Kagamine Len

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Kagamine Len is a Japanese male Vocaloid2 developed by Crypton Future Media and voiced by Shimoda Asami. He was originally released along with Kagamine Rin on December 27, 2007 as Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02), but had the updates of Kagamine Rin/Len (CV02) Act 2 (on July 18, 2008), Kagamine Rin/Len Append ...read more.


His voice is so emotional and expressive. He may not be real, but I can feel real emotions when he sings because of the great power he has. When you add his serious and cold appends to the mix, you get a soft and, yet again, emotional voice. Len has everything. He can sing happy electro pop songs, blow you away with his power in rock songs, or make you cry and soothe your soul with his serious append.

I really like his voice out of all the male vocaloids because his isn't too deep like Kaito's and it isn't too high that it will blow out your ears if he screams. His voice was made to be that of a 14 year old boy, and by far that age is one of the best for males to start singing. He may be underrated but I still think his voice is great. Anyone else want to add?

Why is he this low!? His voice carries so much expression ( and he's not even human ) and he can really emphasize the right parts of songs. His voice is also very balanced ( not extremely low or annoyingly high ). Have you heard Len's versions of Lost ones weeping and Tokyo Teddy bear? They're amazing. Give this underrated vocaloid a chance ( he's not just a shadow of his more well known partner Rin ).

I SWEAR LEN HAS THE BEST VOICE. Because he's a boy he can reach the lower notes if he needs to, but because he's so young he can still reach the higher notes ((his voice sounds higher than Miku's in The Dissapearance of (insert Vocaloid Name Here), and in World is Mine)). Because of this I think that his voice is the best. I also think so because he has A LOT of emotion within his songs, while some other people (Yes I'm looking at you Kaito) don't tend to have as much emotion. I am not saying all of this because I'm a fan-girl either people ((but Len is really cute (Please don't get mad at me for saying this other fan-girls'cause I know you want him as much as me))).

He isn't my exact favorite vocaloid, but he is pretty good especially for a boy and usually it is awkward for me to listen to other boys (like kaito) to sing. Len is ten times better compared to other boy vocaloids, so I am happy and proud as voting him best male vocaloid!

Len should get more love. His voice has pure and super understandable vowels and consonants like Rin, but he has a very soothing tone to his voice(I don't know that's my opinion). Anyway, if you have anything to say about Len or any of the vocaloids that is bad, let me say one thing... The quality of most of the voices depends on whether you can use them correctly/ know how to tune their voices to make them sound better... I mean, take the append versions of servant of evil and daughter of evil aka the project Mirai versions. When I first listened to these I had a hard time beleiving that they were singing! So this confirms that both the Kagamines, especially Len, need more love! Oh and if you're a fangirl of Len, please share this with other girls who are also fans of Len because I know he has A LOT more fans out there. PS: when I posted this he was at number five...

Len and Rin Kagamine are great together, but when they're by themselves, Len stands out. He's got Spice (get it? ), and sometimes he just needs someone to give him his pants back.

Len's voice is very nice and it's like human's voice very much. I'm sad about len is low in vocaloid. Isn't Len popular? Rin and Len are the best in my heart! But why is he so low?
I can't really know. Wish Len can be more popular than now.

Lens voice has it's little quirks, but the songs he sings, and some of his covers hold the best emotion. like in Let it Go you can really hear his human side, and it all feels really emotional and real and just wow. Len's voice is just wow. damn you len.

Strange how Len not in first place. I mean len should of have one because is adorable and he has the best songs and voice in vocaloid ever. So girls and boys out there vote for Len Kagamine to so he can be first

Len is my favorite vocaloid because of his voice and how cute he is. He is always so cute and has a lot of great songs even if a lot of others don't like him he still is my favorite

His voice is really great, he's perfect for all almost all types of genre. Even though it's high but it just fit perfectly. I just can't believe he's not on the top 3 or 5. That's just my opinion though

Len was the what brought me to vocaloid! His voice has so much more emotion in it, it makes me feel like he's a real human. I just love Len so much! My only wish is that he was actually real.

Wait what?! No. 5? LEN DESERVES MORE THAN THAT! I love his voice. he can sometimes be so bold and romantic, and the next he's the cutest thing you've ever seen...

Yeah, Len's voice is very pitchy at times and yeah it is pretty high for a boy, but come on, both Len and Rin's voice provider was the same person so you have to give him credit

Len has a large vocal range and his voice can go pretty deep at really high. I love his voice and especially when his voice goes deeper

Even if he is a guy, Len can do high pitch note better than some other Vocaloid girl as Miku. His voice isn't too much grave voice and he sings beautiful song.

I am a very fan of brave frontier and My most favorite is Kagamine Len because he has a cool voice and I hope and wish that Vocaloids are real

Len has an awesome voice. I like it when he sings with Megurine Luka because Luka's voice is so nice too and their voices mix well together

I am a fan of vocaloids and my most favorite is Kagamine Len Because he has a cool voice and I hope And wish that vocaloids are real

I am a very fun of vocaloid and my most favorite is Kagamine Len because he has a very cool voice and I always watch him in concert

Excuse me? All the girls sound the same and Len has an amazing voice...putting Gumi first.. She's a wannabe vocaloid not a real one

From the start, most people think of Len as merely "part of a set" between himself and Rin. However, Len does not need his sister's help to make good music! If you haven't heard Servant of Evil, Re_Birthday, SPICE! Or Kiseki, then please don't vote for anyone else yet and try him out!

I am a very a fan of vocaloids and my most favorite of them is Len because he has a very good, cool, awesome voice

BEST VOCALOID EVER. He sounds amazing and
A million times better than Miku. HELP LEN BECOME NUMBER ONE GUYS!