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21 SF-A2 Miki

I feel so bad for Miki. She is really underrated and not well known. If we could start all Vocaloid engines over put Miki in the first engine so she gets noticed!

I feel she's hated only due to the fact Miki sounds like Miku, seriously people are you 5? Don't hate on her name! She sounds great!

Miki is so unpopular because her name sounds similar to Miku :(

Miki sounds amazing! People are just judging how she sounds because of her name. That is even what I thought,until I listened to he voice. It was Fantastic!

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22 Mayu

Mayu has the most adorable voice, and can be used in lots of different types of songs! She sounds very realistic, in my opinion! It's really adorable, and she deserves more attention! Of course, only her demo songs are out now, but she sounds amazing in them.

More love for Mayu please! She is so adorable and her voice is so sweet. Her style is awesome too. Mayu, Luka and Miku are the cutest Vocaloids

Yandere is always my favorite type. And Mayu has that type. Maybe people just forget her. Why do people always pay their attentions in some Vocaloids like Miku, Rin/Len, Gumi... ? There are also some really good other Vocaloids. IA and Yukari have the most realistic voices, Luka has a soft and sweet voice, KAITO has a warm voice and Mayu has an adorable voice. They are amazing too, it's just they don't get much attentions from fans

MAYU si an innovative and original vocaloid, she deserves at least #10.

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23 Fukase

I just love Fukase! Either appearance or voice, they're the BEST among the male vocaloids. He's new so people don't know him but I hope that people and vocaloid fans discover him. His voice is not too high and not too low. They're perfect! He also sang English more fluently than other vocaloids because his voice provider is none other than Fukase from Sekai No Owari. His appearance looks like a combination of reality and fantasy. He took the 1st place in my favorite male vocaloid.(He's the only vocaloid whose voice I like, no offense to Len, KAITO, Gackpoid, etc.)

He's one of the newer Vocaloids, but dude do he got a good voice! Not too dark and not too high pitched. His design is really good too and the fact that both his English and Japanese voicebank sounds good makes it all better. My favourite male vocaloid EASY!

His voice is good

Lololololololololoololololol yes

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24 Hiyama Kiyoteru

His voice is just one of the best voices I've ever heard! I love how he sounds perfect! - odairedez

I think his voice is quite clear for the Japanese pronunciation I know he has plain design but his voice is great! Just, because the plain design makes him unpopular? Come on!

Kiyoteru is one of the best vocaloid and despite of his limited range, he has a wide variety of genres to be sing with aside from rock especially if you used him wisely. :3

Kiyoteru is amazing and just so underrated that it's annoying. He's almost totally perfect!

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25 YOHIOloid

YOHIOloid is one of the first English Vocaloids that is hard to distinguish from a real person. Most other English Vocaloids sound robotic. This one sounds slightly robotic, but with the right tuning he sounds human.

His voice is one of the best! Great English and Japanese! Makes you fall in love with him

I love his voice, and it is great that they didn't mess up his English!

When I was a newbie in the Vocaloid fandom, I got really weirded out by the teenage or adult males' voice because it's too deep, but when I heard YOHIOloid's voice, it was beautiful and I love it!

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26 v flower

HER VOICE IS JUST AMAZING AND 100% BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE! I love her and I so wish that she wasn't so low in the bottoms :c my favorite vocaloid for a long time has been Luka but she just blew me away with her songs Close to You and ERROR, I just wish that instead of doing so many cover songs, that more of her original songs or something would be created just like the other vocaloids because her voice has just as much potential as Hatsune Miku's and the softness in her voice combined with deep emotion that you can actually feel when she sings makes her almost 3 times better than her. Maybe she could one day surpass Miku (like Luka supposenly did in her song Track) and maybe, just maybe, become the new idol for the vocaloid world...

She is a new vocaloid released, and she is really great! Her voice is powerful and her "thing" is rock, Who wouldn't love her?!

HOW IN THE WORLD is she still #34? And under nearly every vocaloid that wasn't made half as well. Just Google "v flower", and see for youself - even her raw data sounds amazing.

I LOVE FLOWER SO MUCH! She's also mu second favorite vocaloud after oliver.

