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1 Season 5

This one is the best... Self Help? Try? Four Walls and a Roof? Them? Conquer? No Sanctuary? All amazing episodes.

This season was great - Ltune356

Can't wait for the 13th October in UK as I will be able to watch the first episode of season 5 - mneilan

The best season in order for me they go.

1. Season 5 - Starts off brilliant then never holds up
2. Season 1 - The start but what really made it brilliant was the government man near the end I think that still has a story to tell yet.
3. Season 3 - Brilliant I did not think they could get a bad guy quite like Shane but the Governor was that bad guy!
4. Season 6 - Steady all the way maybe 1 or 2 slow episodes but it was good and solid throughout. And we had the morgan backstory which is in the top 3 best episodes ever.
5. Season 4 - Quite a slow season but it gets really good near the end and some in the middle episodes are great
6. Season 2 - Found it really slow, it was still good but the middle episodes were slightly boring.
7. Season 7 so far - I wish they would bring the story forward now. This is the first season I see it dragging out with another bad guy to kill. It Is about time they found out why the dead are even here in the first place and a cure.

2 Season 3

Why is season 3 number 1? It is nowhere near as good as 2, 4, 5, or 6 in my opinion. Mazzara did whatever he wanted and made the dumb decision to kill off Andrea.

I believe that season 2 and 1 are the weakest as they are slow to get into the story - mneilan

Has never been the same since

Best Episode: Killer Within - thisismyonlyvoice

3 Season 4

This is by far the best season, great episodes like Too Far Gone and A.

Best episode ever: Too Far Gone

Worst season ever. All they did was walk for the whole last half. The first half was boring too. - Souleater318

4 Season 6

I love every season of the walking dead. But I like the episodes in season 6 best. I like "Thank-you", "No way out" and of course "last day on earth". It gets slow and depressing after this season.

Best episode ever: Last Day On Earth

Seriously? I know there were a ton of cliffhangers, but this season is just awesome!

"JSS" "Start To Finish" "No Way Out" "Not Tommorrow Yet" "The Same Boat"
Best episodes!

5 Season 2

Best Episode: Beside the Dying Fire - thisismyonlyvoice

6 Season 1

Best start to a show i�'ve ever seen.

7 Season 7

First episode is great, after that, eh...

boring Now

Wait till its finish.Hope it will be better than s5,s6,s2,s1 and all of it.

It was gory and had much horror since its first episode in S7.And now Its totally awesome that ROSITA is now trying to kill Negan.But she should have follow Rick.If she doesn't they will be all dead,it wont work if they fight.Hope the show will become better

8 Season 8

Seems good so far, gun fights and cliffhangers. Hopefully it will stay this way.

AT LEAST, better than season 7. - McUniqueKiller2

We have'nt seen this much action since season 7 - zeroclubsboii

It isn’t as bad as some are making it out to be, but very lackluster compared to the other seasons. - MetalMania

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