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41 Sing Me A Song

Carl really showed us the sactuary throught HIS eyes and we got to wittness the punishment Negan gave to dwight

42 The Same Boat
43 New Best Friends


44 Chupacabra

The one where Glenn discovers the barn full of walkers - DrRyAn

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45 Live Bait
46 Bury Me Here
47 Tell It to the Frogs

The one where they go back to get the guns and they find Merle's hand cut off. - DrRyAn

48 Them

One of the better episodes. To see the hope in some and the hopelessness in others but then seeing them ultimately realize that they want to live while they fight as a group to hold the barn door closed. This was indeed a visual of Glenn's statement that they could only make it together as a group

This is probably my favorite episode. It defines TWD for me. It shows that the show is about survival and mourning when it comes down to it. Also, my favorite character, Maggie, got a good focus this episode.

Hands down the best episode of TWD. One of the best 48 minutes of television... ever...

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49 Heads Up

Really nice episode, with a kinda peaceful vibe. Tara flipping off Rick was great. I love her!

"It reveal that Glenn is still alive"

"And it he's now traveling with a now returning Enid"

After the mystery of Glenn's "supposed death" we were all left the thrive if he was alive or really dead.
But when we got the answers, our hopes and prayers paid off.

50 I Ain't a Judas
51 Prey
52 Indifference
53 Nebraska

Love this episode. Serves as a nice example that people, not walkers, are the real threat.

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54 Coda

There's no pay-off - but all in all it is a well-structured episode!

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55 After
56 The Well

I like the fact that Ezekiel is finally here

57 Secrets

The one where Andrea discovers her shooting abilities. - DrRyAn

58 Isolation
59 Twice As Far

I loved this episode Rosita Eugene Abraham and daryl are my favorites

60 Us
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