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IA is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by 1st Place Co., Ltd., headquartered in Meguro, Japan. They use Yamaha Corporation's Vocaloid 3 singing synthesizer technology. Her voice is sampled by Lia.


Setting aside the cuteness, the fame or popularity, and the design, I'd say IA deserves a spot in the top ten. I agree with [odairedez] that there are better vocaloids out there. Like Gumi(yay! Number 1), Luka, Yuzuki Yukari, Iroha, VY2 Yuuma, Gakupo, Hiyama Kiyoteru and of course IA.

I have to say that the quality of a voice can't be judged by their range alone. A great voice is and always will be determined for it's clarity, the tonal quality, the depth of the voice, strength of the vocals and etc. Although I may not be a professional artist/singer (I want to be though), for a vocaloid, IA does contain these qualities (if used right).

I have to admit majority of the people consider an artist a great singer for reaching high notes almost all the time, but take the voices of Kelly Clarkson or Demi Lovato for example, it may not be that high pitched but just right to reach high notes when singing.

Just like IA, her voice may not be high pitched like Miku's but it's ...more

IA's voice is so realistic and pretty. Also because her name I. A is my initials. I love her looks and I can see how people love Gumi, Hatsune, Luka, Rin, and etc but IA is just too awesome. Trust me I love all of the vocaloids but IA has something awesome and special that other vocaloids don't have but I just don't know what. IA's name should be known around the whole world. Most of the songs I love are sang by IA like Lost Time Memory, Transparent Answer, and etc. I LOVE YOU IA

She has an amazing voice! She was already famous after 6 months of her release, she has the highest tempo among all vocaloids and has a realistic voice (not as realistic as GUMI though.) Her voice is unique and not all cutie-cute cute like Rin and Miku's, she is very popular in Japan since she's the third most popular, and she was only released in 2012, Miku, who is the most popular vocaloid in Japan, was released in 2008 or 2009, I think? And GUMI, who is second, was released in 2009. IA's voice can go high and low and still sounds good!

Although I don't own IA, I've heard she is very east to tune and work with. Her voice is stunning and mature, very bold. Its east to put emotions. Her design fits her voice directly, and is very beautiful. I'm not going to lie, but I don't like Hatsune Miku all that much. I feel her voice is very cute, but annoyingly high. I feel as if IA should have just as much popularity as Miku.

IA can sing extremely fast, and her voice is pleasant.

While many like other vocaloids for design, such as Hatsune Miku, IA has a genuine voice that is incredibly realistic. She's also very easy to use. While many argue that Gumi is also easy to use, Gumi will get extremely breathy on high, but IA only gets softer.

IA has an excellent range, and can sound very emotional.

I started listening to IA's songs today, and I have completely fallen in love with them. She is amazing at singing both high and low notes. Her songs are so full of emotion. Truthfully, I love how some of her songs are so dark. Revenge syndrome really hit me hard. Also, I love how she was portrayed as an average teenage girl. IA is definitely my favorite Vocaloid singer.

IA doesn't get as much credit as Miku simply because she doesn't have the cute factor that Miku does. Miku has the longest hair, bluest eyes, overall adorable. Miku is also the most popular. But IA has the most lovely voice. It is clear, strong and overall lovely. Best voice, even though she is far from being the most popular. She's definitely underrated...

Hasn't everyone seen Jin videos for her in the book of demise project. They're some of the best works and her voice and tone can be altered into perfection. Her songs got me addicted to vocaloid. I can't change everyone's view but just listen and look at her music videos on YouTube please.

IA has the most realistic voice and also the sweetest in my opinion. I love all her songs. Miku sounds like a computer, which is funny because she's the most overrated and most loved by fans. IA is way better than other vocaloids but of course, no one cares. Why? Because they are obsessed with a green haired vocaloid named Hatsune Miku.

IA is one of my favorite vocaloids, because she has a realistic voice that is very soothing. She is not as high pitched as most of the new vocaloid releases. When I heard her for the first time with her cover "Tori No Uta", I couldn't believe it was a vocaloid, and not a real person.

