Please notice us! ~ Lapis, Piko, VY1, and Appends

It's not that they don't have a good voice. They sound just as good as Miku ever can. And they have cute designs too. So why are they still at the bottom (exception of VY1)? Why doesn't anybody make awesome songs using them? All the most popular ones, like MIku, Rin and Len always have the good songs because they're so popular...

Aoki Lapis is a Vocaloid3. That's all I'm going to say. She is an extremely cute Cardcaptor-like Vocaloid3 with an amazing voice. She hasn't had time to get extremely popular, since she's still a Vocaloid3. But she's really good! Please vote!

Utatane Piko is kind of like Justin Bieber, Vocaloid2 version. If so many people like Bieber, why don't they like Piko? He has a better design, and will do anything you make him do.

VY1 sounds arbitrarily close to Miku, but her quality and pronounciation is much, much better, and sounds almost human. I think she just isn't as popular is because she doesn't have an official character design. But this is about voices, and VY1 just has the best.

And now we shall talk of APPENDs. In the Hatsune Miku comments, a lot talk about her appends. Seriously people, Miku Append is not Miku Hatsune. If you say her appends have so much better quality, then vote for them!


Yes, the appends are amazing and are appendos of many vocaloids like gumi, gakupo, not all finnish on miku and the kagamines. I think that Piko sound very good, and there are many new vocaloid that soun very god that nobady notice like Mayu and Yuzuki. - visitor

The rest of the vocaloids are not given enough attention and they have some hidden talent waiting to be discovered. - visitor

Yeah Luka is popular but she's one of my favorites. But I hate hate hate Miku. She doesn't even have a good voice. Luka and unpopular Vocaloids like Mew or Leon are way better than Miku. The only thing I like of Miku is her dark append and that's it. She's not a good vocaloid and doesn't deserve to be popular - visitor

Miku takes all the popularity and I don't like her. Not because of her popularity but her voice is just bad. Other Vocaloids deserve attention Miku doesn't. - visitor

I don't like hatsune miku and PIKO was much better voices but he didn't gain much popularity that's all and almost good songs are sings by IA and gumi but MIKU ONLY JOINS the song - visitor