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41 Our Loved Ones

Needs to be in the Top Ten as its one of their best songs EVER! I defy anyone not to think this is an AMAZING track

I could listen to this song all day and not get bored! It being so low down on the list is a testament to how many great songs they have!

This song is just perfect... my favourite

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42 Pearl Hart

I like the story to this song as well. It's also bad ass.

What the heck. This is great, way too low in my opinion.

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43 Seal the Deal V 2 Comments
44 Being 1
45 Devil or the Blue Cat's Song
46 Who They Are

This is one of their heaviest songs. Not only that, but it has the best riffs in it, one of the best intros, and great vocals too that sound a bit different than much of the stuff Volbeat has done. Definitely underrated.

47 Mary Jane Kelly

Incredible. The harmonised vocals at the end of the verses are just amazing. Overall an underrated masterpiece and if you haven't listened you're seriously missing out.

48 Back to Prom

Although short, it is a great song

49 Another Day, Another Way

Very cool riff, should be much higher! - Philipp606

50 A Broken Man and the Dawn

I don't like every Volbeat song, but I can listen to this one on repeat all day long!

51 A New Day
52 Soulweeper

Come on Volbeat fans

53 Thanks

So much for fans of Volbeat... This song was specifically made for you!

54 Fire Song
55 Black Bart
56 Everything's Still Fine

Great intro and totally rocks through out!

57 You or Them
58 Always, Wu

This should be top 10
-My friend Jared

Never even heard of this before

59 Boa (JDM)
60 Caroline Leaving
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