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They offer cheap vps servers but the quality is super

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22 RoseHosting

I've joined them two months ago and their service has been amazing so far. The customer support is very fast and technically skilled.

I like their professional support and pricing.

Best VPS hosting service provider with excellent customer support at a fair price.


If you are building website for first time and want a brick and morter looking, ready to make your presence on the web then you should go with Go4hosting, they offers you a lot of tools to do so quickly,easily,effortlessly and cost effective. They offer great service with reliabilty and excellent 24x7 customer support. I had a awesome experience with Go4hosting and very sure to say that they won't break your budget - adampiterson26

24 TuchaCloud

Flexhost allows you to scale and customize your VPS hosting solutions to suit your needs.

26 The World Servers

Cheap and Reliable VPS Packaes for Windows and Linux on 2013 series dedicated servers, with ips in UK, CANADA, USA and FRANCE. Get your package today, ask customer service for discount.

27 Nuvola
28 Craighosting
29 Manashosting
32 Almazena

Cloud hosting at very good prices

33 Linode

By far the best VPS host I've dealt with. They offer some very kickass specs for the price and their internet is more stable than DigitalOcean.

34 DataBaGG

At databaggg are providing permanent solution of online data storage they are providing 5 GB free space for data storage, where you can upload, access, edit, process or share it online from anywhere.

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