Servant of Evil


Servant of Evil is actually one of the few songs that made me very depressed. It is part of the Story of Evil series, and it teaches a good lesson. This song comes after Daughter of Evil, in which the princess (Rin) is to be executed for being involved with torturing the country. Len, who is her brother and servant in the song, does not want his sister to die, and they switch places, Len being executed instead of Rin. Even after the way Rin acted throughout her entire life - selfish, cruel, and only caring for herself - Len still was willing to give up his own life instead of watch his twin sister die. (I will warn you now - it is a very sad series and although Len comes back in Re-birth it still remains a depressing theme to it - no matter what the songs and lesson will continue to get stuck in my head lol. A great song within a great series!

It's SO SAD! Not only is the song extremely sweet its teaches a lesson. Rin is a selfish evil princess taking over a country and torturing innocent people. Len is her brother, and ironically, her servant. He goes out of his way and makes sure his sister gets everything she wants and she is happy, because that is what he truly wants. Eventually a big revolution starts and Rin is sentenced to death. Len does not want his sister to die, so they switch places and Len dies for his sister. In my opinion, Len has the voice of an angel along with Miku (she doesn't sing in this... Just my opinion. ) I love Len kagamine servant of evil the saddest and sweetest song ever... !

Servant of Evil, which is one of the masterpiece of Kagamine Twins. It tackles about the story of twins separated by fate. The girl twin grew in a nice pace of royalty and elegance and the other one grew in poverty and has harsh fate after being thrown by cruel rulers. The thread of destiny carved a way for them to meet. Happiness overflows in their eyes. The music is awesome and their voices do harmonized with each other. Its greatness is immeasurable. For me this is the best of all.

This song was the first Vocaloid song I've ever listened to (not unless you count Paper Planes when I was seven, but I didn't even know what Vocaloid was then). It makes me cry so much every single time I watch it! It's beautiful considering the fact that Len tells Rin: 'Even if the whole world became your enemy, I will protect you, so you just be there somewhere smiling' and also because Len is hot. Haha, laugh out loud. It's a great song! My favorite FOREVER!

The strong and selfless pride shown by Len to Rin here is absolutely heartbreaking. The story is amazing; though I recommend watching Daughter of Evil first, then Servant of Evil and lastly Regret Message to fully understand and feel everything. The music is somewhat catchy and the classical version leaves goosebumps, especially the "special sound effect" in the ending. A must-watch and hear for everyone (even non-Vocaloid fans).

I believe that this is a great song, because it shows a brother's love for her sister. How many of you have brother or sister and would actually be hung for him? Not many. The series of songs is so amazing, I don't even know how to begin. I have all the songs on my iPod also.

I absolutely adore Servant of Evil. It made me cry when I first watched the video and listened to the song. I absolutely love it. It's the perfect example of true love. For all you Twilight fans, the sibling relationship portrayed in Servant of Evil is true love. Twilight is just really unhealthy obsession.

I was like sort of sad when Len was willing to have his life exchanged for his sister, Rin by putting on the princess clothes and Rin putting on servant's clothes. Len told Rin that no one would notice as they are twins. How wonderful and happy and touching having a twin like that!

Servant of Evil is my first ever song that I ever heard from Len. It touched me so much. It made me cry. It made me realize the passion and feelings inside the song. It was all because of that song on why I stay attracted to Vocaloid.

I love it! The classical version is by far the best and I love it so much! Len's melodious voice kills me along with the beautiful animation and story, and the lyrics are really great. I cried when the guillotine part came up, it's really such a wonderful video and song overall!

Com on guys servant of evil 4 the win! BEST SONG EVER SHOULD BE FIRST! Len sings this song amazingly! Don't get me wrong though I do love rin but Len has a better voice in my eyes, and please don't get me started on Miku just no

Len is so amazing, he says " Even if the entire world becomes your enemy, I will protect you, so just be there smiling and laughing ". He is so cool!

This song is so touching I told everyone in my family and all my friends to listen to it and all of them cried yes all of them so personally this is my favorite song

Story of Evil is not an overrated fairy tale! It has one of the (Seven? ) sins in it, which is Pride. It tells a meaningful story, and has a manga and light novel adaptation. Honestly, though, myself, I have heard the classical version BEFORE the real Mothy version. The classical is probably the one that makes you cry.

Also, to people hating Servant of evil, I know it gets old but this song shows love, and makes Rin realize her mistake. Actually, in the Vocaloid Wikia, it says Servant Of Evil is arguably one of Len's most well known songs (aside from Migikata no Chou which is fairly lower than this song)

It's such a wonderful, touching song. I actually cried when I heard this.
When I sing this song I sound like Len (Most people tell me) and I sound like Ciel when I sing it in English.
It's basically about these two twins but one became the queen and the other became the loyal "tool" (Servant).
You'll understand it when you hear it :D
I don't see how World is Mine is first... :/ Meltdown is second... But I like Meltdown (Teto's Ver. )
Oh well, you should really see the WHOLE Sagag of Evil series.

I only have three words for this song. BEST. SONG. EVER... I like how Len's singing it since he's my favorite Vocaloid. Then it all gets tragic when Miku and Len die. *SPOILER ALERT! * If you haven't watched this, WATCH. IT. NOW. Or why not watch every Len songs.

Great song and wonderfully twisted story to go with it. The Story of Evil was one of my first introductions to vocaloid. As the years have gone by there is still no other series that can make me feel every feeling known to man. YOu never expect the twists and turns from this series and this song encompasses that very fact. With Daughter of Evil you have an aawesome story of an evil queen but then you listen to Servant of Evil and get knocked flat on your butt. This is Mothy, this is what he does. And I would not wish for a better story.

This song is so touching, I cry every time I listen to it! Poor Len! And in the song, it reveals that Rin is actually a very nice person who was raised horribly!


Servant of evil is like one of my favorite songs of the kagamine twins!
But I was disappointed when I seen that karakuri burts was #58 and prisoner #23 but I can't help right laugh out loud but at least this one mad it to #2 hell yea!

I am a fan of a lot of songs on here and its really hard to choose but I have to go with Servant of Evil because I love the nico chorus version the best and the one with just Rin and Len is so cute in the end so I have to say Servant of Evil

I thought it was quite a great saga of twins who are broke apart and how the boy will do anything to make her sister happy even if it means killing his first love or dying Himself

I just can't get over how beautiful this song is. I think everyone should also listen to Joydreamerjourney's English cover of it on YouTube. It's such a sad story and by far the best vocaloid song. I don't like Rin that much, but I absolutely adore Len, and his voice is just so beautiful and sad in this song. I cry every time I listen to this. I'm so glad he comes back in Re-Birthday.

This song is so sad... It even made me cry:( Poor Len... I don't cry for anything and this video made me weep like I lost something very valuable. My shirt was drenched in tears after I saw the video...

The song is very catchy, and the story just makes people cry, it's just amazing