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Megurine Luka is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.


Who wouldn't love her voice? I love her voice especially in English and that she can speak 2 languages. But I don't like that they think that Miku has to have EVERYTHING like they were fine with a few good bilingual Vocaloids but they don't need to make Miku bilingual because we already have enough good bilingual Vocaloids and now they're gonna make every vocaloid bilingual? I don't think Miku would sound good in english anyways like she's fine in Japanese but I think it would be better if Luka and a few others were only bilingual because then everyone will forget that Luka was the first bilingual vocaloid which makes her so special. Please vote luka!

Luka's voice is like an angel when she sings.. It is sweet and so so realistic and.. There is nothing that is bad about her voice in the intier vocaloid, I like her most because of her voice, I don't even know why every one is even Meiko is on top of Luka, for me, I reject... Luka's voice is a bit of sweet, a bit of COOL and A LOT OF Love that she ptu in it! I don't know what You guys think but I know that Luka Megurine will deffintenly go to the top of this board if we just vote for her... I love her really much and I hope you do, too! LET'S VOTE FOR LUKA TOGETHER MINA (in English it mean EVERYONE).. Next top for Luka, number 1! YEAH! Hope that her angel voice her be rellize then... Vote 4 LUKA...! Help me please..

Luka's voice is beautiful and so realistic and I have no idea why those that don't match up to her are above her! Luka deserves to be heard and you can actually hear the love in her voice! Luka forever!

Luka is the best Vocaloid ever. People pay too much attention in some Vocaloids like Miku, Rin/Len, Gumi,... Well, they just made a wrong decision for ignoring Luka-sama. Luka has a really good design and voice. Luka's voice is realistic but not too realistic likes human being's voice, it fits perfectly for a synthesized-voice singer. Her voice is special for the sweetness and gentleness. You would never get bored when listening to her songs. Also she is the most talented Vocaloid too. Give her more love please because she deserves to have more, more love from all you guys - shazimi

Enough of this Miku crap. I will get right to the point... Luka has a mature, natural, and beautiful voice. Miku just sounds like a nightcored chipmunk. Her voice is deep but not too deep. It's just right. The Kagamines are great, but Luka is my all time favorite. I don't hate Miku's voice (okay, maybe a little), but I just never have learned to enjoy it. I fell in love with Luka's voice right away. She can reach higher notes, too. So everyone who says "Miku can hit ANY note! " Are completely wrong, because the only notes she can hit are the ones who break my windows. Luka has a great voice bank and should be used of properly. There should be more love for Luka. What's not to love about her. :3

Luka can beat Miku any day. People say her outfit is too revealing, but hers is probably the least revealing out of the Vocaloid girls. Miku has the shortest skirt in history, THAT is revealing. Luka is the first bilingual Vocaloid, Miku sounds all slurred when she speaks English. Luka's voice is calm and soothing, Miku's voice makes my ears throw up. There are a lot of good Vocaloid songs, but when Miku sings them, they turn into the worst songs ever. Luka sings perfectly and never disappoints me. However, every vocaloid has their flaws.

She has the best voice of all Vocaloids' voices. Her voice is mature, sweet, smooth and pleasant. Who would not cry when hearing she sings a sad song. And who would not find her cute when hearing she sings a happy song, a silly and cute song. Moreover, Luka is such a talented singer. She can sing both English and Japanese. For me she is always the best Vocaloid character. Love Luka

Most awesome sounding ever. Luka is just too underrated. Who wouldn't love her gorgeous and gentle voice? Just Be Friends, Dancer In The Dark, Corruption Garden... once you have listened, you will never forget the melodies. Luka is such an talented and brilliant singer, one of the best characters of the whole Vocaloid era

Most awesome and talented singer ever. Her voice is so different from the others', maybe the most mature, awesome and realistic by far. I especially love the new version of Luka: Luka V4X. Her voice now sounds even more realistic and fantastic than ever. LOVE LUKA!

Luka is the most awesome-voice singer I have seen before, her voice us sweet, realistic and so beautiful! It is like an angel voice, for me, I think that Luka Megurine is vocaloid's best singer! She is a one and a kind of singer in the whole Japan, or may be even the world ( I guess )! So if you are a friend of mine, a fan of Luka and a person who likes the-nightingale-like voice like Luka's! VOTE FOR LUKA BECAUSE HER VOICE IS AWOME(and she can also sing English which is super duper good) EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO HER SONG AND ENJOY HER VOICE!

