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21 River Queen
22 The Mirror and the Ripper

Best song hands down

Starts like a shot and keeps on pushin through the whole song. Extremely powerful.

23 I Only Wanna Be with You

This song being on this place only shows how many great songs they have ;D

I seriously love this song, I think it's the best!

24 Dead But Rising

This song may be new, but in the future this will be #1 here for sure. Sorry other songs, you are amazing, but this incredible.

Why is it so low? The intro alone makes it worthy of the top five

My favorite song by Volbeat. Should creep right up this list.

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25 Danny and Lucy (11pm)

When I first got into Volbeat I played this song at least 30 times at full volume. This song hooked me totally

Best Volbeat in my opinion

26 Cape of Our Hero

This is the first song I heard from Volbeat...and since then they are my favorites.

This was my first volbeat track I've listen to!

Wonderful song! Video is fantastic for it too

The best. Doesn't need a reason

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27 Hallelujah Goat

Hallelujah Goat may be a simpler song via translation, but it still has the type of sick beat that makes fans perform air instruments. This song in my opinion shows off a bit the vocal range of the lead artist and how distinct in particular it comes off to the listener.

28 Maybellene I Hofteholder
29 16 Dollars

So catchy! Love the Elvis vibe I'm getting from it.

Greatest rockabilly/metal song made

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30 The Nameless One
31 My Body

Are you kidding me? This song not even in the list. Its surely one of the best of volbeat.

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32 For Evigt

Great lyrics, good old danish chorus and sick guitar. This song is not the best that they've made but it's a nice revival and it deserves to be up there!

Why is this so low... it's so good

My new favorite Volbeat song. an instant classic!

great song

33 Mary Ann's Place

Very impressive vocal work in this one, powerful choruses and awesome lyrics. Like all their songs basically, but this one got has something special.

Brilliant track - great riffs and vocal contrasts with Pernille duet

One of there best tracks. highly underrated. too short though.

34 Radio Girl

Great song.. The lyrics are about a guy who hears a song on the radio sung by a woman (the Radio Girl) who captivates him with her sound. He becomes obsessed with hearing the song again and drives all night roaming from city to city hoping the radio man (DJ) will play the song again. A familiar struggle that reminds me of what it was like when I was a kid. Something the modern generation could not really relate to nowadays. This song should easily be in the top ten.

Best Volbeat song in my opinion :D

35 Seal the Deal

Very catchy. I always start my workout warm up with this.

One of the best songs I've heard

Damn, this is catchy, greetings from finland - Disturbedpotato

Catchy, thrashy, amazing song in general.

36 Something Else Or...
37 Making Believe
38 Caroline #1
39 Say Your Number
40 Room 24

The other comment on this song sums it up

King Diamond and Michael Polsuns's voices flow so well together here

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