesome! ( Why the hell this song is in the bottom!? ) - Kuroemon2002

Soft, soothing Miku song for whenever you feel relaxed. One of the first Miku songs I've heard. I recommend it.

Do you mean Hirari, Hirari? I think it's the same song. Either way, I broke my replay button and drained the battery of my iPod listening to this...

Quite sad, thoughtful. I like it.

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95 Cyber Thunder Cider - VY1

Super duper inspiring, to me at least, although it talks about "who's fault it is" and to keep moving forward! Look it up and read the lyrics~!

VY1 needs love too, guys! It's a great catchy song and the tuning is good. Listen to it and this deserves to be at least in the top 50s.

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96 Secret Police

First vocaloid song I ever heard and this song got me liking vocaloids. Really catchy and upbeat rock song. - Mastrfighter

I love this one.. the guitar, the lyrics, the vocalist all all all of them I love it..

I love the concept. Everyone just looks so bada$$!

This is a GREAT SONG.

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97 The Little Mermaid - Megurine Luka

This is... Mesmerising.

You will never find an instrumental or singer better-suited to it's theme. I'm... just at a loss for words here. If a picture says a thousand words, how many does a song say? Just listen to it already, and please, give it some thought. Turn up the volume and listen to the real story of the Little Mermaid... It's quite brutal.

I honestly love this song, if it weren't for Len being the guy and it would have made more sense if the guy was Kaito, people like Miku and Kaito, and people like Luka and Kaito together... Besides Miku and Kaito's age differences. Well now back to it, I honestly like LuKaito better. You know instead of Luka and Len.

This song is so beautiful, and the video has gorgeous art. I always tear up when listening to it.

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98 Ayano's Theory of Happiness

Why? People, go listen to this song. Then like it. Then vote for it! For the WIN! Sadly, no one looks far enough for better songs.

Probably the first vocaloid song that managed to make me cry my eyes out

I love this one as well! Kagerou Project is awesome!

Oh, and don't forget to cry your feels out! Go Ayano, IA, and the Kagerou Project!

99 iNSaNiTY

INSaNiTY is my favorite Vocaloid song of all time. It's what helped me discover Vocaloid actually. Miki is also such a wonderful Vocaloid who deserves more love. She's my favorite. I love how wonderful her voice sounds in this song (actually in any song) and the fact KAITO is singing with her. Taking a not-very-known Vocaloid and pairing them with a very famous Vocaloid is wonderful. It shows there are more Vocaloids who are good than just Miku and IA. I honestly think Miki should be allowed in concert. This song totally deserves to be on the top of the list.

BEST SONG EVER! SF-A2 Miki and KAITO sound fantastic in this song and the tune is very catchy. This song should be in the top 10

I LOVE THIS SONG! I love that they decided to pair Miki, who doesn't get much appreciation, with a very popular vocaloid like Kaito! I feel like when people listened to it, most got a new fascination for Miki, but of course, she's my favorite! (Tied with Neru)

You can cut DIAMONDS with this song's edge.

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100 Tori No Uta

This is the most beautiful Vocaloid song I've ever heard, especially when sung by either IA or Meli!

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