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41 Apocalypse Now Redux
42 Gettysburg
43 First Blood
44 The Longest Day

Best War movie of all time. A long list of the some of the greatest actors of the of all time. True to the events of D Day. Shows both sides the the English channel on an historic day.

One of the finest war movies ever. An "A" list of Hollywood best at the time.

45 Ran

Again I find a grossly overlooked film on the Top Tens. Ran is w/o a doubt one of the greatest war films of all time, and certainly one of Akira Kirosawa's best. Its intricate and elaborate battle scenes are unequaled in the history of film. That it has English sub titles for English speaking audiences is probably the biggest stumbling block, its obvious from reading most of the comments on any given Top Ten list that the English language is not the strong suit of many commenters, including Americans. Not many here could be expected to read a sub text and enjoy a film simultaneously. My advice is that you don't watch Ran, it's genius would be lost on you. - Ned964

46 Windtalkers

Entertaining, but not that great.

47 Midway
48 The Human Condition I: No Greater Love
49 The Human Condition II: Road to Eternity
50 Spartacus V 1 Comment
51 Rambo V 1 Comment
52 The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

" this movie is the best ever, this is supposed to be in in first place.. The background score, the dialogues, acting,. It deserves to be in the first position"

THIS is a movie. The effects used to create massive amounts of violence that defined the movie were ahead of their time.

Certainly one of the greatest war films of all time. I am surprised to find it at #52, given its popularity with audiences of all ages. An incredible experience. - Ned964

WOW I'm suprised this wasn't even in the list in the first place its the best war movie ever

Are you serious? Why is this even in the war movie section. It's fantasy for christs sake don't even try to say it's the best WAR movie, because it's a fantasy movie about a ring

V 1 Comment
53 Valkyrie
54 Tears of the Sun

It is a really great movie. - NovaSupreme

Was a really great movie. - NovaSupreme

55 City of Life and Death
56 American Sniper

This is one of the best war movies ever better than saving private ryan

Too many technical errors as a sniper. Very good story line

57 War Horse
58 Act of Valor

Great movie, Shows the diversity that the seal teams have!

Only war movie that active duty navy seals starred in it

Amazing movie. makes you appreciate the troops - ryanrimmel

It's closer to have fighting is today.

59 Sink the Bismarck
60 Black Book V 1 Comment
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