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161 Snowman

I love the melody of this song. Also Kaito's voice and Len's voice work perfectly together. But Kaito's voice really can surprise us.

Kaito sounds great with this beat

This melody is really beautiful. I don't like Len's singing in it and tried to find a Kaito only cover though ^ - felispasta

162 Karma - Kagamine Rin

The feelings inside the song are relatable, as I hope on karma everyday.

Nooo! If I knew this was on the list I would e totally voted for it! It has my favorite artist in it! Eyeris/Creep-P :-(

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163 You're a Useless Child - Hatsune Miku

Best songs. Before seeing translation, I thought its happy song, but instead its sad. The girl in the song actually trying to hide her sadness to everyone.

164 Decorator
165 Bullet For Prisoner
166 From Y to Y

Great song for many people. Also a good sing along. It just have a element of harmony that was gone when said person left (from reading and listening to the music)

My favroite Vocaloid song. This is the song that I sing when I am sad and for me this song makes me think of new beginings.My taste in songs is fast beat, happy, and like I said "new beginings".Even though this song is not as popular it is still a great song.It makes me fell like I can do anything and I have powers or something.

So that is all the resons I love this song.

167 *tear*

This song is very cute yet sad. My favorite part in this song is "The sadness that is too much to tell you, I change it into tears. The happiness that is too much to tell you, I change it into your smiling face. " Vocaloid composers, continue to touch our hearts.

168 Killer Lady

I love this song! It's different from the usually creepy or cute sons and tries to give you a reason why she (or he) is all seductive.

169 Circus Monster

The quirky circus-sounding parts contrast wonderfully with the moody lyrics and beautiful chords. Definitely one of Luka's best English songs.

My friend can play this on piano. I don't think I've ever fully heard the singing part, but the bit she plays on piano is constantly getting stuck in my head.

Actually this song is really good but this song is a newcomer. I suggested to you to hear this song, it's so beautiful

155?! Are you kidding me?!

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170 Sunset Hill (Yuuhizaka)
171 Rera

This is an amazing song! Please listen to this. It may not be by a popular vocaloid, but it is still well worth your time.

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172 Karakuri Pierrot

It's the first song I heard from Vocaloid. Miku sings really beautiful in this one, and it has a great instrumental. The meaning is also sad, but interesting.

I heard Piko sing it and I fell in love with him.

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173 Prism Heart
174 Lovely Futuristic Electro Music - GUMI
175 Nostalogic - Meiko

Awesomeness on a plate.

176 Innocence - Hatsune Miku

"Innocence" is a very precious song!

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177 Green Green ~Euglena~ - GUMI & Sonika
178 Remember - Utatane Piko

I just love him. I don't know why he is not popular

It's a catchy song and the tuning and mixing is good. I think piko sounds awesome in this song and it is a prime example of how he should be used!

Piko needs more love

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179 Lost Time Memory - IA V 1 Comment
180 Interveiwer [Luka]
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