Luka, by far, has the most beautiful voice out of all the Vocaloids. She can change her voice so easily to fit sad, silly and passionate songs. I don't want anyone to think that I voted for her because she is popular. I just think that Luka is so easily drowned out by the many other Vocaloids she duets with that no one can hear her voice and she barely ever gets a chance in the spotlight. Now, let's get Luka to the top of the board and show those other VOCALOIDS whose the best singer! GO LUKA!

Luka is the best Vocaloid with the most wonderful voice. I can feel a lot of love and emotion that Luka has put into the songs when I hear her singing. She is also very talented because she can sing English well and she can hit a lot of high notes while other Vocaloids can't

Without Luka, Vocaloid is nothing to me. Luka is the one who connected me and Vocaloid together, the one who made me become a big fan of Vocaloid. Her voice is kinda really special, it's not too high pitched and not too low. Her voice is really really smooth, mellow and sweet. When she appears, it likes everything will gonna flare because she shines, always shines among the others. Luka is just so special, she is a real precious treasure of Crypton and Vocaloid

Maybe her voice can't be realistic like some other Vocaloids but this is a program for virtual singers with SYNTHESIZED voices, not for the real voices. Luka's voice is deep, smooth and so sweet, so gentle. She puts all her emotions and sensations into the songs, makes them shine among all other Vocaloid's songs, really special...

Luka has a very unique voice that can't be imitated. Her voice is deep but not too deep, it is warm and sweet, kinda very different from all other Vocaloids' voices. Her English voicebank is absolutely perfect and flawless, it's kinda difficult to hear from the beginning but when you're used to it, you will find out that she has the best English pronunciation, better than every others'. It is really easy to listen to her English songs

Just because Miku is the most popular doesn't mean she has the best voice. Personally I think she's too high pitched and her voice is too scratchy, but that's my opinion. I have never heard a Luka song that I don't like. I also think it's cool that she's the first bilingual Vocaloid. I like her voice and songs, they're just super cool.

Luka has been my favorite since I first knew about Vocaloid. She gave me a lot of impressions, both for her design and her voice. She can sing both Japanese and English well and her dancing is extremely awesome. She is very talented too, she can reach the high pitches while her voice is described as a "husky voice"

It's the emotion and she's the only one who can do it. It's not that the others don't have emotional songs, they do, but it is the content of the song that is emotional, not the singer. Luka, though, expresses emotion, complex and human emotion, to an extent that exceeds most human singers. You can feel her even when the song is not particularly emotional. And when it is? Oh just say goodbye to your composure.

Luka is the only Vocaloid I love. Because she is really special, really unique. She is not the type of loli girl or cute girl. She is sexy, cool and very mysterious. That makes her shine. Not just her appearance, her voice and songs are perfect too. Her voice is warm, soft, sweet and very pleasant to listen to. Luka also has a standard English voicebank that no other Vocaloids can come close to. New version of Luka is awesome with the most realistic voice of all other Vocaloids' voices. She is an angel, she is a precious princess, always shines among the others because she is the most gifted, the best...

I love her voice so much, especially when she sings English. Her English pronunciation is perfect. She is the best singer of the whole Vocaloid because of her beauty and coolness and her voice too... She is really a clever and awesome pink hair girl. Love Luka so much

Luka is the most talented and wonderful singer ever! And her voice is really especial too. It's so mellow, so sweet and gentle. She also can sing English well, her is English is the best of all Vocaloid. Just imagine that you wallow in her melodic songs, it would be so wonderful

Luka is the queen of Vocaloid kingdom. She is perfect. She is the most beautiful, the most brilliant and the most awesome. Her voice is completely flawless, she has the best and highest quality voice. Miku is cool too. Miku is the princess and Luka is the queen of Vocaloid

Just listen to this song. Her voice is so wonderful and mature! I think that she deserves more fame. I mean Miku is great and all but you can't listen to her at 80% volume without a squeaky sound that hurts your eardrums. Not to hate on the gal, I love her voice to but you Miku fans have to admit it. (not just Miku) But Luka, her voice is just so realistic, deep, and just wonderful! Of course this is just my opinion but I love her voice.

Her voice is really special. I don't know how to explain. I can't tell all my love for her. She is scholarly, a real genius in singing. Her voice is warm, gentle, clear and sweet (likes candy). Her songs are awesome and lucid too. Love Luka, not because of her popularity, just because of her angelic voice

Luka has a really smooth and sweet voice. And she is also a very talented singer. That explains why I love her so much now and forever - shazimi