Hatsune Miku

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Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.


Hatsune Miku represents what Vocaloid is and embodies as a whole. She may be the most popular Vocaloid character but she definitely deserves it. Her range is incredible, her voice is perfect, her songs are meaningful. People don't vote for her out of being attractive or whatever, (Honestly, I think that Len's voice is quite nasally; don't kill me) they vote for her because she has defied being just a computer program or a synthesized voice; she is an idol.

Miku have such an awesome voice. I love her for both design and cuteness. She is the best Vocaloid to me. Miku is what makes Vocaloid popular for the first place so if it is not for her, there will be no Vocaloid concert or maybe they will not even make more Vocaloids, people accepted Miku, not Leon, Lola, Meiko, Kaito, and Sweet Ann. She is the best. Miku deserves her #1 place in Vocaloid.

Hey people, realistic isn't an important factor for a Vocaloid singer because what they need are synthesized voices. Miku's voice is not realistic, I agree but it's absolutely clear and sweet. You also can say that to Luka's voice. It's not realistic compare to Gumi's or IA's but Luka's nice voice is definitely better and sweeter than Gumi's voice. I love both Miku and Luka, but a little more for Miku-chan. Hope they have some songs together soon ^^

I'm actually a hatsune miku fan myself it's just that I do prefer Luka and Gumi!

Ugh another add on um gumi and luka have a song together that I heard of called happy synthesizer!

Why can't people just accept that Miku is the best vocaloid? She has a great voice, not just looks. I always hear that they don't like it (her voice) because they're high pitch. Its still not a reason to hate her. Well, she's the most well-known and famous vocaloid so pay RESPECT to her. Without her, other vocaloid characters may not appear.

Best Ever I LOVE Hatsune Miku and all the other Vocaloids. Wishing much luck to Vocaloid as a whole and hope they perform at the Olympics and are able to show the world how great they are! You people need to vote for Vocaloid. Their music is really epic!

Somebody said that they only see miku popular not other VOCALOID, that's because she cute, have a great voice,... Not fair for other VOCALOID when everybody only care about Miku and don't care about other VOCALOID? Then said again - they don't care about other VOCALOID because they like Miku, they love Miku more and if you like Rin, Len, Kaito, IA, Gumi, Luka,... More than you like Miku? Well I don't care! - so don't drag Miku into yours selfish opinion. ---- MIKU ----

Although Miku's voice is a little high pitches but actually it is really nice and sweet. Luka's voice is great and melodious too. "Magnet" is always one of my favorite songs, where Miku and Luka sing together

Even when they specifically said to look for voice, not looks, I still see Len fangirls talking more about how "cute" he is then how good his voice is. Miku has a great voice with one of the most dynamic pitch ranges you would have ever seen in a Vocaloid. If Miku didn't have a physical appearance like Leon and Lola, she would still be queen due to her naturally great voice. If Len didn't have a persona, he wouldn't be half as popular as he is.

Miku is AMAZING! She has a great voice which can go into really high notes. Her voice sounds smooth and not choppy. I also love her appearance! She has epic hair that's cyan. My favorite song that's by her is triple baka (ft. Akita Neru and Kasane Teto). Her attire is also very attractive.

Miku is my favorite. She has an absolutely fantastic voice, and is gorgeous as well. She has always been my favourite vocaloid, and I want to go to one of her concerts so badly. I like it best when she sings with Luka. Nobody compares to Miku. X

Miku-chan has helped me through so much. I love her even if she is only a projection on a screen. One day, she will be AI and no one can ever say she isn't real. She deserves to be first. You and just hear emotion in her songs. It's amazing.

Everyday I just imagine miku would sing in front of me eye to eye...her voice was inspiring and gave me motivation...thanks to the composer to make beautiful lyrics and I thank Hatsune Miku for making a song very beautiful.

Why I think miku has the best voice is because her voice has a lot of emotion... Miku songs that has soul 1. ODDS&ENDS 2. Tell your world 3. Yellow and 4. Redial I think? Oh well miku has what it takes to become the most popular vocaloid!

Who wouldn't agree she's the one that started the whole Vocaloid phenomenon her songs are great her voice is great the character illustration is great and how people use her to make Songs that inspire us scare us motivate us make us fall in love and ETC is Excellent

Shes the best of the best! No one is better the her. I do listen to other vocaloid and enjoy there songs to but Hatsune will always be my favorite! I also love it when Gumi and Hatsune do songs together! Best singing duo!

Miku, herself is the reason why Vocaloid has been more popular. Her voice is pretty good. (of course we all know that Vocaloid sings like a robot but with a good composers/programmers like DECO*27 and other good composers. You can say that it can match with the standards)

Miku is the best. Some people don't like her because she is just the most well know or because her voice is too hi pitched. I think that based on sound alone she is the best ( Len and Luka tie for second)

Miku is the most famous, so people tend to say she's overrated. However, she has a great voice and she's so pretty! She's my absolute favorite vocaloid, even if she is old or overrated. Miku for the win!

Most of her songs are famous because SHE is famous, her voice doesn't even fit a lot of her songs and yet producers use her more, her voice doesn't fit Love is War, Himitsu Keisatsu, Rolling Girl, Ghost Rule, The Snow White Princess Is(yes, we all know who has the best cover of this) which are songs that are popular because of her only and not the voice, her songs rely too much on her popularity that they don't care if the voice is perfect with the song, so no. Just stop it with the "Miku is Best" thing

For me, Gumi is like Miku. If you said Gumi can sing all the types of song and Miku also.. Miku is not my most favorite but she doesn't sound creepy when she sings..

I love hatsune miku, if you do not like her just because she was originated by technology, then don't listen to her, but well haters gonna hate. I'm a huge fan of hatsune Miku! I just wish her and all other anime characters (mostly usui from KWMS) were real!

Her voice is just human enough to connect with us while being just inhuman enough to represent the distinct nature of Vocaloid music.

Oh God, why people love Kagamine Rin so much, huh? I think Hatsune Miku is better, her voice are more pretty than Rin, her voice is like real, come on, Vocaloid lovers, please vote Hatsune Miku, she is beautiful and has good voice too!

She just so amazing, her voice is so perfect. please make vocaloid real! Her voice is nicer with either gumi, Lukas, or Len!

A lot of people are starting to dislike Miku because of her popularity, but hands down she's the best for me and that will never change.