Her voice is different from the others, you'll never find a vocaloid with a voice like that, her voice is not childish, nor adult-like, her voice is beautiful! The only reason Rin beat her is because more people love Rin, which is not fair, because you are supposed to vote for the best voice, NOT YOUR FAVORITE, She should at least place 2nd place!

IA has an amazing voice if you don't believe me check out for your self. One of the songs I love is Imagination forest. Imagination forest has such a good story to it there is a part that will always make me cry. You will cry when you understand the story.

Ia isn't my favorite Vocaloid, but I am an absolute sucker for her realistic voice. She sounds almost human, much to the point where I've actually had to pause the video and wonder how a software can make this human of a voice. It's beautiful. And the fact that her voice provider, Lia, is one of my favorite anime singers of all time really drives the nail deeper when you listen to an Ia cover of a Lia song. I can barely tell the difference half the time! (Hint: Listen to the original songs My Soul, Your Beats or Toki Wo Kizuma Uta by Lia and listen to the Ia versions. They almost sound no different! )

Well her voice is realistic not and computer voice and I love realistic voice in a vocaloid and her voice is so soft and and her hair is so long and so cute :3 and a very nice voice and her appearance so much I don't care about robotic voices but I still love the other vocaloids.

As much as I like how the Vocaloids like the Miku, the Kagamine twins, and Luka sound, the most realistic and therefore best Vocaloid voice definitely goes to IA. Her voicebank is extremely high-quality and sounds extremely realistic in songs like Tori no Uta, Imagination Forest, etc. She's not trying to sound a certain way (like cute, for example) which adds to the realism of her voice.

IA is amazing, her voice is so soothing and adorable! It's definitely different than any other Vocaloid! I wouldn't be able to describe her voice exactly, it's just so good! I download almost every IA song I come by

IA is an amazing singer. Even so, I won't be mean like other people making fun of other people's opinions (mostly about people voting for Miku). Look, think about it this way, if we make fun of others here, we are only making people have a worse impression of IA or whoever you voted for. They will most likely start thinking that singers (or vocaloids) attract fans that are similar to themselves. So let's try keeping this positive! OuO Vote for IA please~

IA is the best Vocaloid ever. Her voice is very versatile. Look at the Kagerou Project series, sung mostly by her. Yuukei Yesterday, a happy song about love, really contrasts with the song Outer Science, a gloomy and scary song about death. They are from the same series and sung by IA. IA makes the song very emotional and her voice fits perfectly with the mood.

IA has one of most realistic vocaloid I have ever heard, she deserve more than miku,I like miku because of her appearance, but her voice is so annoying and it's gives me headaches, but IA is opposite, I love both her voice and her design and I am her biggest fan.

IA is the BEST of all the BEST... She's so beautiful... Her designs is so original.. And her image, it's so catchy and different! She has a unique voice... (look at her innocent face) she's so cute ad adorable... IA deserve the most attention.. Look, she's just new but she's already on the top... It's because she has the most realistic voice... When I first saw her, I feel like I have seen an angel... She is very futuristic.. For me?!, she's goddess'she's perfect'SHE'S THE ONE! Love IA! Go-IA, go-IA, go-IA...

She sound's realistic and mature, besides she's new so her voice bank is one of the bests!

IA's voice is realistic and mature, making her "Tori no Uta" stand out. She sounds very alike to her sound provider, Lia, and her songs are beautiful. IA is amazing.

I really love her voice and style, I think she sounds better than Miku but I love Miku and the others too

I wish she got really popular and started preforming with everyone... I'd really love a Rin and IA duet or something like that (I think her voice could go great with Luka's voice too)
I think she deserves that

Her voice is what makes me be a so big fan of her. The voice is pretty dark, but high enough to hear it is a female. Her voice can go from dark-sounding (Hensei Cataclysm, cover of Rolling girl, who usually is very highpitched) to a really high pitched voice (Revenge Syndrome). What makes me love her the most is her ability to sing very fast, the fastest of them all if I'm correct. For someone like me, I ADORE fast songs, making IA the perfect Vocaloid for me.

IA has the best voice in vocaloid, soothing and sweet but also works great in rock songs, to me shes even better than Luka or maybe even gumi!