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101 iNSaNiTY

INSaNiTY is my favorite Vocaloid song of all time. It's what helped me discover Vocaloid actually. Miki is also such a wonderful Vocaloid who deserves more love. She's my favorite. I love how wonderful her voice sounds in this song (actually in any song) and the fact KAITO is singing with her. Taking a not-very-known Vocaloid and pairing them with a very famous Vocaloid is wonderful. It shows there are more Vocaloids who are good than just Miku and IA. I honestly think Miki should be allowed in concert. This song totally deserves to be on the top of the list.

BEST SONG EVER! SF-A2 Miki and KAITO sound fantastic in this song and the tune is very catchy. This song should be in the top 10

I LOVE THIS SONG! I love that they decided to pair Miki, who doesn't get much appreciation, with a very popular vocaloid like Kaito! I feel like when people listened to it, most got a new fascination for Miki, but of course, she's my favorite! (Tied with Neru)

How is this at 103?! I love this song! I even love how Circus-P put the crosses on Miki's eyes!

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102 Le Rouge Est Amour feat. Gackpoid V3 Power & Whisper

This is an awesome song. I really love it. - felispasta

FAN-TA-STIC Gakupo sounds awesome and music is awesome.


103 The Immoral Memory, The Lost Memory

It's a super catchy song and it's sung by Gakupo, Len, AND Kaito. They all sound AMAZING when they sing, but together it's even BETTER. I could listen to it on loop all day long!

I love the part when Len is singing. I don't know why I love it so much. But I watch it every time


This and LOVELESSxxx are in my top 2 favourites. - felispasta

104 World Is Mine - Kagamine Len

Serious? Just choose World is Mine by Miku. What's the difference?

This song is AWESOME (like its singer) and I love Len's voice!

This is my favorite song

That's what got me into Rin and Len thingie ship!

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105 Deep Sea Girl

The lyrics are so deep and beautiful; reaching for something you cannot have, sinking in despair, etc etc. It was the first vocaloid song I heard (by scrolling through my Japanese friend's iPod), and I fell in love with it immediately. I really love Miku singing in this song! SHINKAI SHOUJOU! HATSUNE MIKU!

The song, in my intpreation of it is about a cold girl, who is worried she has fallen in love, she starts sinking into despair and depression, and the boy keeps trying to get her, but she is too scared to talk or reach out to him, she keeps sinking, and she can't take it and in the end the boy saves and reaches out to her. Such a 'deep sea song'.

This song is so catchy. it has a nice plot

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106 Happy Synthesizer

Loved it. luka and gumi's version is so awesome. happy synthesizer also has many English covers on YouTube

GUMI and Luka are awesome! I love them and this song, too. So lovely, cute and catchy!

Love this song! Both versions are awesome, there's Luka and Gumi's version and 96neko and Len's version. Love them both, really catchy. ^_^

Why isn't this song in the top 10's?

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107 Dark Woods Circus

Best song. Very tragic. ;_; Song made me love vocaloid.

The best song I've ever heard by miku, rin, and len.. This song tells about a story in edo periods, that all childs who got deformity are caged in a place, and people see them through a hole. They even tortured when they can't entertain well. Yes, by acid.

I think this song is not creepy than okassan

. . . . When you realize people are crazy for not voting for this

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108 I Wish They'd Just Die

How can people not love this song? It's summing up all that we ( or at least I) have found annoying within the general population.

Why is this so far down the list? This is probably the most relatable song I have ever heard!

This fun song shows a completely different side to Kaito. This song is reliable to anyone in a group chat.

This should be in top 5!

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109 Honey

This. Was. Catchy. Oh god, I had this song stuck in my head so badly, I learnt all the lyrics and the dance. It's nice and light AND TOTALLY NOT DEPRESSING. Also I love how Meiko is lead, she deserves more love!

The very first vocaloid song that I fell in love with... I still know the dance and its been more than 5 years! It's super catchy, adorable, and makes use of the vocaloids' amazing voices! It is also how I fell in love with Meiko, Rin and Len

Are you kidding me, this is the spirits, and funniest song

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110 Pokemon X and Y

This isn't vocaloid. I think. Wait what?

This is beautiful song I'm not joking

It's a bit funny because these songs are about vocaloids why is this pokemon LOL

Lol What does this have to do with Vocaloid?

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111 Kagero Days

This song portrays a tragic and bittersweet story excellently!

Yes kagerou daze is one of the best vocaloid songs I've ever heard and watch kagerou project along with it

I like the double meaning in the title as it can also be read as Kagerou Daze as in a heat haze. I love this song and it inteoduced me to the series.

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112 Cendrillon - Hatsune Miku & Kaito

So awesome, these two fit the song perfectly!

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113 Canary - Hatsune Miku

Please guys listen to some other songs that popular ones, even though they are unpopular they can still be good.
I like this one because I have found it recently and I like it so take some of your free time to listen to unpopular artists.
By they way I recommend Tilt-six (he has an account on YouTube and he is quite good so please take some time to pass by)

114 Konoha No Sekai Jijou - IA

This should be the best!

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115 A Realistic Logical Ideologist

NOO! THIS CAN NOT BE 97th! My God, what can I say about this song? Just look at the title. A 'realistic logical ideologist'. Could anything be more profound? The tune and its melody is catchy, I'll give this song that. I love IA's voice, and if you do too, why on earth have you not heard this before? It's because this song is so ' underrated, that's why. But what seriously makes this song is the meaning. This has got to be one of the most thought-provoking songs. Not just vocaloid songs, but songs in general. What it's about? It's quite 'ambiguous" (IA song puns for the win... anyone? ), so make of it what you will, but to me it is about someone who's on the outside of society. Who maybe just doesn't fit in. Maybe they are having a hard time. Maybe they're intelligent enough to realise that society really is stupid. And maybe they want to exist somewhere else, in a better place, as a better person... I could go on.

You there. Yes, you. Listen to this or the puppy gets it.

Amazing song. IA is a great Vocaloid; her voice box fits the song perfectly. People who haven't listened to this song yet should.

This song is TRULY amazing! It made me want to listen even more vocaloid songs!

This song defines me. It's also so good.

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116 Proof of Life

Sad song, I cry every time I listen to it.

117 Judgement of Corruption

This song should not be at the bottom, this should be in the top 20 - Boolover

This should definitely be higher ranked. It's a great song.

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118 Monochrome No Kiss

But this isn't vocaloid

BLACK BUTLER! I love this song so much! It is so amazing, and has a great tempo, and beat! I could listen to it FOREVER! But I'm 88% sure that this isn't a vocaloid song.,.?

Amazing intro, fast, swirling beat that pulls listeners in, SID had great vocals and a riveting instrumental. Highly recommended.

Is there a Vocaloid cover of this song from Black Butler?

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119 Twilight Homicide Song

"Twilight Homocide Song" tells a dark and ironic story with the company of a beautiful, traditional Japanese instrumental and Meiko's flawless voice. This is, without doubt, my favorite song by Meiko.

Meiko has a boyfriend who she loves, only for him to cheat on her with another girl


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120 Calalini - Kaai Yuki

Kasi Yuki's voice may sound a bit fuzzy, but her words are still easy to understand. The lyrics is sad and inspiring and many vocaloids have already done dozens of covers for this song. The song was dedicated to a girl with schizophrenia. Luckily, the girl is doing fine nowadays and is in good condition.

530? But why? This was made for such a brave little girl and needs more recognition!

It's not very good. It may be meaningful but the lyrics are lazy. Don't get mad

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