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21 Thank You

Amazing episode full of death, danger around every corner, walkers everywhere, and even a touching mini story of an Alexandrian that was shared with Glenn. Not to mention the shows closest call to a death ever with Glenn and the dumpster!

R.i.p glenn

22 Home

The one where The Governor attacks the prison. - DrRyAn

The best feeling- when they all arrive to defend against the governor

23 Judge, Jury, Executioner

Dale's character portrayal is beyond outstanding. Made me cry by the filming of this episode, very evoking.

The one where Dale gets killed by the walker that Carl didn't kill. - DrRyAn

24 Seed

This episode has everything, that's why it totally has my vote!

The best episode ever on this show period!

Taking that prison, chopping off Hershel's leg, the best zombie kill when Rick pulls of the security guard walker's mask, peeling off it's face...AND we get Emily Kinney singing "the Parting Glass"...Now if this ain't the best episode, I don't know anything... sure as hell deserves a better position than it's currently in (17). Upvote Please!

25 30 Days Without An Accident
26 JSS

This just shows how badass carol is - dnwr98

This is not only an action-packed, badass episode - it's also the well-handled introduction of the lovely doctor Denise. Her struggles are relatable and Merritt Wever's acting is superb!

To me, 6TH best episode. I love the brutal wolves massacred, Carol and Carl and Enids loveā™„development commence showing how Carl truly cares and loves Enid deep in his heart. Nothing to change in this episode and might I add if Chandler Riggs and Katelyn Nacon are reading this, I think you two are amazing and brilliant actors.

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27 The Suicide King

The one where Daryl leaves with Merle and Rick sees Lori's ghost. - DrRyAn

28 18 Miles Out

Simply the best episode. The tensions between Rick and Shane reach a climax and the situation with Beth back at the farm really captivated me.

Rick and Shane's fight has always been a series highlight for me. - wolphert

Great episode. But, I still think the Randall story was a waste of valuable time.

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29 First Time Again

"I know this sounds insane but this is an insane world...we have to come for them before they come for us"

Great season opener! I love the group debates and the interactions between Morgan and Rick!

So cool! I like when Rick open the episode by flashing back the time when Rick shoot Pete and then started to say"I know this sounds Insane but this is and insane world,we're gonna come for them before they come for us now that's simple.'And then many walkers chase them,they make flashbacks and also work as a team to lure the walkers to another place to save their community.It ending was not what I expected that the walkers heard a big sound from their home,and follow it to their direction.This should be at least top 10

30 Made to Suffer

The one where Rick's group to Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie and the governor gets stabbed in the eye. - DrRyAn

31 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

This episode was my 7th favourite episode and my 3rd Favourite Season Finale with Season 2 and 1 being my favourite. Too Far Gone, No Sanctuary, No Way Out, Heart still beating, and Season 1 and 2 Finales feel better to me. Ever since the Season 3 Finale, the quality of the finales got worse Season 3-6. Season 7 did however do great. One thing to note with the Season 1 and 2 Finales were that there endings were definitive (wrapping up a plot line while the other seasons either continued on woth a plot line or introduced a whole new enemy. Season 3 Continued with the Governor while Season 4 to 6 introduced the termites, Wolves and Negan.

Best season finale and satisfying conclusion to season 7 - dnwr98

The best and most intense Walking Dead finale ever

32 Four Walls and a Roof

The episode was written beautifully and it left a lot of people asking questions by the end. We see a large demonstration of Rick's darker side and also we see the 'Terminus Massacre' - Suspect

Rick and Sasha acted as King and Queen of cannibal slaying in this one!

33 Infected
34 Save the Last One

Save the last was the episode of the show that shocked me the most. It was one of the biggest turns for any character on the show. This showed the bad side to Shane and the way he would take a man's life in order to save himself but also to save Carl's life. This episode demonstrates why Shane was one the the greatest characters on the show.

The one where Shane shoots Otis and shaves his head. - DrRyAn

35 Not Tomorrow Yet

4th best episode to me. Very promising kill action and Rick and the group killing an entire saviors compound. Would not change a thing about it.

36 Hearts Still Beating

To me, this episode is the fourth best with Too Far Gone, No Sanctuary and No Way Out being my favorite episodes. Negan getting a double kill yet again is nice, uniting the group was nice and this episode finally made me a lot more happy as this season is not so great as I expected. Episode 2 and 6 were terrible to me as the plots of those episodes should have combined as the pacing was way too slow. Episode 1, 3 and 4 were okay to so so episodes but they weren't the best to me. Episode 5, 7 and 8 were like masterpiece Walking Dead episodes to me. The problem for me wasn't the actors but it was primarily Glenn's death. The show isn't the same without him and the change does not feel like a better change. Besides Rick, he was my reason for watching the show. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) are currently my favorite actors. They have done an excellent job. Daryl this season I don't like. He should not have punched Negan. Had he not, Glenn would be alive. If it were ...more

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37 Killer Within

Killer Within is already number 4. No need to put it on the list again. T

38 Say the Word
39 How It's Gotta Be

The best episode for destruction and the worst for deaths...Carl's exit was like nothing lol! They could've done way more with him or killed off a different character. But episode 9 is yet to come for Season 8. This episode not only is the demise for Alexandria, but also brings back a similar Too Far Gone feeling, like in that episode there's also the Prison being attacked by the governor when he uses his tank to explode it and same happens for Alexandria when Negan bombs and attacks it with explosives and this also has some governor pulse soundtracks remixed along with Negan's which makes it a badass episode for Negan. Also admired the fight between him and Rick, but episode 16 is surely gonna be a complete fight for sure, this was also the first half of the fight lol. Overall this was a cool episode not the worst at all, but there's sure better ones...and this one could've been a hell of a lot more crazier...but it's cool to see Carl make his stand against the Saviors and Negan this ...more - Tiger082762

40 Walk With Me
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