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27 Rana

I like her tomboyish voice. It's different in a really good way! I listened to her Rolling Girl cover and that's all I need to say. Pure AWESOMENESS.

Rana had very well done voice when she cover song

28 Mew Mew

Mew has such a gorgeous and realistic voice, it is no doubt one of my favorites. Too bad she's probably the least popular V3 out there... Still, she can do much more than Miku even if she can't speak English. I'm so shocked that a VOCALOID with such an amazing voice is so unnoticed in the fandom! Oh, I forgot, it's all about Miku these days...

Mew has the most beautiful female Vocaloid voices. Shame she's slowly fading away.

She's much better than Miku and other Crypton Vocaloids in my opinion. She sounds very realistic and pretty, and has a wonderful pitch, so I am very surprised why she is so unpopular.

I was confused for a moment. Whoops - SeeU

29 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto

Okay, who thought she needed to be low on the line? Yeah, it's hard to work with her voice, but if you know what your doing, she can work for innocent and haunting songs. Seriously, Look up her singing Demons And The Dead. It's just beautiful.
And I love her not just for her voice, but what she represents.
She was meant to be a joke, but now she can sing, and she's getting close to getting the recognition she needs, if that's not inspirational, I don't know what is.

Teto is an UTAUloid, but I agree. I'm hoping that she will either move up this ranking, or there's a "Best UTAUloid Voices" list that I missed somewhere and she's first there. GO TETO!

Teto's voice is like robotic heaven.
Its just so perfect with the right amount of roboticness and emotion.
It's so strong and powerful, and Teto actually has a lot of good original songs except their so unpopular.

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30 Merli

It's not about the design or character, it's about the voice.

Unlike other power appends, Merli has a natural powerful voice aside from Iroha! I don't care about her design, it actually adds her uniqueness as a vocaloid! :D

Her voice is just BEAUTIFUL. I hope she gets v4. I would like hear a duo with merli mew and ia (or iroha), it will be awesome!

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31 CUL

Cul's voice is so unique. She has such a mature sounding voice and one of the cutest looks of any vocaloid. I'm shocked that she isn't more popular!

CUL is a very underrated Vocaloid and really should be up there with Miku. A very unique voice and great vocals.

I wish she got more fame. She is absolutely adorable and has a very unique voice.

She has an amazing voice. She is so underrated too...

32 Akikoroid-chan

Admittedly, her accent and the fact she was made for one genre can make her hard to work with, but in the right hands, she can sound amazing.

First Vocaloid to ever be made. She can still sound amazing if you can use her right.

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34 Kamui Gakupo Kamui Gakupo

Yes, Gakupo is my favourite. He deserves more fame.

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35 MAIKA V 2 Comments

I love AVANNA, I think she is the most realistic English vocaloid out there (Besides the new one, Ruby). She has a nice deep voice but can also sing high notes well

AVANNA just sounds pleasing to the ear when she sings. It's really quite beautiful.

She is with no doubt the best vocaloid yet, her voice is amazing

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37 Kokone

Her voice sounds realistic yet cute and calm. She has the best cover of "-ERROR".

That Beats of Slience song with her voice was one of the best Vocaloid songs I heard from any Vocaloid.

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38 Yowane Haku Yowane Haku

Why is she low on the line? Does anyone here like Haku! She just as mature as Luka. I would give 1st place if I could.

Sadly, she has no real voice. Hoping and praying she gets an official vb soon.

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39 Gachapoid (Ryuuto)

Why is he so unpopular? He's adorable and his voice is very unique. Unlike other vocaloids, there are no voices like his. I hope he gets more attention in the future...

Gacha's voice may seem annoying to some people, but for me, it is definitely adorable. His cover of
"Electric Angel" is just so irrisitably cute and the sweetness makes his voice perfect for children's songs.

40 Tone Rion

I don't know why she isn't popular! Her voice is unique, great and more important MOE!

Well! Go search "Blue Sanctuary" in YouTube and press the upper video.. She was like moe-kawaii-girl LIKE, IT'S THE BEST AND MY FAVORITE SONG FROM THE ENTIRE VOCALOID SONGS~

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